Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing

Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing – I got the first shot. On the way home, the brake light came on and the eyes seemed to go out along with several other lights. i pulled over and restarted the car and it went away but came back a minute later. I also noticed that the parking brake would not engage until I restarted the car. AFTER RESTARTING THE CAR, THE PARKING BRAKE WORKED BETTER. I was originally planning on returning it on Monday, but in the meantime I’d like to know if there’s anything I can do.

I wouldn’t worry too much. Read the species warnings. You can search Google or use the My Subaru portal for online access.

Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing

Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing

Since this is an “I” alert (information) from your console, it’s usually something small like bright sun, fog on the window, rain, a dirty window, or a hill/mountain peak blocking the camera’s view.

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It will usually clear up within a few minutes, keep driving, unless you have lost this brake function, avoid driving.

I clicked on info button and said check manual. Also, the handbrake is non-engaging and shiny.

Same thing happened to me. I’ve had my car for 5 years and I don’t remember the parking brake light or anything happening before. I had my eye out for bad weather, but not today. Do you understand why this happened?

I would take it to a shop that can read it with an OBII scanner. Maybe something very simple.

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Took it back to the dealer and found that the parking brake connector was loose causing the eye to fail. They plugged it back in and haven’t had a problem since. I love this subaru, even though it’s my wife’s car, I can see the subaru when my car dies.

This is an old thread, you won’t get a reply and you can revive the old thread. Please consider creating a new thread. So it happened anyway. Driving all day, the mall pulls into park and it lights up for me with a solid CEL and traction control with cruise and handbrake. I have a 2013 Outback 3.6r. Fluid level good, oil low on first oil dip, reserve chamber shorted. I will hook it up tomorrow to check the codes. Got ideas? The car feels casual while it sounds and drives well.

Gas cap? This is a common cause of the CEL causing other systems to turn off so their lights come on as well.

Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing

Tell us which codes you have. We can’t help much without knowing what codes are being thrown.

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These features seem to be common to similar brake switch threads. Have the dealer come down there and replace the key to check.

The same warning light on my 2013 3.6R turned out to be a failed air/fuel oxygen sensor. The OBDII code was P0031. A new oxygen sensor fixed it. The lot number was 22641AA53A. It was done in October 2018 with less than 45,000 miles.

I also drive a 2013 Subaru 3.6R. I have over 180,000,000 here. When i try to accelerate the engine now, brake light cruise control, traction control light like TPMS sensor a month ago it jerks at about 50-55 mph maybe a month and a half ago i was fine i had a cold. A shower and I thought it might have something to do with it. I was wondering if you have similar performance with saturation and acceleration?

Code reset, it’s not like Christmas. The report shows, in red, a value that exceeds the maximum threshold. suggestions

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P2196 doesn’t point to the same sensor, but S2 could be the cause of the high, I’d check the B1S1 wiring problem or maybe replace it somewhere else to diagnose?

While we are here. Can anyone recommend a good OBD2 reader? I am thinking about LX ablink.

I bought the iCarsoft i903 scanner last year. Designed for Subaru, Infiniti and Nissan. Contains engine code, ABS code, SRS code, transmission code etc. Nice unit, but note that iCarsoft has no customer support. If you decide to order, make sure you have a strong cancellation policy.

Subaru Legacy Brake Light Flashing

If the same or similar code repeats, keep checking the O2 sensor, but note that people, including myself, have set alternate “brutal” codes for bad reasons, including the battery.

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