Pigeons For Sale In Pa

Pigeons For Sale In Pa – DennisKuhn Loft ABOUTME 2013’Old Bird Highlights 2011’& 2012’Racing Highlights in Heartland Federation 09’Racing Highlights 08’Season Fights GÖRÇÜM WhiteRacers 1 WhiteRacers 2 BlackKnights Bird Saligs Long $85 and under) SalePrice Chickens ($85 and under) FancyPigeons ( $50 and under) Satinette / OldFrill Pedigree Janssen Sale RareColored Homers 4-Sale RareColored Homers 4-Sale pg. 2 ProvenRacers 4-Sale JANSSENRACING PIGEONS Coming Soon Houben, Flor Engel, Koopman, Van Loon 4-Sale Contact PremeireSalePage SaleWhite Price/White Sparrow SaleWhite Price/White Pigeon 2 Air Reduction 1 Air Reduction%2Greduceur0.

This page may take some time to load as there are many selections of birds for SALE depending on your internet connection type. . . Be patient. Shipping costs are $55 for 1 bird, $65 for 2 birds, $75 for 3 birds, $120 for 4 birds, $160 for 5-6 birds, and $275 for 7-15 birds. Shipping costs include a USPS approved shipping box.

Pigeons For Sale In Pa

Pigeons For Sale In Pa

AU 16 Topflight 636 White Grizzle Cock An exceptional breeding bird from a long line of top flight racers. The sire finished 49th in the Gold Band Futurity race, producing the club’s 6th Giant Bird and Minnesota’s 37th National Ace Bird overall. This dam was 6X 1 or 1 in Ludo classes. #636 medium build, single pin tail, orange/yellow eye with overall balance in hand. It costs $200 plus shipping and is fully pedigreed

High Flyer: Racing Pigeon Sells For More Than £1.4 Million At Auction As Chinese Bidder Swoops

AU 19 Shipman 50 White Grizzle Hen An excellent breeding bird based on Ludo Claessen / Pepperman / Figo. He is of medium size, with red and yellow eyes, almost white in color. Sire goes back to Grizzly Pepperman, sired by National #1 winner Robert Venus. It costs $175 plus shipping and comes with a full pedigree.

AU 20 MPC 972 White Grizzle A very good bird based on Ludo Claussen / Figo / Pepperman. Sire is a Hunn Foundation son of Grizzly, sired by Ludo Klassen himself out of Desert Fox and Grace 50. Dam is a top daughter of Glacier and Blue Angel. No. 972 is a medium build, pearl. eyes.It is from guaranteed blood.It costs $200 plus shipping and has a full pedigree.

AU 19 Shipman 19 Bodas Grizzle Jago proven racer flew up to 200M before filling up. Best course result was 262 birdies for 30 over 107 miles and 14 lofts (up 11%). Sire goes back to Peppermans / Figo blood Robert Sugar 1. National winner on the top, direct son of the top breeding hen “Blue Ange” on the bottom. Golden Witten. 59, Thunder, Maria, Blue Angel #19 is almost white, medium body, rich red/yellow eyes, known as a racer. Price is $250 and comes with full pedigree

AU 20 MPC 979 Grizzle Hen Sire based on Ludo Claessen / Jon Stoll. He is the grandson of the breeding pair “Grizzly” & “Golden Witte 59” on the top and “Guntur” & “Maria” on the bottom. Dam to #979 is a top breeding hen of Glacier and Blue Angel based on Figu/Peperman. #979 is created with a beautiful medium pearl eye. $150 plus shipping, full pedigree.

After Tens Of Thousands Of Pigeons Vanish, One Comes Back

AU 16 RRR 259 WGRZZ Chicken A very nice and balanced bird in the hand flying at 300m. Sister was 2nd at 100m and 300m and 1/2 brother was best young bird at 13′. Direct Dam from full brother to Blackhawk Futurity winner on top and Rusty’s 150M Combine winner on bottom. #259 sold for $175 plus shipping, pearl eyed, medium build, back to racing type.

AU 19 Shipman 60 White Rooster Bird is amazing from my records. Direct sire of Days of Thunder is responsible for 2nd Ace Pigeon, 1st 157M vs. 591 birds, 1st 303M vs. 447B and 14X 1 at the 2012 Twin City Combine. Mom and Dad are none other than Miss Supercrack. dam or grdam to 36X 1 or equ 1. 1st National Ace Youngbird RPD 2016′, 1st Youngbird HOF MN 2013′, 1st & 2nd Champion Bird Club, 2nd Twin Champion Middle Distance Kota combine etc. Reverend #60 “Prince Ferdinand” Grizzly descending from base, Guntur and Maria above, Glacier and Blue Angel below. #60 is almost solid white with red/yellow eyes and has a full pedigree. Price is $300 plus shipping

AU 16 RRR 220 White Grated Rooster A bird of medium build and eye. He flew 300 meters and came down from a proven racing reserve. Direct sire of 1st 150M joint winner Rusty out of a “1973” stock bull and 1/2 brother. # 1973 Our full sister to 1st winner GHC combines well. # Dam to 220 was the first bird of 220M in 4 clubs in two weeks in a row at Loft Harlan. The dam is a 1/2 sister to Harlang’s Good Year, who ran 2,337 miles in one year and topped the Arse Leaf several times at 569, 662 and 550m. Dam if #220 is also a 1/2 sister to Blackhawk Futurity winner in 07′. A great bird, a perennial champion. It’s $175 plus shipping and sells genealogy

Pigeons For Sale In Pa

AU 20 MPC 704 White Grizzle Hen Sire is a direct son of “Midwest Nikki” and tied with “Toto” in 2016′ Topeka Midwest 2 min against 3,619 birds (biggest race in USA) 3. generally at the same time. Races in the Midwest. Toto returns to Grizzly & Bolt, while Midwest drops Nikki from Dark Horse, Days of Thunder, Sister World Ace, and Bolt. Dam 704 is a 1/2 sister to Miss Nicky (same sire) when mated to “Brother Mark” imported from Alphonse Klaas’ “Birdie” line. #704 has red eyes, medium build and full pedigree. It costs $175 plus shipping

Lot 25 Central Olr Za Masd 0014 2021 “forresta” Bbwf H Bred By Baard & Spammer. Performances: 2023 Opens 46th Pa Final; 92nd Open Ace Pigeon; 53rd Matjiesfontein Challenge! Full Brother To

AU 19 Shipman 61 Red Grizzle Hen Sir is “Prince Ferdinand” with the best Ludo Klassen blood on the top and Alphonse Figu / Pepperman blood on the bottom. Dam is Putri Miss Supercrack straight out of Guntur Days and top 2nd Ace YB Twin City Combine 2012′ and Miss Supercrack is the dam or grdam of 36 plus 1 .or eq 1. Winner at the bottom. #61 medium structure, pearl eyed, raced 8-24-19 262 birds 107 miles 14 lofts (Top 10%) $150, pedigree. Sold by BM

AU 19 Shipman 44 Grizzle Hen Medium is a pearl-eyed hen with a distinctive pedigree. The sire is a grandson of Robert Venus’ first national winner “Grizze Pepperman”. Dam is Kodiak Princess, a full sister to 2014 1st 310m Twin City Combine and 4th 310m Futurity $50. Adina also bred Giant Bird at the Twin Cities Combine in 2014, “Price $175 plus shipping and full pedigree sold.

AU 19 Shipman 43 White Grizzle Hunn Foundation quality bird based by Ludo Claessen. Dam is “Kodiak Princess” 14′ 310 million Twin Cities union, 4th 310 million 4th $50 Future Sisters. Sir Robert Venus “Grijze Peppermans” National Winner at top and Gabi Vandenabele at bottom. #43 has a strong body, hazel eyes, and full pedigree. Price is $250 plus shipping SOLD BM

AU 16 RRR 293 A white hen flew at 300M and two birds immediately flew at 300M. He has medium-set eyes. Dear Foundation Hunnen goes back to “High Score” & “1973”. Directly from brother to my diploma owners, grandson 1 & 2. Places One loft futurity winner top side and grgrandchild in Verheye imported from England Louella stud loft. It costs $150 plus shipping and comes packed with pedigree

Animal Rights Activists Seek To Stop Pennsylvania Tradition Of Live Pigeon Shooting

AU 15 RRR 1291 White Rooster #1251 was airborne at 100M, 1 drop at 200M and 5 drops at 300M. Sire is a full brother to Harlang’s Good Year, an exceptional white Grizzly long distance race 6th Club 569M & 662M. He is also 2nd club 550M. Sir’s dam is a full sister to the 150 million race winner Rusty. Dam on #1251 is a granddaughter of Top Breeder/Foundation Rooster “1973”. #1251 medium size, good overall body shape, red/orange eyes. It’s $175 plus shipping and sells genealogy

AU 17 MPC 786 White Grizzle Hen 1/2 sister to 1st Twin City Comcourse 137M vs 967 bird, granddaughter to 2nd auction race winning pedigree bottom. # 786 Medium consists of pearl eyes and is a breeder’s high quality no

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