How To Put Eye Contacts

How To Put Eye Contacts – If you’ve never used contact lenses before or are new to them, it’s understandable that you have reservations about inserting small pieces or breathable plastic into your eyes every day. The idea of ​​putting your finger near your eyeball can be very scary for some people.

Fortunately, with a little practice and education, inserting and removing contact lenses can be simple, although it shouldn’t be rushed or obvious.

How To Put Eye Contacts

How To Put Eye Contacts

One of the first hurdles you may encounter when you start wearing contact lenses is an almost constant awareness or feeling of something in the eye for some time after you start wearing them. This doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong or that you put your contact lenses in wrong, but rather that it’s an inevitable side effect of intentionally getting something in your eye for the first time.

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Your eyes will quickly get used to the presence of the lenses. If you wear glasses, consider the adaptation period the same as when you first started wearing glasses. You are probably and constantly aware of the pressure on the bridge of your nose and above your ears, and probably very aware of seeing frames in our peripheral vision. The feeling quickly passed, as did the initial consciousness of wearing contact lenses.

Step 2: Remove the first lens from the package or blister (if using a daily lens) and place it on your finger. Make sure the contact is concave (gut-shaped) side up.

Step 3: With the hand holding the lens, lift the upper lid of the eye where you want to insert the lens. Use your middle finger on the dominant eyelid and gently pull down the lower lid to gain access to the eye.

Step 4: Look up and gently place the contact lens on the sclera (white part of the eye). Place the contact lens in place for about a second to allow the contact lens to stick through the tear film to the front of the eye.

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Step 5: Slowly move the lower hand and thumb away from the eye. Now, after a second or two, release the top lid and blink your eyes to make sure the lens is centered.

Step 7: If you are using lenses that need to be stored between uses (not all lenses include daily wear lenses), empty the case of any remaining contact lens solution and let the case dry upside down. (Make sure the case is not open in the environment).

Step 1: If you are using lenses that require overnight storage, prepare a clean case to keep the lenses in after they are removed from the eye.

How To Put Eye Contacts

Step 4: Gently place your index finger on the contact lens and slide it down from the cornea onto the sclera (the white part of the eye).

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Step 5: Use your thumb and index finger to gently push the lens away from the sclera. Remember not to squeeze too hard – just enough to break the suction between the lens and the eye

Step 6: Carefully place the lens in the prepared lens case, then apply the disinfectant solution to the lenses and ensure they are covered. If you use daily disposable lenses, throw them away.

Rigid contact lenses, a category that includes rigid gas permeable, hybrid and scleral lenses, are inserted and removed using a different handling technique. Rigid contact lenses are used to treat vision problems related to the shape of the cornea or lens that cannot be corrected with soft lenses or glasses.

Hard contact lenses may be more uncomfortable than soft lenses at first, but as with all contact lenses, your eyes will get used to the lenses and become more comfortable over time.

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After an initial period of possible discomfort, you will likely not feel significant if your contact lenses are not properly placed on the cornea, the lenses are dry, or they are not clean.

If your eyes feel dry after wearing the lenses, you can easily moisturize your eyes and lenses by using a few drops of contact lens moisturizing eye drops (artificial tears).

If your contact lenses are stuck to your eyes or are difficult to remove, such as if you accidentally put your contact lenses in bed instead of taking them out before bed, these moisturizing eye drops will help you remove the lenses easily.

How To Put Eye Contacts

Do not rub your lenses if your eyes feel itchy, scratchy, or uncomfortable after wearing them. This can make the problem worse if there is sand or dust on the lens that could irritate the eye or damage the lens itself. Instead, do the following:

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Step 2: Remove the contact lens and rinse thoroughly with contact lens solution to remove any foreign particles that may irritate the eye.

Step 3: After rinsing the lens thoroughly, carefully inspect the lens for sand or tears. If you notice a tear or other structural problem with the lens, such as bending or an irregular surface, throw the lens away and buy a new one. If your lenses cannot be thrown away, see your eye doctor to arrange for a replacement.

Step 4: Once the lens is clean and shows no signs of damage, it can be reinserted. If your eyes still hurt after removing or reinserting contact lenses, see your eye doctor, as this could indicate a scratched cornea or an eye infection.

If you don’t feel comfortable wearing contact lenses or want to ask about contact lenses, make an appointment with an eye doctor. Online is the fastest and easiest way to find and book medical appointments.

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B. Optum. [UNSW] FAAO FCLSA FSLS) owns and operates Ezekiel Eyes, a specialist contact lens company and general optometric practice in Perth, Western Australia. Ezekiel Eyes specializes in vision restoration using contact lenses. Damon also serves as a contact lens consultant for various research organizations.

How To Put Eye Contacts

In September 2018, Damon was inaugurated as president of the International Association of Contact Lens Specialists. At that conference, Damon was also awarded the prestigious Herschel Medal, which is awarded “in recognition of outstanding, original contributions to contact lens design techniques and their application and use in clinical practice, student education, and raising the profile of contact lenses.” Time to wear contact lenses?” They can really change your everyday life. But before you can take full advantage, you need to learn how to fit your contacts properly. It may seem a little intimidating, but once you learn the process, it’s easy. Your hair will be as natural as brushing your hair and teeth.

Wearables For Your Eyes

1. Look at your reflection in the mirror and make eye contact with yourself. Remember which eye you choose to start with.

2. Balance the lens on the tip of your left index or middle finger and hold it on a clean towel. The smaller the area of ​​the finger that the lens focuses on, the better.

3. Using your right index finger, gently pull on the lower eyelid and tilt your chin down while maintaining eye contact.

4. Look at your finger in the mirror and try to move the lens towards your eye so that the bottom half of the lens is facing forward.

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5. After the bottom edge of the lens touches the eye, tilt the lens up and the top half should almost “pop” into your eye.

Release the lower lid and return the head to its normal position. The contact lens should be placed directly on the cornea, where it should be. Blink gently a few times to keep the lens in place.

A popular choice is the bathroom or dressing room. Stand in front of a mirror and find a flat spot to place the contact

How To Put Eye Contacts

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