Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand – Warm, affordable and safe housing is a human right. Mission Christchurch Methodist is committed to providing quality rental housing to those who need it most and ensuring tenants receive the support they need. We are one of the largest providers of community accommodation in Christchurch. Our housing and homelessness support services now extend to the West Coast and top of the South Island. Our services include social housing, temporary accommodation, assisted living Emergency housing, housing assistance, rental and first housing.

We own 112 homes and rent 23 for long-term accommodation for whānau and seniors in Christchurch. We also provide social support to our wānau so they can feel safe and secure and gain the confidence and skills to make their new home a home. Our lettings manager and social worker help facilitate whānau in our homes. Tenants can also benefit from extensive social support from CMM. Whānau must be on the government’s social housing register to qualify for our long-term housing and tenants are entitled to means-tested rent, which is around a quarter of their income. Our newest – and largest – community housing development opens in March 2020 in the Christchurch suburb of Richmond. As well as enjoying life in a renovated home on a spacious property, the 15 whānau are looked after by a full-time Community Development Officer.

Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

We do not have a waiting list, because all of our referrals are online. Communication comes from work and income.

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Some temporary accommodation, including social assistance, is also provided for individuals and families in Christchurch and Blenheim. CMM is supporting 44 families in Blenheim and 20 families in Christchurch at one time until safe, long-term homes are found.

In addition, up to 80 families are being supported at one time in emergency accommodation in Blenheim, Nelson and the West Coast.

Our tenancy support team supports individuals and whānau to address threats to their tenancy, with the aim of keeping people in their homes and preventing homelessness from increasing. Based on their needs, a plan is written that may include advocacy with homeowners, support in health and social services, and referrals to financial services and life skills training. Services include cooperation with a wide range of organizations. Whānau have led the development of these plans. CMM support rental services are available in Christchurch and Blenheim.

We are delighted to be leading the first housing initiative in Ōtautahi. The goal of Housing First is to house and assist people who have been homeless for at least one year or more in the past three years. The aim is to reduce the number of cases of homelessness in Ōtautahito, making them rare, short lived and alone. Christchurch Methodist Mission is working with five other Christchurch organizations on Housing First Ōtautahi. Since June 2018, Housing First Ōtautahi has housed over 200 long-term homeless people.

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The Christchurch Methodist Mission is also the lead agency for Housing First Blenheim, a town with significant housing problems. The Government’s social housing register records that 225 applicants in Marlborough need urgent accommodation by the end of September 2021. The number of families on the social housing market in Marlborough has tripled in the past three years and just over half need a one-bedroom home.

We provide housing and youth employment support to help young people develop independent living skills. Usually young people are between 18 and 21 years old and must be taken care of by Oranga Tamariki. Referrals are made through Oranga Tamariki social workers or transit workers.

We are looking for a house that can provide temporary housing for families and young people. Renting your home with us offers many benefits, including guaranteed rent and no management fees. Click here for more information. All rooms and units are fully furnished and have high speed WiFi. The room also has electricity, so you won’t have any bills.

Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

Our village is located in the center! Within a 15-minute walk of the city’s major educational institutions and numerous job opportunities:

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If you are in Christchurch for work or on a working holiday and are looking for a beautiful, welcoming home to stay in, please contact us to see what is available. The people you meet can become your friends for life!

Our multicultural homes foster friendship, adventure and a sense of community, making them feel like a ‘home away from home’.

Since we’ve all been through the stabilization process like applying for a bank account and looking for a job, we can give you advice on where to start!

We welcome students looking for a room or unit! Our home is within a 10-15 minute walk of Ara and Aspire2 and several other educational providers.

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Urban Rooms is a residential and rental provider in Christchurch. We offer rooms, apartments and units for short and long breaks in central Christchurch. The moving process is quick and easy, so if you’re looking for accommodation in Christchurch, get in touch!

We are looking for roommates who are clean, respectful and enjoy living with others. You can organize or attend family events such as movie nights. UC accommodation for couples or families in Christchurch is in high demand. We recommend that you start exploring your accommodation options first. Discover accommodation for couples and families at UC and the wider Christchurch area.

With the exception of Kirkwood Flats, all rates include electricity. Because our units are in high demand, contracts that start early in the year are unusual. You can apply back, but your application will be placed on a waiting list until December 1 to give new international students a chance to settle into a new culture and familiarize themselves with New Zealand’s rental laws before entering the private rental market.

Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

To apply, complete the online application form. Applicants must select the term ‘Staff/Family Accommodation’ and request room type. You may need to research private rentals.

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There may be a limited number of fully furnished, one bedroom self-contained units available at Kirkwood Flats for small families. To apply, complete the online application form, select the words ‘Couple/Family Accommodation’ and request ‘Self-Contained Apartment – 1 Bedroom (Extra Electricity)’ as per your requirement. Priority is given to international students who are new to New Zealand. Because these options are in high demand, you may need to look for a private rental.

Most couples and families will need to arrange an off-campus apartment or house upon arrival in Christchurch. You can find market rents in Christchurch on the Rental Services website and this will give you an idea of ​​how much you can expect to pay. Please note that these rates do not distinguish between furnished or unfurnished or the condition of the room or house.

If you’re moving to a vacant space, you’ll need to include installation costs in your budget:

You should also budget for ongoing monthly expenses such as energy, internet, transportation, food, and personal items. Please refer to or for cost of living information.

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You should not sign a contract or agreement without seeing the property yourself. Therefore, we recommend that you arrange temporary accommodation for your first arrival in Christchurch so that you have time to find a home that you will be happy with. For families, we recommend arriving in person first as temporary on-campus accommodation can be reserved at the Sonoda Christchurch campus while you find the right home for your family to bring with you. Temporary accommodation for one person in Sonoda costs NZ$406 (2023 rate) per week. Temporary housing for families can be very expensive.

Rental properties must meet insulation standards. Your landlord must provide you with an insulation notice so that you can make an informed decision. Information about the property you rent. You can also view the Healthy Home Standards on the Rental Services website. If this is your first rental in New Zealand, please refer to the rental brochure and online guide published by Rental Services.

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Rentals In Christchurch New Zealand

The cheapest and most expensive regions currently renting in the country have been revealed in a new report.

Christchurch, New Zealand Holiday Rentals, Apartments & Condos

Data published by Massey University for the December to March quarter shows that the average weekly rent on the West Coast is $251, making it the cheapest location in the country.

While rents are increasing in some regions, on the West Coast they are down 6.7% from last quarter and 4.2% from last year.

This compares to the most expensive region, Auckland, which has an average weekly rent of $564 – up 5% on the same period last year.

Despite the Southland being one of the most affordable locations, the region saw the largest annual rent increase, with an increase of 15.7% for an average rent of $331 per week.

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The report also shows the tenant

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