Where To Place Citrine In The Home

Where To Place Citrine In The Home – Is there something in your life or area that you want to change? Is there something you need more clarity or perspective on? Crystals are great catalysts for creating energy in your space. This month we sat down with our good friend and Harvest Moon astrologer Shannon Aganza. He is a professional astrologer and has extensive knowledge about crystals and their properties. We have known Shannon for over 20 years and she has guided every major event in our lives. And especially in our business.

As the seasons change, we set new goals for ourselves and our homes. We couldn’t find a better person to help translate this information, but Shannon, in this blog we’re going to focus on the specific crystals in your home and their properties. Advantages of the place of use and cleaning method

Where To Place Citrine In The Home

Where To Place Citrine In The Home

One of the easiest ways to cleanse ourselves or our home is to use the power of our mineral friends, crystals. Crystals have life-giving properties. She is naturally beautiful. So it looks good in your home. But it also has benefits.

Pocket Sized Crystals To Carry With You

When you want to create a clear environment and living space. Tourmaline is a great crystal to use. Tourmaline acts as a crystal filter. If you want to clear your mind or get rid of negative energy. Look for tourmaline crystals. Note that it comes in different shapes and colors. You will notice that it is naturally long and sharp. And it’s perfectly designed to solve this problem. Tourmaline is best placed under the bed. Because you detoxify while you sleep. It can also be placed at the entrance of your house. When guests check in, they are provided with a mini filter tub. Place this crystal anywhere you want to clear or get rid of a certain energy. Tourmaline is also great for placing near technology such as computers or televisions. Removal and absorption of all negative energy.

For those of you who live in Southern California, there are tourmaline mines all around us. If you are looking for a beautiful tourmaline. Search locally!

After cleansing the area with tourmaline, you will welcome prosperity into your home. Pyrite is perfect for helping to bring wealth and abundance into your life or space. Pyrite should be placed on the left side of your house. This is the area of ​​prosperity in your Feng Shui chart. As you enter the front door, point your hand toward the left corner of the house. This is a great place to place Pyrite. You can also place Pyrite in your office or home office to add positive vibes. It is also one of the easiest crystals to obtain.

Below is an example of a simple feng shui map. Think about where you want to streamline your life and focus on that area.

How To Use Citrine To Attract Money

Lapis is a royal blue color, making it one of the most beautiful crystals and considered a stone of high spirituality. The ancients associated lapis with spiritual vision. They make pigment from the stones and use it as eye cosmetics for vision. Place lapis lazuli in your home where you want to see or experience change.

Fluorite comes in many colors, including blue, green, and purple, but purple is the most common color depending on the chakra hierarchy. Fluorite can be distinguished from other rocks. Because it has a geometric shape like a square shape. You will notice that fluorite has many right angles. Fluorite is a spiritual stone and brings clarity to your space and life. It calms the mind and is considered a healing stone. It is best to place fluorite next to the bed on the bedside table. Especially if you have trouble sleeping. It helps clear the brain at night. It is also suitable for people who are stressed or think too much. You can also place it in your office to bring healthy, clean energy to your workplace.

“Each crystal has a gift. Often it depends on the growth and geometry. Because the crystal has a personality like us. Whatever clothes we wear, we are like that.” – Shannon Aganza

Where To Place Citrine In The Home

Calcite is a metamorphic rock and is ideal if you are trying to change something in your life. Calcite is very easily deformed and can be seen in its geometrical state. If your child is particularly prone to insomnia, orange calcite is great for putting on a pillowcase before bed.

Powerful Crystal Combinations And Pairings That Work Well Together

Pink rose quartz is a love stone and is considered one of the most beautiful and useful stones. It is soft and pink in color. Place this stone on your bedroom bedside table, or even in your bathroom next to your beauty products.

Garnet is a stone that increases a woman’s strength and power. It has the effect of making a person feel love for himself. If you need an extra boost, place a grenade in your bedroom. Also, put it in your living room. It’s a place to gather with friends and family to promote self-love and compassion.

Clear quartz is considered a purifying stone and is a symbol of protection. It stores information very well. But only the agenda you set will stick. It goes well with other crystals. to extend its functions, place Clear Quartz in an area of ​​your home where you want to conserve energy or bring purity, such as the living room or bedroom. Mark your intentions with stones. And it stores energy until you release it.

Place all your crystals in the water. Remove the crystals (except the soluble selenite) and then place them outside for approx. 24 hours (full lunar and solar cycle) This is the best way to cleanse crystals, especially during a full moon.

The Best Crystals To Cleanse Energy In Your Home

Helpful Hint: If you’re looking for an easy way to bring crystals into your home, try crystal or natural stone coasters. This is a great way to calm down a room. And the energy is transferred to what you drink.

Don’t forget to follow Shannon on Instagram. @moongathering here she shares a new moon post every month! If you’d like to watch our live interview with Shannon about the information above, click here. Are you looking for abundance in your life? Add these little sunny citrine crystals and feel the magic all around you.

Citrine crystal is a type of quartz crystal. This is a Feng Shui tool to welcome abundance. Prosperity and positive thinking Citrine is very rare in its natural form. Therefore, most citrine is heat-treated amethyst. Heat treatment gives amethyst a light lemon-like color. This is where the name citrine comes from (

Where To Place Citrine In The Home

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Spiritual And Healing Properties Of Citrine Crystals

*** Want to know how to add other crystals? For your home? Check out our article on the benefits of black obsidian for your home.

Citrine crystals work on many levels – mental, spiritual and physical, and as such they bring abundance to the full spectrum!

It’s all in the eye and that’s where the Citrine Crystal makes a difference. It changed my mind! Citrine, with its bright sunshine hues, thus brings positivity and optimism to nature. It will help you and bring abundance in everything you do with a positive attitude full of enthusiasm.

The bright orange color of citrine crystals is similar to the color of the solar plexus chakra. (Manipura Chakra) Awakening of the Solar Plexus Chakra. Helps to develop inner strength and self-confidence.

Crystals For Selling Your Home

There is no shortage in nature. And if you connect to the intelligence of the universe, you can bring this eternal abundance into your life. Citrine Crystal connects you to universal abundance. It helps to demonstrate financial capabilities and success. It not only brings abundance. But it also leads to fulfillment.

Citrine is also unique because it transforms negative energy rather than absorbing it. So no need to remove it!

Tai Chi in the heart of your home represents health and well-being. The earth element and earthy colors such as orange, brown and yellow are associated with it. According to its location, Tai Chi (health) is considered central to all aspects of life.

Where To Place Citrine In The Home

In your Feng Shui Bagua chart, citrine is associated with Xun, your money corner. Because it is associated with prosperity and abundance. When looking in from the front door, the Left corner represents the corner of wealth. Add a sense of financial abundance and self-worth to your life by adding citrine to this area of ​​your home.

Crystal Decor Ideas To Add Glamour To Your Rooms

Make your work more fulfilling and rewarding with an abundance of citrine. This is a stone that can unlock hidden wealth in your workplace. Bring more prosperity and positivity into your work life through placement

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