How To Put A Breast Pump Together

How To Put A Breast Pump Together – Best for mothers who need a non-standard size breast shield or want a manual pump compatible with another Medela product.

The Bottom Line Medela Harmony is a high-performance manual pump for mothers who need a powerful, portable pump.

How To Put A Breast Pump Together

How To Put A Breast Pump Together

Easy to use, compact and lightweight, the Medela Harmony manual breast pump is a great choice for work or travel. This lightweight and compact manual pump packs up in no time and is convenient and quiet enough to be used almost anywhere.

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The Medela Harmony manual breast pump comes almost fully assembled, but you need an initial sterilized bottle before using it. It is a good idea to take mental notes when disassembling the pump to facilitate initial assembly. In our lab tests, we found that all parts are secure and fit together without a struggle. All of our parent testers agreed that the pump is easy to assemble and disassemble, and the instructions for assembly and use are clear and easy to follow. This simple combination allowed our testers to pump quickly and without much fuss

All mothers who tested the Medela Harmony manual breast pump found it comfortable enough to use every day One of our testers said her hands were tired after a full pumping cycle, no one had trouble finding a comfortable pumping position. The 24mm breast shield that comes with the pump was a good size for all of our parent testers, and they all said it felt good on their breasts. If you don’t feel that the 24mm cover doesn’t fit you properly, Medela sells breast covers in five different sizes, from 21mm to 36mm, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

The Medela Harmony manual breast pump is one of the few manual breast pumps we’ve tested with two-stage expression technology, which simulates the stimulation and expression stages of breastfeeding. Harmony’s two-stage expression is very easy to use: press down on the arrow on the top of the handle to enter stimulation mode, and when the descent begins, pump the bottom of the handle to switch to expression mode. Most of our testers found this system easy and effective when pumping, but it’s worth noting that the twist handle can be confusing when switching between levels – one of our testers felt they needed to turn the handle instead of just pumping from the bottom.

I regularly use an electric pump, but this manual pump is compact and easy to use, especially on the go. If you just need to pump a little for comfort or maybe you’re away from the baby for a day, that’s absolutely fine. ” – Hannah, mother

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All of our mom testers agreed that it was easy to get a good seal between the breast shield and the breasts. Although about half experienced breast shield leakage (a common problem with breast pumps), they often described it as a driving force. One mother found that when she moved the pump away from her breasts, breast milk would flow into the pump compartment, which could increase the risk of leakage, so keep that in mind when settling into a comfortable pumping position. With minimal leakage, our testers reported that the Harmonie provided good suction for efficient pumping, and all reported that their breasts felt completely empty after one pumping session. None of our testers experienced breast pain, cracking or bleeding while using Hormony.

Most of our testers also said the pump was easier to use in a dimly lit room – especially important if you want to pump quietly at night without waking up in a light sleep.

Manual pumps do not have a noisy motor like an electric pump, but some may creak. In our lab tests, we measured the noise level of each pump with a sound meter and found that the Medela Harmony manual breast pump was the quietest. A room fan set on low will be enough to drown out this pump’s whisper. Our mom testers’ first-hand experience mirrored the lab’s findings: They told us the pump made little to no noise, and they said they could pump in a room with a sleeping baby or partner.

How To Put A Breast Pump Together

The Medela Harmony manual breast pump consists of eight parts and is very easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher. : It should be noted that the diaphragm of this pump is very thin and delicate, so you should be careful when cleaning. But don’t overdo it – if the frame gets lost or damaged, two spare parts are included with the pump and replacements are available.

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Lightweight and compact, the Medela Harmony manual pump is super portable: small enough to carry discreetly in a large purse or bag, and all our testers said it’s a great option for pumping when you’re away from home. One of our mom testers commented on how comfortable the handle felt in her hand and that she could turn it to find a comfortable position for her wrist and hand. The neck of the pump is also designed to hang from the bottom of your finger so you don’t have to hold it while pumping, making it comfortable to hold for longer periods of time.

All of our mom testers found it easy to separate the bottle from the pump without spilling breast milk. The two collection bottles included with the Medela Harmony manual pump are compatible with the full range of Medela nipples and caps, making storage, bottle preparation and just that little bit easier (no searching through your bottle collection required). And since there is no need to transfer breast milk from one bottle to another, it helps reduce milk wastage. In addition, the bottles are also compatible with Medela’s electric pumps (including the Freestyle), making it easy to use an electric or manual pump to suit your needs.

Manual breast pumps Ideal for mums on the go – Whether you’re traveling or need to pump from home occasionally, the Medela Harmony manual breast pump gets the job done. All mothers who tested this pump rated the quality as good to very good, and most said the pump was easy to use. Overall, most of our mothers were satisfied with the Medela Harmony and would recommend it to another mother or mothers Although it costs more than some other manual pumps on the market, it has the two-stage expression and the wide range of breast shield sizes available . that you should be able to fit well – which helps to minimize milk loss. And creates a more comfortable and efficient pumping experience. For all these reasons, there is no doubt about getting a parent approved seal today

This pump works well Easy to fit, good quality and can be used with other products in their line” – Jane, mother of three

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For mothers who want to breastfeed, small manual breast pumps may seem unnecessary, but it’s always good to have something light and compact on hand. Most mothers will find themselves in situations where they need to breastfeed for convenience. This pump is especially recommended for travel mothers: as a backup to a double electric pump or on its own if you don’t pump often.

Medela Harmony is a manual pump, so it needs neither electricity nor batteries to work and is almost silent. The smooth operation will please you when you start pumping This is a very light pump that does not take up much space in your bag

How To Put A Breast Pump Together

The ergonomic design of Medela Harmony provides intuitive and very easy use. Disassembly and cleaning is very easy The handle of the manual breast pump Medela Harmony is designed to rotate, so you can always get the best angle for pumping milk, so you don’t put your arm in an awkward position. The handle has a nice, soft rubber cover that makes the pump a little easier in the hand and helps the pump to work more quietly.

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Medela Harmony is one of the few manual pumps in the world with 2-stage expression technology. The breast pump simulates the natural feeding behavior of infants at the mother’s breast

The two-stage design means that to stimulate let-down (when the milk starts to flow) you start pumping with the short side of the pump handle, creating a quick burst of lactation just like a nursing baby. After the milk flows, you go to the long side of the handle which creates a slow shower.

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