The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

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The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

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The Best Cheap Phones For 2024

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Down Angle Icon An angle-shaped icon pointing downwards. The most affordable Android phones can outperform some premium devices. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

There’s no better time to buy an affordable Android phone, whether you’ve always bought budget phones or are still used to more expensive flagship devices. The performance, camera quality, features, displays, and designs of today’s best Android phones make us wonder about their prices.

When we say “budget” Android phones, we mean devices that cost less than $500 and are priced under $400. We’re hesitant to recommend anything below the $200 price point, as the phone’s performance and camera quality begin to suffer beyond reasonable expectations.

The Best Budget Camera Phones In 2024

With that in mind, Google’s Pixel 7a is our top pick for the best budget Android phones, thanks to its incredible performance and affordable cameras. It’s basically a slightly smaller version of the previous generation Google Pixel 7 flagship. As the Pixel 7a is expensive for the budget category, we recommend the Google Pixel 6a as a cheaper alternative due to its excellent performance, great cameras, and exceptional value. Like the Pixel 7A, the Pixel 6A is effectively a smaller version of Google’s 2021 Pixel 6 flagship.

Google’s Pixel 7a offers an incredible high-end user experience for hundreds of dollars less than a premium phone. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

Google’s Pixel 7a looks like a premium phone, with a 90Hz display, the flagship Tensor G2 processor from the previous generation of the Pixel 7, and two cameras that take great photos with natural colors and beautiful light and depth.

The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

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Cheapest Smart Phone In Pakistan Pick Yours

The Pixel 7a’s $499 starting price is definitely a bargain for Android phones, but if you’re looking for the closest thing to a premium experience without raising costs, the Pixel 7a is your best bet. , because this is one of them. The best Android phones on the market, regardless of the price.

Although the Pixel 7a is powered by the new Google Tensor G2 processor, it doesn’t offer a significant performance boost over the original Tensor in the Pixel 6a. Additionally, although the Pixel 7a has upgraded the cameras to more megapixels, you’d be hard-pressed to notice much of a difference.

However, to justify the Pixel 6a’s $499 price tag over the Pixel 6a’s $349 price tag, Google has given the Pixel 7a two major premium features, a fluid 90Hz display and wireless charging, plus 10 months of additional update support. of security. Google will continue to update the Pixel 7a with security updates until May 2028, while security update support for the Pixel 6a will end in July 2027.

Wireless charging is a “nice” feature for those who actively want it, but the smooth 90Hz display and long life make the 7a a great choice. In particular, the 90Hz display makes the Pixel 7a feel more like a premium device than a true “budget phone.”

Best Cheap Phones 2024

Google’s Pixel 6a offers excellent value with performance and camera quality that far exceeds its price.

No phone can match the Pixel 6a’s balanced combination of performance, features, design, and camera quality at its $349 price. On top of that, the Pixel 6a can often be found in the $300 range, making it makes it an even better deal.

However, the Pixel 6a doesn’t make it to the top of our recommendations due to its young age: it stops receiving security updates a full 10 months (basically a year) earlier than the Pixel 7a.

The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

Still, the Pixel 6a’s performance runs through the Android OS and apps like a high-end phone, albeit with a standard 60Hz display that’s not as smooth as the higher refresh rate displays on other phones. from this list. The points lost by the 60 Hz screen are quickly made up for by the high quality of its dual-lens camera, which includes a 12-megapixel main lens and an ultra-wide-angle lens that easily competes with phones three times more expensive.

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Android users who prefer larger screens may find the Pixel 6a’s 6.1-inch display too small. For those looking for a larger screen and better battery life, Samsung’s Galaxy A54 or OnePlus’ Nord N30 are the next best options.

Samsung’s Galaxy A54 has the best battery life of any budget phone we’ve tested, with 25W fast charging in its price range, even with third-party chargers. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The Samsung Galaxy A54 has a stunning 120Hz display and remarkable battery life. However, its performance could be better for the price and while its camera can take great photos, it’s not entirely consistent.

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Best Mid Range Smartphone 2024: Affordable Phones Reviewed

The Galaxy A54’s starting price of $450 is steep for a budget phone, but it scored the best of any phone on this list, with 65% remaining after our battery test, which included two hours of video streaming. , one hour of music streaming connected to Bluetooth headphones, two times the 3DMark Wildlife extreme stress test, and five times the Geekbench 6 benchmarking app.

This is a great result for a phone with a 6.4-inch OLED display with a high-quality 1080p resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. It even matches and beats some flagship phones with similar, larger displays like the Google Pixel 8 (6.2 inches, 61%), Galaxy S24 Plus (6.7 inches, 60%). and the Galaxy S24 Ultra (6.8 inches, 66 percent).

Galaxy A54 also supports a charging speed of 25W. While Samsung does not include a charger with the Galaxy A54, any charger that supports at least 25W can charge the phone at full speed.

The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

The Galaxy A54 runs apps smoothly and quickly, but it lacks the confidence shown by Google’s Pixel A series and OnePlus’ Nord N30 5G – the occasional stutter interrupts the experience and we find the price. Overall performance would be expected

The Best Budget Android Phones You Can Buy Right Now [june 2016]

On the back of the Galaxy A54, you’ll find three usable cameras, including a 50-megapixel main camera, a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle camera, and a 5-megapixel macro camera. The main and ultra-wide-angle cameras can produce excellent images with balanced colors and lighting just as often as they can take portraits with more saturated colors and more highlights. The 5-megapixel macro camera takes better photos than the 2-megapixel macro camera on other budget phones, but it’s still a special option that isn’t particularly impressive.

Samsung has one of the best support windows for Android phones, with four years of Android version updates and five years of security updates, giving the Galaxy A54 a long life.

The cameras on Google’s Pixel 7a can’t be beat for the price alone and are a great reason to buy this phone. In fact, the Pixel 7a’s cameras rival phones costing twice or even three times as much.

Images taken with the Pixel 7a have a rich, natural tone without being oversaturated. Brightness and contrast are beautifully balanced to produce beautiful depth and dynamic range that even some premium phones struggle with.

Best Budget Camera Phones In 2024

With a 64-megapixel main camera, the Pixel 7a takes highly detailed photos and performs well in low-light conditions.

We only know of one cheaper phone that comes close to the Pixel 7a’s camera quality: the Pixel 6a. If the Pixel 7a’s premium features and price are out of your budget, you can’t go wrong with its A-series predecessor.

The OnePlus Nord N30 5G is easily the best budget Android phone with a big screen. Antonio Villas-Boas/Business Insider

The Best And Cheapest Smartphone

The OnePlus Nord N30 has the largest screen of any budget Android phone and offers excellent 5G performance, good battery life, and an included 50W charger.

Best Budget Smartphones Of 2017: Under $300

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The OnePlus Nord N30 5G’s solid everyday performance, large 6.7-inch 120Hz flat display, strikingly premium exterior design, and attractive $300 price tag top the list. It was seriously considered. Eventually

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