New Google Products Coming Soon

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You’ll be able to control everything from the redesigned Google Home app with new Home capabilities and full support for Matter.

New Google Products Coming Soon

New Google Products Coming Soon

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The Google Nest team on Tuesday announced new hardware and software updates for its smart home line, including the new Nest Wifi Pro mesh router with full Wi-Fi 6E support and a new wired version of the Nest Doorbell . Their arrival helps set the stage for the Google Pixel launch event on Thursday, where we expect to see the new Pixel 7 line of smartphones along with the much-anticipated debut of the Google Pixel Watch.

Taken together, Google’s ad this week represents the brand’s latest effort to bring a compelling message to the smart home community.

“We need to create a smart home beyond just thinking about the smart home devices that are available today,” said Google Nest General Manager and Vice President of Products Rishi Chandra, pointing out that the importance of smartphones, tablets, cameras and others is the main. interface device. like the pillars of a building tied together. “Right now, as a company, we’ve separated things that are in the production environment and the mobile environment and the beauty environment, we’re going to think of it as an environment. complete accommodation. That’s what the workers are saying.”

To that end, Google has a big plan for the Google Home app, and the rest of the setup is built on enhanced automation capabilities, better camera control, automatic grouping of devices, and better scalability. Many of the changes below are organized around Matter, soon to launch a global smart home standard aimed at making it easier for users to control smart home devices. different versions built or for different platforms.

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“Millions of devices will be available for software updates later this year,” said Kevin Po, a Nest product manager working on the brand’s integration with Matter. “What has been created is a flexible platform on which device manufacturers can build and a dynamic ecosystem.”

The new Nest Wifi Pro mesh router is available for pre-order today and comes in your choice of four colors. Google

First up on the hardware front is the Nest Wifi Pro mesh router, the successor to the original Nest Wifi router and the Google Wifi that preceded it. In the Pro model, users get an improved tri-band Wi-Fi 6E design that can connect to devices in both the 2.4 and 5 GHz bands, as well as the recently opened 6 GHz band, which offers more than twice the bandwidth of generation. 5 GHz and a significant reduction in device locking as well.

New Google Products Coming Soon

Available for pre-order today in four colors (snow, fog, linen and lemon) and expected to go on sale in October. 27, the Nest Wifi Pro costs $200 for a single device or $400 for a pack of 3. This makes it one of the most affordable Wi-Fi 6E drivers available today.

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Support for Wi-Fi 6E isn’t the only notable change in the Nest Wifi Pro. Most importantly, the system doesn’t include the Google Assistant smart speaker built into any extenders, and there’s no router or extender, so any Nest Wifi Pro device can connect to your modem via Ethernet and serve as the primary router. . of your organization. This also means you can connect two Nest Wifi Pro devices with one Ethernet cable for full throughput and faster performance than a wireless setup. From the first Nest Wifi, add-ons were small, separate devices from the main system router, offering no Ethernet jacks.

Each of the Nest Wifi Pro devices is identical and interchangeable — and unlike before, none of them have a built-in Google Assistant smart speaker. Google

Another difference from the first generation Nest Wifi mesh router: The Nest Wifi Pro is not compatible with the first generation Nest and Google Wifi systems. Google Nest product manager for power and connectivity Ben Brown explained how the new Pro series uses Wi-Fi 6E as a central part of the system, including as a wireless backend.

“Doing this with generations of Google Wifi and Nest Wifi that don’t support 6GHz is not going to be a good user experience,” Brown explained.

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In terms of specs, the Nest Wifi Pro is designed to work well with the Matter thanks to a built-in radio that allows it to communicate directly with other Thread-compatible Matter devices, streaming content from the original Nest Wifi. Cleverly, Google says each Nest Wifi Pro can cover up to 2,200 square feet.

Google says the maximum speed of the three Nest Wifi Pro devices is 5.8 gigabits per second, but the speed will be lower than that since your device can connect to one band at a time and from the WAN port. Wired speed comes in at 1 Gbps. This is disappointing considering the current trend in multi-gig internet plans – including from Google.

Google’s second hardware release of the day is a powerful new version of the upcoming Doorbell. Available today for $179, the updated doorbell camera comes in your choice of four colors and guarantees 24/7 access to your door footage, two-way audio, custom event zones, people-specific alerts, parcels , animals and cars. , and improve image quality with larger pixels and new software updates.

New Google Products Coming Soon

Google points to an independent review by DXOmark, which ranks the new device as the best camera for photo quality. With the 960p feed – something that exists, the battery Nest Doorbell, released last year – relies not on better camera hardware, but on a new software update that promises to improve the current image.

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Julie Zhu said, “What we really want to emphasize is that in terms of image quality it’s not just about the number of pixels, it’s really about being able to really adjust the image, to make as high-quality and hard as possible,” said Julie Zhu. . product manager on Google’s Nest Doorbell team.

Like the battery-powered Nest Doorbell, the new wired version uses a 3:4 vertical ratio for a better view of your phone and a better head-to-toe view of your guest’s doorbell or your doorbell — though scholar David Priest. he said last year that a straight head can lead to bone blindness on the left and right side.

With a Nest Doorbell powered by your door, you’ll be able to receive motion alerts and respond to visitors instantly using live video and two-way speech. Add a subscription to Nest Aware for $6 a month and you’ll get up to 30 days of history. You can do this with up to 60 days of history and up to 10 days of 24/7 video history by upgrading to a $12 per month Nest Aware Plus subscription.

In terms of privacy and security, the Nest Doorbell uses encryption to protect video data in transit, as well as two-factor authentication, making it difficult for someone to log into your account. However, Google does not offer end-to-end encryption, which prevents the company from accessing your images. Earlier this summer, the company acknowledged that it has the right to follow police requests for footage of users during emergency situations, such as burglaries — although Google added at the time that it had not done so.

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Expect to see a new design for the Google Home app in the coming weeks, complete with live videos on the home screen and a new interface that automatically links your devices together. Google

On the software side of things, Google is now preparing the Google Home app for a relaunch, with a new redesign aimed at improving the app’s automation capabilities, ease of use, and scalability for the incoming flood of Matter-enabled devices. The update is scheduled to go live in the coming weeks, and registrations are open for public previews of the new features.

Here’s a look at the redesigned Google Home app, available now through public preview and rolling out in the coming weeks. Google

New Google Products Coming Soon

Chief among them is a new interface that automatically groups your device at the top of the home screen for quick access. Next year, Google plans to open a personalized space, which will allow users to create a set of devices connected to anything they want – pets, children, you name it. The new app also includes improved controls for smart home systems and automation, and automated script editing for advanced users is expected to roll out in 2023.

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Google is also promoting the app’s improved camera feature — namely, a seamless display of past camera events,

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