How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed – The cervix plays an important role in pregnancy and childbirth. Changes in cervical hormones and cervical mucus during early pregnancy can help you know you are pregnant before you test positive. Women who know the positions of the cervix during ovulation can easily notice these changes. Normally, cervical mucus can be high during ovulation and low during menstruation. The cervix may remain in a higher position if you are pregnant. However, not all women can fully understand these changes.

Read on to learn more about cervical position, what your cervix feels like in early pregnancy, and the most reliable way to confirm pregnancy.

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

The cervix is ​​the lower, narrow part of the uterus that connects the uterus to the uterus. It is 3 to 4 cm long. The cervix contains glands that produce mucus. During ovulation, the cervix becomes smaller, allowing the sperm to enter the egg. During pregnancy, the uterine lining thickens again to protect the uterus from harmful bacteria (1). During early pregnancy, changes occur in the position and shape of the cervix, as well as the position and color of cervical secretions.

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A short cervix has been identified as one of the leading causes of premature birth. Therefore, knowing the length of the cervix is ​​important to reduce any risk of premature birth. The chart below shows the length of the uterus at different gestational ages for women at risk of preterm birth. The chart shows the overall decrease in cervical length from the second trimester to 22 weeks.

As ovulation approaches, the cervix remains elevated in the penis to facilitate conception (2). During ovulation, the cervix softens and opens slightly, releasing the egg into the uterus. After a woman ovulates, the cervix hardens, the opening of the uterus closes, and the cervix descends and remains closed until the next period.

Dr. Alan R. Lindemann, MD, MS, an obstetrician and former assistant professor of medicine at the University of North Dakota, says:

“Although a soft, blue and elongated cervix usually indicates pregnancy, it can also be associated with mid-cycle estradiol levels, such as ovulation.

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“During menstruation, the cervix is ​​not soft because the hormone (estradiol) that makes your cervix soft and long decreases, the cervix will expand to help drain blood from the uterus. It is normal for your cervix to be short, hard. , and slightly dilated. Your cervix will descend, tighten, and dilate a day or two before you get your period.”

The cervix has a tube called the fallopian tube through which the testicles pass with menstrual blood from (5).

“Your cervix becomes long, soft, and blue during pregnancy. Your vagina and vulva also turn blue due to an influx of hormones (estradiol, the main estrogen in your body). This change in color to a fiery blue is called Chadwick’s sign. .”

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

When you are pregnant, the cervix will tighten more tightly to prevent pregnancy (3). The cervix feels sensitive in early pregnancy due to increased blood flow to the area due to hormonal changes.

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You can check the position of the cervix for pregnancy by inserting your finger into the vagina. But before doing that, make sure that:

Once you are bent over, place your index finger in front of the pipe. You can feel a firm, round, mouth-like structure protruding from the penis, which is the back of the cervix (1).

It is not easy to determine the position of the cervix in the early stages. You should do this exercise every day: feel the position of your neck and notice the changes.

Changes in the reproductive position are also associated with changes in the cervical muscles. Next, we tell you about the role of cervical mucus in determining the position of the cervix.

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Pregnancy increases blood flow to the uterus. If the woman is not pregnant, the cervix appears clear to the touch, like the tip of the nose, but if pregnancy is found, the cervix is ​​soft and smooth.

According to Dr. Cindy M. Duke, MD, Ph.D. FACOG, a board-certified obstetrician and gynecologist in the greater Las Vegas area,

“A soft cervix indicates pregnancy, as it is one of the first things that happens when you are pregnant. While it doesn’t mean you’re pregnant, it could also be something you’ve had from certain medications and muscle tension. “

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

From conception to birth, your cervix keeps your growing baby safe by increasing its size and strength (5).

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If you want to know the pregnancy and the position of the cervix, you should also consider the cervix. Mucus changes as ovulation approaches and helps you know your period.

Over time, women notice a decrease in discharge or less dryness. After a few days, but before ovulation, the discharge changes and may appear white or yellow. In the white window, but before ovulation, the discharge increases and becomes oily and thin. During ovulation, the mucus will be thick and look like egg white. After ovulation, if the woman is pregnant, the mucus will increase, but if pregnancy is not yet achieved, the mucus will begin to dry and swell.

No, because the position of the cervix can vary according to different bodies. For example, the position of the cervix before intercourse is not the same as after intercourse, which can lead to incorrect judgment. Again, the change in the position of the neck follows a pattern, which you can feel only by following it a few times.

The cervix may feel tight and the cervical mucus increased before menstruation begins (6).

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Although it largely depends on the woman’s reproductive health and medical history, changes in cervical length are most common in the first trimester of pregnancy, between weeks 11 and 24 (7).

Knowing your cervix during early pregnancy can help detect pregnancy before using home pregnancy tests to confirm results. The cervix usually feels soft, raised, and lined with mucus to protect it. However, the position of the cervix can vary from woman to woman, and accurate prediction may not be easy. You need proper training to understand the changes and patterns of birth positions so that they can be interpreted correctly. Follow hygiene measures before performing a cervical examination to detect changes in the cervix. Using effective methods of fertility monitoring such as basal body temperature and cervical mucus can help. However, the only reliable way to determine if you are pregnant is with a pregnancy test. It is better to consult a gynecologist to decide when and how to do the test, to take care of the right treatment.

The position of the uterus changes during the menstrual cycle and can indicate whether you are pregnant. How can you learn about pregnancy by changing the cervix? The following infographic gives you practical ways to check:

How To Tell If Cervix Is Closed

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7. Athena P Souka et al., (2011); Cervical length changes from the first to the second trimester of pregnancy and preterm birth prediction using cervical tests; NCBI.

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