Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car – The all-electric small SUV, the Kona Electric, has its sights set on launching Singapore’s first compact electric vehicle.

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Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

SINGAPORE – No, electric motorcycles don’t exist yet. But if you have a place to get a car and you want to know the price of a battery electric vehicle (BEV), you should consider the Kona Electric.

Hyundai Motor Group To Launch 23 Pure Electric Cars By 2025

Since our first review of small all-electric SUVs in 2019, the BEV market has exploded. But it’s mostly in the premium segment – ​​Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche have all added fuel-efficient cars to their lineups.

Was the first to offer a mainstream BEV in the form of the 2018 Ioniq Electric hatch (also expected, 2020), and the Kona Electric will follow. In 2021, the Kona Electric and two hybrids make an appearance.

It’s pretty wide as nip-tucks go: the entire front is clean, not even a sign of a grille, while at the back the tail is narrow. If it looks familiar, it’s a car that fits Tesla’s New EV Aesthetic, meaning more clean space, no grille, less light.

Inside, the house is just as big. The “stickless” center console has a switch button, it has plenty of space for storage, and there is another shelf below it.

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There is a digital upgrade: A 10.25-inch driver display replaces the traditional instrument cluster. The 8.0-inch touchscreen infotainment is the same, but also easier to use, and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto capabilities as well as wireless charging.

Our 2019 test drive of the Kona Electric Long Range showed it can go the distance, but this time the Kona performs better, even with more work on the road.

We drive 200 km in the car, which gives an indication of 30 percent remaining and the rest of 100 km – in other words, the location of the number of 300-ish clicks. But surprisingly, the trip computer shows 12.5kWh/100km – better than the claimed performance of 15kWh/100km – and is good for a policy of 313km.

Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

All the extras of a BEV are there too: instant power from 395Nm of torque, better handling than you’d expect from a small SUV, and stability and ease of use. It also calms down quickly.

Hyundai Motor Group Allocates Big Fund For Investment In Electric Car Factory And Production Expansion

It also has plenty of safety features – everything from cruise control, blind spot monitoring, to rear and front cross traffic. It is a class-leading home that lacks identity.

The downside is that the casing still has a lot of hard plastic, which is expected in this price range, but you have to remember that you’re paying for what’s underfoot (39.2kWh battery pack). Also, the Kona is on the compact side of the small SUV equation, so don’t expect to carry three adults in the back for long. The car’s 332-liter trunk is also smaller than the Kona Hybrid’s (374-liter).

Kona Electric is cheaper than ever, thanks to EEAI and VES. As of April 2019, the Standard Range model is S$146,999 with Cat B COE and S$43,102, and is now cheaper, despite the higher COE price – S$140,888 with Cat B COE and S$56,100.

But as a BEV, the Kona Electric isn’t cheap compared to a petrol car or SUV of the same size – but key wise, the only competitive electric SUV the MG ZS EV is cheaper, at S$132,888 with COE .*

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And if that’s a big problem, you can now do an electric (partial) swap to a hybrid: A good place to start might be the Kona hybrid, which is as low as S$120k in COE.

Not much has changed for the Kona Electric – it’s still a fun BEV to drive, does what it says it should, and is the best example of an electric car, and the first example of something. The first car of the future will be.

What has changed is the landscape. Compared to 2019, when we first got the Kona Electric, the way forward for BEVs is clearer than ever.

Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

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Everything We Know About Hyundai And Kia’s New Electric Vehicle Platform

SINGAPORE (AFP): Hyundai opened an advanced electric vehicle factory in Singapore on Tuesday which the South Korean car giant said will be a “pillar” of its electrification strategy for decades to come.

Half of the work at the Hyundai Motor Group Singapore Innovation Center will be performed by 200 robots that will use new production methods that will move away from traditional conveyor belts, the company said in a statement.

The plant, which has been operating since the beginning of this year and opened on Tuesday, can produce 30,000 electric cars per year, according to the company.

The Singapore plant “will establish itself as one of the two new pillars of the Hyundai Motor Group that will guide the company’s future for the next 50 years,” the statement said.

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The app “connects virtual and physical space instantly,” allowing humans and robots to “interact in ways that have never been seen before,” he added.

Human workers “can automate tasks in a digital universe – or metaverse – where robots move physical materials on production lines”.

Robots will assemble, inspect and organize production equipment and perform more than 60 percent of logistics management, ordering and shipping.

Hyundai Motor Company Electric Car

He did not give an amount for the investment but earlier media reports put it at S$400 million ($300 million).

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The company manufactures the IONIQ 5 electric car and the IONIQ 5 “robotaxis”, which can operate without a driver. Hyundai will start building the IONIQ 6 sedan in factories starting next year.

Vice President Lawrence Wong, who spoke at the opening ceremony, said last year that Singapore was a hub for cars, but high prices are forcing car companies to switch to more expensive countries.

“Now all of a sudden we are seeing some profitable car companies coming back to Singapore again because … there is a change in the whole car industry,” he said. – AFP

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