Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet – In our 2024 Annual Customer Satisfaction Survey, we surveyed nearly 7,000 Internet users to find the best Internet service providers in the country.

Everyone needs the internet, but between internet companies offering bundled phones, higher prices, 5G alternatives and faster plans, just getting online seems more confusing than ever. Is your Internet Service Provider (ISP) making your life easier or more difficult?

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

As part of this year’s Internet Customer Satisfaction Survey, we interviewed Internet users across the United States to find out how they really feel about their Internet service providers. Read on to learn which providers offer the best customer service.

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The ISPs with the highest overall customer satisfaction in 2024 are Google Fiber, T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. Quantum Fiber, Starlink and Metronet are the leaders among small and regional ISPs.

Notably, all three smaller providers had significantly higher overall customer satisfaction scores than their main competitors. None of these providers have huge customer bases, but if you’re lucky enough to be in one of their coverage areas, you can get excellent internet service.

Everything is getting more expensive these days, and internet services are no exception. But between contract price hikes and subtle tricks like equipment fees, cable providers rarely make it easy. Another year of cable providers showing signs of mismatching prices.

Satellite internet providers are often a last resort for people living in areas with poor internet connections, but Starlink could break that mold. The satellite internet provider has repeatedly ranked in the top three in our surveys, often beating out major competitors like Verizon, AT&T, and Xfinity.

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Currently, Starlink’s high installation costs make it difficult for many customers to adopt compared to fiber or cable ISPs. But as Starlink technology continues to develop, operators have the ability to maintain these top scores.

Verizon, T-Mobile and AT&T are investing heavily in their 5G home network services, and those efforts are starting to bear fruit this year.

T-Mobile 5G Home Network cracks the top 10 for the first time this year, with 77% of T-Mobile 5G Home Network customers saying they are completely or very satisfied with their network service. Additionally, more than 6% of respondents reported using 5G home network services, compared with 2% in last year’s survey.

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Considering the direction of 5G network marketing, it is not difficult to understand why consumers will respond positively to 5G fixed wireless access (FWA) services. Unlike cable TV ISPs, 5G providers won’t charge you and offer reasonably fast internet speeds. As 5G network services continue to gain investment and increase market share, we expect this trend to continue to benefit 5G home networks.

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Multi-gigabit networking, which refers to network solutions with speeds exceeding 1 Gbps, is the latest product line from many ISPs. But are consumers now interested in the best services beyond online services?

At the end of the day, customer satisfaction comes down to one thing: are you satisfied with your network service, or are you planning to stop baiting as soon as possible?

Our survey shows the best major ISPs balance nationwide coverage with excellent customer satisfaction. But if you’re lucky enough to have a good regional supplier in your area, you may want to shop around.

One of the most shocking things about this year’s survey is T-Mobile’s inclusion in the top five. T-Mobile’s 5G home coverage is smaller than cable and fiber ISPs, but the carrier’s high customer satisfaction scores show how effectively T-Mobile is positioning its FWA service as a cable alternative.

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Among midsize and regional ISPs, the providers with the highest customer satisfaction scores were Quantum Fiber, Starlink and Metronet.

All three ISPs have customer bases that are a fraction of the size of their largest competitors. But these three providers, along with Google Fiber, were the only ones in our survey with satisfaction scores above 80%.

Our top ISPs have different approaches to customer service. Google Fiber and Quantum Fiber operate their own customer service locations seven days a week, while Starlink only has a support page and an email troubleshooting ticket system. But in the meantime, customer support relies on you to resolve customer issues, and our top ISPs do just that.

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Very good service [from Starlink], easy to set up, no issues since I started using it. Better than our local ISP. I canceled my old service and bought Starlink because it saved me money. Whenever I need anything from this service I just send them an email and they respond immediately. I don’t know why our entire community doesn’t have Starlink because it would save them a lot of money.

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Metronet in the Midwest remains the best in our survey, as the fiber optic network provider moved up from second to first in this year’s survey. We attribute Starlink’s best results to the ISP’s strong network speeds, rather than the typically weaker satellite network space.

Starlink scores another big win here, as the satellite ISP is the only service provider to exceed a 90% positive satisfaction rating on service-related survey questions. Satellite internet speeds can be unpredictable, and Starlink’s strong baseline performance comes as a relief to internet users frustrated by competition from satellite ISPs.

One of the key trends in this year’s survey is the continued growth of fiber optic and 5G network service providers compared to cable network companies. In addition to Sparklight, this year’s top-rated ISPs include wireless alternatives like T-Mobile and Google Fiber. Cable providers like Spectrum and Xfinity had satisfaction ratings below 70 percent in this year’s survey. Price, speed and reliability are top concerns for Internet users, and cable companies often struggle to clear this area.

If you had network problems or needed to turn off your modem, could you go into the store in the afternoon and get the job done, or would you call customer service and send an email over the course of a few days? Whether you receive support in person or remotely, the best providers will resolve all your issues quickly.

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Regional and mid-sized ISPs continue to lead our customer support surveys. Atlantic fiber operator Lumos joined Metronet in the top three, while Google Fiber was the only ISP to receive more than 80% approval and less than 10% approval.

In particular, Starlink’s lack of traditional customer support resources resulted in the provider being dropped from our top tier. Unlike most ISPs, Starlink does not have a live support phone number and only maintains an FAQ page and an email support ticket system.

Among domestic ISPs that offer two-way service, AT&T topped our survey with a high satisfaction rate of 69 percent. When you’re important to the country, it’s often difficult to consistently exceed the standards of customer service, and Xfinity’s 58% approval rating shows you may be missed by a long shot.

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Our findings show how customer service is delivered through different channels and ultimately how the customer experience is enhanced.

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Quantum Fiber, Metronet, and Google Fiber primarily offer online support agents and resources, but they still lead the way with local technicians and fast response times. T-Mobile, Xfinity and Verizon have a network of retail stores that make it easy to replace hardware or resolve technical issues. Conversely, Optimum, which also has stores across the country, had lower scores indicating that customers often face difficult support experiences.

I gave T-Mobile 5G Home Internet this rating because their home internet is so good. I have six devices connected to stream movies or content and games, and I never experience buffering or disconnection. T-Mobile’s 5G home network is top-notch.

Scheduling technician visits, returning hardware, and troubleshooting are all part of setting up Internet service, but the best ISPs won’t leave you empty-handed.

Most of our top ISPs have dissatisfaction rates below 10%, so they will ultimately be able to resolve your customer service issues. But at the same time, solving a problem and just solving a problem are two different things. Major providers including Cox, Xfinity and Optimum all had approval ratings below 70% in the survey.

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Everything is getting more expensive these days, and internet services are no exception. While ISPs are increasingly bundled with streaming services, cell phone plans, and more, are you getting the most out of your monthly bill?

Given the quality of your ISP’s Internet service, how would you rate the price you paid for it?

Our top ISPs have a few things in common: simple pricing, high performance, and annual price increases.

Which Cable Company Has The Best Internet

Google Fiber’s second place finish demonstrates how effectively Google is closing the price/performance gap. Even though Google Fiber plans start at $70 per month (which is hardly a budget price), its high-quality service still makes it a better value for customers than other ISPs. As for quantum fiber, there are no monthly price increases from suppliers.

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T-Mobile joins Google Fiber and Metronet as our top three carriers due to easy 5G billing. If you use T-Mobile 5G home internet, you’ll pay

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