Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest – You can’t have absolutely everything for this price, but you can get a great smartphone. Whether you want an iPhone, a 120Hz screen or water resistance, you have options.

By Alison Johnson, a reviewer with 10 years experience writing about consumer technology. She has a special interest in mobile photography and telecommunications. Previously, she worked at DPReview.

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

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The Best Burner Phones In 2024

These days, if you know how to pick your preferences, you can get a great device for under $500.

Some of us take an “I eat to live” rather than an “I live to eat” approach to gadgets. They’re tools that help you get the job done, not something you want to invest a lot of time or money in. If that’s you—and no judgment here from a certified gadget geek—then you can think of more worthwhile ways to spend your $1,000 than on a phone.

Budget phones to the rescue. These devices cost around $500 or less and are more capable than ever. You won’t get all the features, but you’ll save some money to spend on, I don’t know, real features. This is your world.

At least a few years of operating system updates and ideally three years of security updates. There’s no point in buying a cheap phone if you end up having to replace it after a few years because it stops receiving security updates.

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Since you look at it nearly two thousand times a day, the only place you shouldn’t compromise is your phone screen. OLED has richer contrast and colors than LCD, and today’s large phone screens really need at least 1080p resolution. Faster refresh rates like 90Hz and 120Hz are becoming more common on budget phone screens, but for my money, a smooth scrolling LCD doesn’t look as good as a standard OLED refresh rate.

If you plan to keep your phone for a while, you’ll need enough storage space to hold all the system files, photos, and videos you’ve collected over the years. Ideally, you want at least 128GB on board, but I’m looking for at least 64GB with the option to expand the space via microSD card.

Upgrades like telephoto cameras and optical image stabilization are rare in the sub-$500 class, but you can still expect good basic performance in good lighting from any modern smartphone. Low light is more complicated. Phones in this class should offer a night mode to help with still subjects in low light conditions. No bonus points for adding extra macro and depth cameras to fill out the rear camera array – those 2 and 5 megapixel sensors are practically useless.

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

Many of our options cost around $400 or $500, but there are also some great options for $300 or less. You can find a bright, high-resolution OLED display or a battery that lasts several days. If you can improve the one or two features that matter most to you, and you’re willing to compromise somewhere, you can get a phone that meets your needs for half the price of a flagship.

Google Opens Its Cheap Cellphone Service To Everyone

What compromises can you expect from a budget phone? A combination of the following: processors that are slower than flagship phones in almost every way, less storage and inferior cameras. Many have low-resolution screens, and many lack official water resistance ratings, NFC chips for wireless charging and contactless payments.

Thanks to Apple’s excellent track record in delivering iOS updates to older devices, the iPhone SE 2022 will last more than five years if taken care of. But the tiny 4.7-inch screen feels cramped now and will be difficult to use in five years, while apps and websites will continue to be designed for larger screens. Read our review.

Display: 4.7-inch 1334p LCD / Processor: A15 Bionic Cameras: 12-megapixel f/1.8 with OIS, seven-megapixel selfie / Charging: 20W wired, 7.5W wireless / Weather rating: IP67

The 128GB iPhone SE is the best smartphone on the market, period. At $479, that’s a lot when you consider it will continue to receive iOS updates for more than five, six, or even seven years.

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But before you buy an SE and expect to spend most of the next decade without buying a new phone: make sure you can live with the very small and outdated 4.7-inch screen. It’s the same size as the iPhone 6, and in an age where apps and websites are designed for larger screens, it feels cramped. The SE’s large bezels also make the device look dated, but the use of a smaller screen will be an important factor in the years to come.

This is the biggest strike against SE. Otherwise, it’s an excellent midrange unit. The A15 processor is the same as the iPhone 13 Pro Max, so the performance is excellent. There’s IP67 water resistance and wireless charging – unusual in this price range – and even using the old 12 megapixel camera it takes excellent high-quality photos and videos. The camera doesn’t have a night mode, which is an interesting exception – many other mid-range phones offer some sort of low-light photo mode, and the phone’s processor is certainly up to the task. Apple go apple.

This SE generation offers 5G connectivity – only low and mid band, which is good. You won’t get the fastest millimeter wave 5G you’ll find in an NFL stadium, but there’s no sleeping over it. Battery life has also improved over the last generation and usually lasts a full day unless you really push it with demanding tasks like gaming and video streaming.

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

If you can live with the smaller screen and don’t mind the lack of night mode, we recommend going for the 128GB version. The base model’s 64GB of storage isn’t enough, and you’ll be glad you spent the extra $50 while using this phone for years to come.

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The Pixel 7A has a number of features that are hard to find for around $500, including wireless charging and an IP67 rating for dust and water resistance. It’s not the cheapest phone in its class, but it’s well suited for long-distance travel.

Screen: 6.1 inches, 1080p OLED, 90 Hz / Processor: Tensor G2 Cameras: 64 megapixel f/1.89 with OIS, 13 megapixel ultrawide, 13 megapixel selfie / Battery: 4,385mAh wireless, 7.7 Rating: IP67

The Google Pixel 7A sums up what you can expect from a mid-range phone. At $499, it’s at the top end of what we’d consider “budget” — and slightly more expensive than its closest US competitor: the $449 Samsung Galaxy A54. But with flagship extras like a class-leading camera and wireless charging, it’s a step ahead of everything else in the mid-range.

One of the big upgrades to the 7A is the new 6.1-inch 90Hz screen, which makes animations and scrolling feel much smoother than they did on last year’s 60Hz panel. The 7A uses the same Tensor G2 chipset as the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro, along with 8GB of RAM. This provides excellent performance for daily tasks and heavy work such as gaming. The 7A is tougher than the average mid-ranger, with an aluminum frame and an IP67 rating for resistance to submersion in dust and water.

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Battery life is good enough to get you through the day with moderate use, but if you add in an extended gaming session, you may need to finish it before bed. Wireless charging is available, which is rare in the budget phone class. If you are already in the habit of charging wirelessly, the 7A will fit right into your routine.

Where the Pixel 7A really shines is the camera. It relies on a new 64-megapixel main camera with ultra-wide and optical stabilization. That’s not all you can get from the main camera – there’s no video portrait mode or telephoto lens – but it’s also reliable in low-light situations, where competitors like the A54 struggle.

You’ll notice that Google’s current flagships are the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro, which makes the 7A feel like a step behind. In some ways, that’s true – the 8-series phones use the latest Tensor G3 chipset and come with some valuable upgrades like Face Unlock for mobile payments and seven years of software support. The Pixel 7A is technically only six months behind the 8 series, but many minor updates make the 8 and 8 Pro feel like giant leaps forward. The 7A is the best in its class at the moment, but if you can stomach it, it might be worth waiting to see what the Pixel 8A has to offer; It could be the summer of 2024.

Which Cell Phone Company Is The Cheapest

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G adopts the S23 series rear panel design and some other flagship features, starting with its 6.4-inch display.

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Screen: 6.4 inches, 1080p

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