2004 Honda Civic Ex Battery

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2004 Honda Civic Ex Battery

2004 Honda Civic Ex Battery

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Honda Civic Battery Replacement Guide

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Prices shown include VAT. Final price may vary depending on delivery address. Learn more about GST. The Honda Civic was first introduced to the public in 1972 as a 1973 model. As of this writing, the Civic is in its tenth generation and has established itself as one of the most popular vehicles and best sellers in both the US and Canada. With so many of these Hondas on the road and all the miles they accumulate over time, it’s inevitable that their batteries will need them. Will be replaced at some point.

How To Upgrade To A Larger Battery In A Honda Accord

Which battery is right for your Honda Civic? In many cases, the answer isn’t as simple as specifying a size, because since the Civic has gone through ten different iterations, there are bound to be changes that affect the battery that’s best suited and designed for your Honda. However, the Civic is one of those rare exceptions that has remained relatively consistent in its battery requirements over the years, regardless of car make or engine size.

In many cases, the OPTIMA D51R is a direct replacement for the Honda Civic. In fact, you can click here to buy the D51R factory-direct and have it delivered to your front door (for free). Some manuals or battery manuals may list the 51R as a replacement battery, the same size as the OPTIMA D51R YELLOWTOP. The “D” in the OPTIMA battery’s name stands for deep cycling, meaning it can be used for both initial and deep cycling, like a car audio system. The “R” in D51R means the rod configuration is opposite to normal direction. This means that when you look at the label on the battery on the D51R, the positive terminal is on the right and the negative terminal is on the left.

OPTIMA offers the D51 battery, which is identical to the D51R except for one very important detail – the terminals are reversed. This battery is useful if the cables do not reach another use. It is important to make sure you purchase a battery for your Civic or any other vehicle you own. While the D51R is a direct replacement for most Honda Civics, it’s not for everyone, especially since production spans 40 years. To make sure the D51R is a direct replacement for your Civic, click here to go to our auto installation guide, which will ask you for the year, make, model and engine swap. Check out some of the best Honda Civics we’ve seen over the years at the tracks we sponsor and the events we’ve attended. If your 2004 Honda Civic won’t start when you turn the key, you may have a bad battery. Fortunately, car batteries are very cheap and easy to replace. The main thing is to choose the right battery.

2004 Honda Civic Ex Battery

The recommended replacement battery for the 2004 Civic is an OEM 12 volt absorbent glass (AGM) battery with group size 51R and a minimum of 310 cold radiated amps (CCA).

Honda Civic Hybrid

Ah, what does all this mean? Below, we’ll explain all of these terms in plain English so you can better understand what to look for when shopping for a replacement battery for your 2004 Honda Civic.

First, you need to make sure that the replacement battery you have chosen fits properly in your vehicle’s engine compartment and that its clips are in the correct position. This allows for easy installation and ensures optimal performance.

To ensure your battery will fit, you should purchase a battery that is the same size as your vehicle’s current battery. Group size refers to the general dimensions of a battery, including the general dimensions of car battery groups:

For example, a 2004 Honda Civic requires a group size 51R battery. This means your battery will be approximately 9.37 inches wide, 5.06 inches long, and 8.81 inches tall. 51R is a common panel size, especially on Honda vehicles.

Honda Civic Hybrid Battery 🔋

If you don’t buy the right size panel, you’ll end up with a battery that’s too big or too small to fit properly.

You’ll also encounter other confusing terms when shopping for car batteries. “SLI” and “AGM” are the two terms you’ll most likely see when choosing a battery for your 2004 Civic.

These are two different types of batteries. SLI stands for Start, Light and Ignite. This is the most common type of car battery; It stores the released charge to give your engine the “bang” it needs when you turn the key.

2004 Honda Civic Ex Battery

SLI batteries are pretty standard for today’s cars and will do the job well unless your car is equipped with a lot of electronics like a premium sound system, infotainment system or engine start-stop system.

Oem 2004 2005 Honda Civic Battery Ground Negative Cable

If your vehicle requires more power, you may want to consider an absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery instead. This type of deep cycle battery holds a more stable charge to easily power more electronics.

AGM batteries are also designed to be “sealed” so they can be installed in any configuration without any problems.

Another consideration when purchasing a replacement car battery is whether it is from an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or another part of the market.

An OEM battery is the same type that was installed in your vehicle when it first rolled off the assembly line. OEM batteries come with an excellent warranty

What Size Battery Fits My Honda Civic? ⚠️

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