What Is Vivint Smart Home

What Is Vivint Smart Home – Vivint Home Alarm System is known for its amazing security features and payment options. We offer a wide range of smart home devices and can integrate with your existing smart devices. Vivint home security packages start at $29 per month and include all Vivint alarms, doorbells and smart home security installations. Vivint Home Security is the smartest way to protect yourself from crime.

With Vivint Smart Home, you get a complete home automation solution that you can control from anywhere, including a state-of-the-art home security system that constantly monitors you, your home, your car and all the devices you monitor. Vivint smart home systems have some of the best monitored security features on the market and are affordable.

What Is Vivint Smart Home

What Is Vivint Smart Home

If you want the peace of mind that your home is secure 24 hours a day, this is money well spent. The two connections provided by the control panel help prevent false alarms and allow company personnel to ensure there is no problem before dispatching emergency services.

Get An Instant Smart Home With Vivint

The Vivint Smart Home System is one of the best video doorbell solutions tested and offers the highest level of security and privacy of any smart home system on the market today.

Essential products work together to connect the outside and inside of your home. You can do this anywhere with the Vivint Smart Home app.

Security is a priority for any smart home security system. Vivint makes your home a safer place.

Vivint security system cameras allow you to view and monitor your home through the Vivint app. Cameras can monitor all security features.

Vivint Smart Home Pros Reviews

Vivint Hub with Vivint Security System Home Automation integrates all your security systems into a touchscreen control panel.

Vivint has very smart external and internal security features. It has the ability to intelligently identify threats. Prevent hacking and other criminal activities.

With a trained technician, setting up a Vivint alarm and security system is easy. They make sure to guide you through everything from start to finish.

What Is Vivint Smart Home

Vivint Smart Home Security is packed with the features you need to keep your home safe. Professionally installed unlike our competitors who offer DIY kits. Vivint offers experienced consultants to help you decide what you really need. It also includes popular third-party tools that you already own.

Review Vivint Smart Home, A Premiere Home Security System

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And one of the biggest players in this space is SimpliSafe. The SimpliSafe security system lets you set up and disarm the system with your voice, connect to third-party smart devices, and generally makes your life easier.

We recently tested SimpliSafe’s products, and while we weren’t blown away by the state-of-the-art home automation like Vivint, we were impressed with their features. It works with other big names in home automation, including Google Nest and Amazon Alexa (although the latter works better). That list doesn’t yet include IFTTT and Z-Wave, but we hope they will soon.

Let’s see if SimpliSafe is worth the investment for techies and smart home enthusiasts, or better for the simple do-it-yourselfer.

Vivint Indoor Camera Pro

Before we get into SimpliSafe home automation, it’s worth mentioning that you need to subscribe to SimpliSafe Monitoring to access the smart features. SimpliSafe has two different subscription plans, Standard and Interactive, priced at $19.99 and $29.99 per month, respectively. If you want smart home integration, you’ll need to choose the interactive plan, but note that your subscription includes 24/7 alarm monitoring and video support.

Before we start talking about home automation, you should know that in order to use these features in the SimpliSafe security system, you need to sign up for one of two subscription plans. Fortunately, these are very affordable. Here’s a breakdown of the two programs and the features they include:

We chose the affiliate program and I must say we are very happy with the features and benefits. Please note that monthly subscriptions are equivalent to tuition. If you need smart home automation or security camera recording, you’ll probably need to sign up for a subscription service. How the industry works. Fortunately, the contract-free Simplisafe plan comes with smartphone control, allowing you to control all the smart features remotely from the Simplisafe app. Very nice!

What Is Vivint Smart Home

SimpliSafe prides itself on its ease of use. So, after all, simplicity is in the name. This means you won’t get advanced features like AI facial recognition or geofencing, but you’ll be able to set everything up and use it every day without pulling your hair out. Simplisafe is a great DIY program for those who want to add a little luxury to their lives rather than learning how to operate a system more complicated than a spaceship.

Vivint Smart Home Security

So if you’re not too familiar with new technology, SimpliSafe might be just what you’re looking for. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the smart features and integrations that Simplisafe has been offering you lately.

A quick reference guide showing which home automation platforms are covered by SimpliSafe. Keep in mind that SimpliSafe may add compatibility with IFTTT, Z-Wave, and more in the coming months or years. As consumers we want to see that for ourselves. That being said, we think they offer excellent smart features.

We’re still used to calling Google Home by its new name: Google Nest. Call it what you want – SimpliSafe does the work. When you connect SimpliSafe to Google Nest, it says, “Ok Google, am I safe?” You can say things like or “OK ​​Google, disarm SimpleSafe.” Even if you haven’t tried it yet, you’ll be impressed with hands-free voice control.

We haven’t tested this program ourselves – we’re on the Alexa team – but everything we’ve researched shows that this program works well. With the Nest Hub Max, you can dial up SimpliCam’s live video stream to see what’s going on indoors or outdoors. These are intricate machines that amaze visitors.

Vivint Home Security Pricing & Plan Cost In 2024

Pro Tip: Not a fan of SimpliSafe security cameras? With SimpliSafe’s Google Nest integration, you can choose to use Nest Cam. Nest Cam doesn’t work directly with SimpliSafe, but you can control SimpliSafe and Nest Cam together using a Google Nest smart speaker or display.

Finally, while we’re partial to Alexa, we can say that the Nest Smart Speaker offers better sound quality (busier!) compared to Alexa devices like the Echo Dot. Google Home Mini packs some powerful features despite its small size.

As mentioned earlier, we’re big fans of Amazon Alexa and how it works with SimpliSafe. It’s probably the most popular voice assistant out there thanks to how easy it is to get started with integration. All we need to do is activate the SimpliSafe Alexa skill on our Echo Dot and Echo Show and follow the step-by-step integration steps. Within minutes, I commanded Alexa to arm and disarm the system, lock the front door, and display live streaming video on a modern smart display similar to the Nest Hub Max.

What Is Vivint Smart Home

If your budget works, we highly recommend upgrading your system with an Amazon Echo Show. Similar touchscreen functionality is available from brands like ADT and Vivint, but these premium models cost more. So SimpliSafe and Echo Show can be considered as an affordable option to enjoy modern touch screen systems. Your notebook will definitely thank you.

Vivint Home Security Prices, Packages, Equipment & Plan Costs

You should also know that SimpliSafe and Alexa work great with the Arlo Pro 3 camera. You’ll love added security when you integrate it into your SimpliSafe security system. You may also want to check out Ring Home Security Cameras. Of course, the Ring is owned by Amazon, so you can be sure that the indoor, outdoor and doorbell cameras will work seamlessly with Amazon’s Alexa. Actually, SimpliSafe + Ring Cams is our setup.

When you use Apple Watch, home security commands appear on your wrist. For example, suppose you went out to dinner and left your weapon at home. Access the SimpliSafe app on your Apple Watch to keep your home safe. Your tablemates will feel like they have meddled in the future.

More and more home security companies are partnering with Apple for this purpose, it said.

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