Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser – Bring the full healing power of aromatherapy into your home or office with the Pure Therapy PureSpa™ Essential Oil Diffuser. With a sleek design that matches any decor, the PureSpa works as a cool mist humidifier. Use with or without your favorite 100% pure essential oils to hydrate dry air all year round. When using oils, PureSpa’s safe, heat-free diffusion preserves the integrity of your essential oils so you can fully enjoy their aromatherapy benefits. With the PureSpa’s simple power button, you have the option to turn on the diffuser itself, turn on the diffuser with a color-changing night light, or turn both off.

The PureSpa™ Essential Oil Diffuser is backed by Pure Enrichment’s industry-leading 2-year warranty, so your satisfaction is always guaranteed.

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

I have tried many oil diffusers for my home and this is the best. I love his ability to change colors. It puts out enough mist to make the room pleasant, but by no means overwhelming. The instructions are easy to follow and the pouring cup is very handy and precise. I have used it with many different oils and it never stalls the engine like some of mine have done before. Clean and easy to drive. I warmly recommend it.

Pure Enrichment Purespa Deluxe Ultrasonic Essential Singapore

This product is amazing! The night light is great, but it can be used without the light. It’s quiet. I added the vanilla flavor to mine and love the results. I also noticed that it stops by itself when the water runs out. I use distilled water and let it dry between uses.

I think I have finally found the perfect aromatherapy diffuser! I like the light patterns and the amount of fog that comes out is good. The fragrance spreads well and I like the shape. It’s completely calm and quiet and picks up more scents than I expected (in a good way). Hope it lasts – I signed it up for free with their 2 year warranty. Worth the price! Very happy.

I am very pleased with this unit. I get about 5 hours of steam filling the unit on the main line. It is a very fine mist. I don’t even use the lights, but they work as tested. Light purple is a very beautiful color that I decide to use. Thanks to a great product to use with all natural oils to make a difference in children’s lives.

I love this speaker. It is compact but covers a good amount of ground. Our bedroom is 20×15 and you can easily feel it in the hall, soft but not overwhelming. It is silent, works and disperses the smell perfectly! It turns off automatically but lasts for a few hours (holds 100ml). My husband, who is the biggest critic, loves it. I am very satisfied with this purchase. The fact that it is travel friendly due to its light weight is an added bonus. No more crowded hotel rooms 🙂

Pure Enrichment Purespa Zen Cordless Essential Oil Diffuser & Light

Simply add 100ml of water and 3-5 drops of your favorite essential oil for an intense scent that lasts up to 7 hours.

The optional color-changing LED light creates a cozy atmosphere and soft night light, while boosting mood and reducing stress.

The gentle and silent action of ultrasound is perfect for use in the nursery, office, spa, yoga studio or any room in your home.

Pure Enrichment Essential Oil Diffuser

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