Used Cars For Sale In Olx

Used Cars For Sale In Olx – Maruti Suzuki wins the 2023 OLX Autos Used Car Awards in five categories, the second time in a row that Toyota has presented the award. “Best Brand of the Year” by viewers

Buying a used car doesn’t help much. So to help you make the right decision and ensure you spend your money wisely. We’re offering you a chance to win a used car.

Used Cars For Sale In Olx

Used Cars For Sale In Olx

Last year we held the ‘Pre-Owned Car Awards’ in conjunction with OLX Autos, and this year we’ve teamed up with OLX Autos to bring you a second award.

Pondy Used Cars

But what makes a good car before buying it? Is the price reasonable or is the resale price lower for you? Do you have factors in your service network? What about the physical characteristics of the car, such as space and performance? for correct recommendations Collaborate with a team of industry experts We developed a 10-parameter score that takes into account both a model’s affordability and its resale potential.

Availability information is based on the latest Autocar India-OLX Autos resale price research (November 2022) based on actual transaction details. Information on optimal maintenance costs was also taken from Autocar India’s maintenance cost study. The model’s life cycle and brand image also include factors such as reliability and quality of service. The jury is also out. It also evaluates the cost-effectiveness, space, and realism of the model. Including the overall package.

Awards will be given to the best hatchbacks, sedans and SUVs in each price group. While the MPV and luxury car groups Awards will be given according to price category. And of course the overall Used Car Award winner in this category. Best of the Year” There will also be an online poll that determines viewers’ choices about the best used car brands. Only brands that are still in production are considered, and only 3 models are accepted in each car category. The score covers cars from age 2 to when they are 5 years old and after careful consideration. They were victorious.

Kwid may not have as extensive a service network as other options. But it is a complete package that provides good interior space. Features include both touch screen and good driving. The SUV’s specifications also slightly improve the brand’s image. Moreover, it strikes a good balance between low depreciation and affordability. And maintenance over 60,000 km is cheaper than the other two Marutis models.

Olx Says 3/4th Of All Online Used Car Sales Happen On Its Platform

The Grand i10 Nios takes home the crown with its impressive list of features. This will give used car buyers a special experience in terms of prices. The interior is also clean and stylish, prices are lower than Marutis on both sides, and Hyundai’s network is very extensive across India. Although the average purchase price is higher But it still holds its value well, depreciating at a lower rate than the Swift.

All three competitors in the segment offer the features you want from higher-end vehicles. But the interiors of the Baleno and Glanza differ in terms of space and comfort. Both the Baleno and its flagship Glanza sibling are also cheaper than the i20, with a higher average price. Especially the automatic model The two fought fiercely, but Baleno pushed the Glanza to the top with a wider service network.

Honda’s reliability, though, contributed to the greatness of this battle. But the car’s spacious cabin and powertrain Including the diesel engine with automatic transmission gives the car a real advantage. Interestingly, the Amaze is also cheaper to maintain than the Dzire and Tigor. Honda’s minivans may not be as popular in the new car segment. But they do well in sales and that is why they win awards here.

Used Cars For Sale In Olx

Compared to his opponent, Ciaz performed little in the judges’ favor. For beginners The average purchase price is much lower than the Verna and City, and although maintenance costs are higher, So there is only a slight difference. Moreover, the Ciaz offers all the expected features. Including the spacious interior and beautiful appearance of the large car. which is important when buying a car

Maruti Suzuki Omni Used Car For Sale

The two Koreans launched the Brezza using the Sonet’s features, especially offering a comprehensive lineup and modern interior. Take advantage of the long wait that both are enjoying in the new Sonet and the venue space is more expensive than the Brezza, which means that the Kia is very expensive, so they are wasting a lot of space. Moreover, even though Maruti may It doesn’t have Sonet Flash, but it has all the expected features.

With models like the Duster out of contention, the Scorpio joins the list this year, however, it’s even more attractive. The Creta and Seltos are also better than the Scorpio in terms of sophistication, features and reliability. Between the two Korean siblings, the Creta trumps the Seltos with a slightly more comfortable interior and a wider range of services.

Although the specifications may not be as great as its competitors, the Hector has a long, impressive, comfortable and spacious interior. There is also a choice of petrol and diesel engines. Hector also strikes a good balance between a reasonable purchase price and value. low depreciation It also has low maintenance costs. All of this makes it a good buy.

Each MPV performs very well in its price segment, however, abandoning the Innova is a hefty purchase price. While the weak engine is a sore spot for the Triber, the Ertiga, on the other hand, delivers in every aspect. Nothing can compete in this segment. and offers the expected specs and excellent packaging. What comes with purchasing a used product is a combination of low depreciation and a low purchase price.

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This year’s new home is the E-Class. As well as MPVs, cars here are also available in different price segments. Therefore, the judges took into account the performance of each car in its own segment. The E-Class, which has amazing rear seats and comfort, Makes buyers receive more justice

As the jury determines the winners in each category That’s why we’re opening up our Choice Awards for the best used car brands to our readers. And after more than two weeks of online voting, satisfaction was clear. Toyota emerged with nearly 50 percent satisfaction and trust in Japanese brands, their image, their reliability. And Toyota’s good track record clearly makes a difference.

Selection of winners in various categories It will depend on the degree to which the car performs well in that segment. or as appropriate for the purpose And this is where the Suzuki MPV really shines and stands out from the rest. As someone who can move easily He ticks all the boxes. The seven-seat configuration offers plenty of space and flexibility. The seat is comfortable. The ride quality is good. And performance is expected as well. That’s why the Ertiga took home the Autocar of the Year 2019 award. For used purchases, the Ertiga offers both a low purchase price and low depreciation. This makes it very interesting in the second-hand space. It is therefore not surprising that it received the Pre-Owned Car Award by 2023.

Used Cars For Sale In Olx

(Left to right) Hemal N. Thakkar, Director, CRISIL Limited, Avik Chattapadhyay Co-Founder and Partner, Expereal Strategies, Ravi Bhatia, Chairman and CEO, JATO Dynamics India, Amit Kumar, CEO, OLX Autos India, Renuka Kirpalani, Editor-in-Chief of Autocar India Video Hormazd Sarabji, Editor-in-Chief of Autocar India and Sergius Barretto, Project Manager at Autocar India And although it will take some time for sales to return to pre-pandemic levels, Especially when there was a global chip shortage for the used car industry, things took a turn of self-interest.

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Amit Kumar, CEO, OLX Autos India said, “There are several key growth drivers such as the advancement of personal mobility due to the ongoing pandemic. and the global shortage of semiconductor chips. which leads to long waits for new cars,” Amit Kumar, CEO of OLX Autos India, an online marketplace for used cars, told Quartz.

Kumar explains how the pandemic has boosted demand for used cars. It is expected that appropriate tax policy in the February 1 budget will help various sectors improve. Edited excerpts from the interview:

A new study conducted by us in collaboration with CRISIL shows that the used car market in India will reach over 7 million vehicles by 2025-2026 and overtake the new car market. With the increasing demand for affordable personal travel. Increased support from financiers and the rate of new car use is low. India is expected to see an increase in used car sales.

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