Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider – There are plenty of postpaid and prepaid mobile plans in Malaysia to keep you connected on the go. But when you’re at home, nothing beats the performance and stability of fiber optic broadband. In addition to having faster broadband speeds, fiber broadband also offers truly unlimited internet without upsetting the fair use of the data limits you get with your mobile plans.

According to JENDELA’s latest report, there are more than 7.74 million fiber optic networks in Malaysia and this means more Malaysians have access to broadband. Besides TM Unifi, there are now more fiber optic cables available from Time, Maxis, CelcomDigi, Astro and even U Mobile.

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

Whether you’re looking for a basic broadband plan, the best price for high-speed or the best bundled content option, we’ve got you covered in our guide to the best broadband plans.

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Of course, we can’t talk about broadband without mentioning Telekom Malaysia. TM has the most extensive fiber optic broadband network in the country and its Unifi brand now offers gigabit speeds of up to 2Gbps.

The basic 30Mbps plan costs RM89/month while the 100Mbps plan costs RM129/month. If you need even more speed, Unifi offers 300Mbps per month at RM159, Mbps at RM209 per month and 800Mbps at RM299 per month.

If that’s not enough, the 1Gbps plan is available at an introductory price of RM349/month, while the 2Gbps plan is priced at RM399/month. However, note that the 2Gbps plan is based on a bundle offer. In short, the plan offers two 1Gbps connections.

As shown above, a router has multiple LAN ports and each port can deliver a maximum of 1Gbps. So if you test the speed, you can only get a maximum of 1 Gbps even over an internet cable.

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So think of it as two separate 1Gbps bandwidths. So you will have one 1Gbps downstream and another 1Gbps upstream or direct to your console. So instead of one fast 2Gbps pipe, you get two 1Gbps pipes each. If you look around, most broadband providers in Singapore do the same for their 2Gbps plan.

The Unifi plans we’ve reviewed here are mostly standalone fiber plans without add-ons like Unifi TV. However, two gigabit plans such as 1Gbps and 2Gbps come with the Unifi TV package which costs RM60.

Next is broadband which seems to be everyone’s favorite because it offers great speed at a much lower cost. They are also the first to offer 2Gbps fiber broadband, and I mean real 2Gbps, unlike TM’s bundled offering. This was made possible by the commercial deployment of 10G PON and Time was the first to do so in Malaysia.

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

TIME’s basic 100Mbps plan costs RM99 per month, which is incredible value for money. And the next option is 500Mbps for RM139/month which is an extra RM40 to get 5x speed. For those who need speed, Time offers 1 Gbps for RM199 per month and 2 Gbps for RM379 per month.

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The only problem with the timing is that the network is not as wide as TM, but they are expanding the coverage area. Believe it or not, they also include real estate.

Next on our list is Maxis, which is basically part of TM’s HSBB network, but they have their own fiber network in selected areas.

30Mbps home fiber basic plan is priced at RM89 per month, which is similar to Unifi but with symmetrical download speed of 30Mbps and comes with WiFi 6 router for the basic plan. The following options are RM129/month for 100Mbps, RM149/month for 300Mbps, RM219/month for 500Mbps and RM299/month for 800Mbps.

If you are a Maxis postpaid customer, you can enjoy unlimited quota for postpaid lines and additional lines if you register as an optical broadband package. So that’s unlimited data for your home as well as all Maxis postpaid lines in the family.

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Maxis recently started offering 1Gbps for only RM189 per month. However, this is only for business users and if your premises are on Maxis’ own fiber optic network. It’s a shame because it’s cheaper than Time’s 1Gbps plan.

Both Celcom and Digi have recently ‘combined’ their fiber broadband offerings. If you are not an eligible postpaid Celcom or Digi user, they offer 50Mbps for RM90/month and 100Mbps for RM130/month. And the highest option, 300 Mbps, goes for RM150 per month. As seen here, they are currently running a promotion and you can enjoy 300Mbps for only RM75 per month for the first six months.

However, if you are a Celcom or Digi postpaid customer with a minimum commitment of RM90 per month, you can get additional benefits, which means cheaper broadband. 50Mbps can be yours for RM75/month while the 100Mbps plan is only RM90/month. Best of all, you can get 300Mbps for just RM100 per month, which is great value for money. That’s like 3x the speed for the same price as Time’s 100 Mbps plan.

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

If you think Astro, you think satellite TV. Well, not anymore. Astro is now becoming a digital content aggregator and they are also trying to become a major ISP in the country. Among all carriers, this is probably the right fusion of communication and content. We all know that Astro offers better content than Unifi TV.

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For its standalone fiber broadband plan, Astro offers 50Mbps for RM99 per month and 100Mbps for RM129 per month. For higher plans, they are very good for service provider operating on TM HSBB network. The 500Mbps plan is for RM189/month and the 800Mbps plan is for RM249/month.

Astro 50Mbps Fiber + Basic Pack RM139.99, 50Mbps Fiber + Movies RM164.99 and 50Mbps Fiber + Sports RM169.99.

If you need to add Astro TV content, you can add Astro Live Sports content from RM59.99/month or RM99.99/month. Plus, you get additional benefits to save even more.

So if you need broadband and sports content, you can get 50Mbps Astro Fiber plus Astro Sports Pack for RM169.99/month.

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If you don’t know, U Mobile also offers fiber broadband and they use TNB’s Allo and Time fiber network. There are only three options, 100Mbps for RM129/month, 500Mbps for RM199/month and 1GB for RM299/month.

For a quick comparison, here’s a list of all standalone fiber broadband plans. We’ve broken down the list by download speed range and included download speed, landline for calls, packet router type and accessories.

In case you missed it, the government recently announced the RM69 Pakej Perpaduan Fiber Broadband Program aimed at helping disadvantaged groups. Available to B40, People with Disabilities (OKU), Senior Citizens and Veterans, eligible individuals can get 30Mbps fiber broadband for only RM69 per month on a 24-month contract.

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

YTL Broadband, Unifi and CelcomDigi are currently showing 30Mbps for RM69 per month. Meanwhile, Time is offering 100 Mbps for RM69 per month in selected PPR (public housing) projects. For those who need even more speed, Time offers 500Mbps for RM119/month and 1Gbps for RM179/month.

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If you need a fiber wireless broadband plan, 100Mbps time for RM99 per month is a no-brainer, provided it’s available in your home. Apart from being affordable, it also offers a symmetrical download speed of 100 Mbps. This means you’ll be able to download things as fast as possible, unlike major fiber plans with slower 10 Mbps or 30 Mbps downloads. If you need to go faster, Time’s 500Mbps costs RM139 per month.

If you are outside Time’s fiber coverage, Maxis 30Mbps fiber is probably the RM89/month plan as it gets 30Mbps download. Alternatively, you can get 50Mbps from CelcomDigi for RM90/month, but the download speed is a bit slower at 20Mbps.

If you need even faster speeds, the best value is Astro’s 500Mbps plan for just RM189 per month. It’s cheaper than what you get from Maxis and TM which are RM200+ per month.

If you are looking for a combination of fiber and a postpaid plan, I would say the best options would be Celcom and Digi. The 300Mbps plan is only RM100 per month. This is a very good price.

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But if you have a lot of extra lines and most family members need a lot of data, Maxis’ Fiber + Mobile offer is worth considering as Maxis postpaid lines, including RM48 extra sub lines, automatically get unlimited quota.

If you need fiber and fabric, Astro is the way to go. They offer the best of both worlds and you can get a 50Mbps Fiber + Movie bundle for RM164.99 per month or a 50Mbps Fiber + Sports bundle for RM169.99 per month.

For all content creators who need faster downloads, Unifi’s 2Gbps plan offers up to 1Gbps downloads for RM399 per month. This is higher than Time Broadband, which offers up to 500 Mbps for both 1Gbps and 2Gbps options.

Whats The Cheapest Internet Provider

By default, they all lock you into a 24-month contract before signing up for a broadband plan. So if you live in a rental there will be fines if you cancel your fiber optic cables.

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