How To Correct Odometer Mileage

How To Correct Odometer Mileage – An odometer or odometer is an instrument used to measure the distance traveled by a vehicle such as a bicycle or car. Devices can be electronic, mechanical, or a combination of both (electromechanical). The noun is derived from the Ancient Greek ὁδομετρον, hodómetron, from ὁδός, hodós (“way” or “gate”) and μέτρον, metricn (“measure”). The earliest forms of odometers existed in the ancient Greco-Roman world as well as ancient China. In countries that use imperial or US customary units, it is sometimes called the metre-mile or metre-mile, the first name being common in the UK and other Commonwealth members. .

Perhaps the first evidence of the use of odometers can be found in the works of Pliny (NH 6.61-62) in ancient Rome and Strabo (11.8.9) in ancient Greece. Both authors recorded the distance traveled by Alexander the Great (c. 336-323 BC), as did his contemporaries Diognitus and Patton. However, the high precision of the Bema scientists’ measurements made it necessary to use a mechanical device. For example, the length of the stretch between the cities of Hekatopylos and Alexandria Aleion, which later became part of the Silk Road, was given by Alexandria’s planners as about 575 Roman miles (529 Glish Miles), meaning there is a 0.2% difference between the actual value and the actual value. Distance (531 Glish miles). Of the nine extant animal measurements in Pliny’s Natural History, eight are within 5% of the true distance, and three of them are within 1%. Since these small differences can be clearly explained by small changes in the road over the past 2,300 years, the absolute precision of the measurements suggests that the markers used special equipment to Measures distance, although not with exact accuracy. Such a machine.

How To Correct Odometer Mileage

How To Correct Odometer Mileage

Vitruvius first described an odometer for measuring distances during the First Punic War between 27 and 23 BC, although the person who commissioned it was probably Archimedes of Syracuse (c. 287 BC –

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212 BC). The Hero of Alexandria (10 AD – 70 AD) describes a similar device in chapter 34 of his Dioptra. This device was also used under the Roman Emperor Commodus (

192 AD), although there later appears to have been a gap between its use in Roman times and 15th-century Western Europe.

Some researchers believe that the device may have used similar technology to the Antikythera device in Greece.

The Vitruvian scale was based on a chariot wheel 4 Roman feet (1.18 meters) in diameter and rotated 400 times every 1 Roman mile (about 1,480 m). With each revolution, a pin on the axle engages the 400-tooth wheel and causes it to rotate one full revolution per mile. For this purpose, another device was installed on the circle, on which stones (stones) fell one after another. One box. Travel distance can be determined by counting the number of batteries.

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Whether this instrument was in production at that time is disputed. Leonardo da Vinci later tried to make it himself as described but failed. However, in 1981, master Andre Sleeswyk created his own copy, replacing Leonardo’s square tooth design with a triangular open tooth design from the Antikythera machine. With this change, the Vitruvian odometer works perfectly.

Probably done by Zhang Hong (78 AD – 139 AD), the first explorer and great ascetic of the Han Dynasty. By the 3rd century (the Three Kingdoms period), the Chinese called machines “record drum carts” or “record drum carts” (remember: li in modern measurement = 500 meters (1,640 feet)).

The Chinese in the third part describes the operating principle of a mechanical car, when it travels a mile, a mechanical iron will knock on the tire, when it passes, another wooden stick will strike the gong or the bell in the machine. – Embarked on.

How To Correct Odometer Mileage

Although it is associated with Zhang Hu or later Ma Jun (c. 200–265), there is evidence that the introduction of the odometer was a gradual process in China, where courtiers Han people (such as eunuchs) traveled widely. , palace officials, relatives, friends, actors, athletes, etc.) followed the band carrying the king’s “chariot”.

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Historian Joseph Needham says it is not surprising that this society was responsible for building such a machine, as there is other evidence of their ability to play with machines to entertain the emperor and court. family. It is speculated that around the first century BC (Western Han Dynasty), drums and gongs were used to operate automatically through the rotation of wheels.

110 BC), but by 125 AD, odometers were known in China (as shown in the photo from Xiaotangshan Tomb).

Odometers were also used later in Chinese history. The oldest written piece in the history of Jinshu (AD 635), this book is called Cui Bao (Cui Bao)

300 AD), records the use of figure measurement and describes it (based on the Western Han period, from 202 BC to 9 AD).

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Passages in the Book of Jin expand on this, explaining that its appearance resembles the CSR machine that Ma Jun requested (200-265, see also Miscellaneous). According to the “Poetry” of the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD), predecessors in the 9th, 11th, and 12th centuries combined the odometer and compass into a unicycle. Sun Tzu’s Suan Jing, written between the third and fifth centuries, introduces students to a problem involving an odometer. This includes the distance between two cities, the minimum number of revolutions the car’s wheels need to make, and the number of revolutions all the wheels need to make if the car is moving between A and B.

“History of the Song Dynasty” (1345 AD) records the people and events of China’s Song Dynasty (960-1279), and introduces the types of odometers used during that period. However, unlike the early written sources, a more complete description of the machine has been found, dating from an older form (Wade-Giles spelling):

Odometer. It is painted red, has flowers and birds painted on four sides, divided into two layers, and beautifully carved. After t, the wood on the lower floor will strike the skin, every time t, the wood on the upper floor will ring the bell. The chariot pole is placed on the phoenix’s head, the cart is pulled by four horses. The guardian was originally 18 meters long, but in the fourth year of Yongxi (987 AD), Taizong raised it to 30 meters. In the fifth year of Emperor Taizong’s reign (1027 AD), Chief Lu Daolong first proposed the structural parameters of an odometer as follows:[5]

How To Correct Odometer Mileage

Below is a detailed description of the dimensions and dimensions of the wheels and accessories by General Manager Lu Daolong, ending with instructions on how to use the equipment:

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The vehicle must have a column and two wheels. There is a wooden figure holding a plate on each of the two floors. Each road wheel is 6 feet in diameter and 18 feet in circumference, a development process that involves 3 steps. As standard, the speed is equal to 6 feet and 300 steps/mile; Now a mile is counted as 360 steps, each step 5 feet. [5]

[Note: The Chinese way of measuring miles (li) changed over time because the length of a Li in the Song Dynasty was different from the length of a Li in the Han Dynasty. ]

The wheel (power wheel) is attached to the left wheel, has a diameter of 1.38 feet, a circumference of 4.14 feet, has 18 gears (chhih) spaced 2.3 inches apart. There is also a lower horizontal wheel (hsia phing lun), 4.14 feet in diameter, 12.42 feet in circumference, with 54 holes (2.3 inches) from the vertical wheel. (This is the formula and the first formula.) [5] On the vertical wheel that rotates with this wheel there is a bronze stamp “Rotating Wind Wheel” (Tornado Wheel), there are (only) 3 gears, distance. Between these 1.2 inches. (This one turns that one.) In the middle is a horizontal wheel, 4 meters in diameter, 12 meters in circumference, with 100 gears separated by the “revolution of the wind wheel”. (1.2 inches). [7] Next, mount (on the same handle) a small horizontal wheel (hsiao phing lun), 3.3 inches in diameter, 1 foot in circumference, with 10 cogs spaced 1.5 inches apart. (Use this measurement) There is a horizontal wheel on top (shang phing lun), 3.3 feet in diameter, 10 feet in circumference, with 100 gears,

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