How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger – This requires a USB (broken or not, just make sure it’s long enough), a phone you want to charge. I use Samsung SGH-T809 (old phone, didn’t have its own charger). The last thing you need is something to plug the USB into. I recommended the laptop, but the wall outlet works fine.

Now cut the USB in half so you have one USB and the other half can be thrown away. I used scissors because I didn’t have a wire cutter. You want to remove the red and black wires, the green and white wires are unused.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

Depending on the phone you are using, the battery pins may differ. For me it was the lower boxes. Now you want to take the wire (red and black), connect the pins to the wires (red to positive and black to negative). Once you know where it belongs, bend the wire (the metal part) towards the cable (I did this because I pressed the pins). Now take the wire and try to slide it under the pin (there should be some space under the pin).

Auto Shop Rigged A Car Battery To Charge Phones

Now put the battery in, it should be a little difficult to put it in because the pins have something under them. When it’s on the wires, it doesn’t move at all (or at least it does for me).

Plug it into a USB port that has power and your phone should turn on or do something to show power, mine doesn’t so I have to press the power button. It should turn on and voila, you have a temporary charger! How to charge your phone if the power goes out (and why you SHOULD NOT use the “battery trick”

With extreme weather conditions leaving thousands of people without power, the question of how to fully charge your phone is more important than ever.

There are many ways to charge your phone without using a regular charger, from battery packs, solar panels and cranks to DIY chargers with 9V batteries.

How To Revive A Cell Phone Battery (with Pictures)

But experts today warned that many of them won’t work, and some could permanently damage your phone.

There are several ways to charge your phone without using a regular charger, from alternative battery packs and chargers to awesome DIYs. But do these methods work?

.com’s own tests, online reviews, and expert opinions make it clear that some of these methods work much better than others, and some may even damage your phone.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

A video showing how to make a charger from a 9V battery went viral on Twitter today before it was removed from the site.

How To Make Your Phone Battery Last Longer

The parts needed to build this charger are a 9V battery, a pencil spring, a car charger adapter and a phone.

Backup batteries: This is the easiest and safest option. They will definitely charge your phone and are cheap and available everywhere.

Solar battery and charger: This is an affordable option that is more versatile than traditional backup batteries because it doesn’t require electricity to begin with.

Hand crank: The Eton BoostTurbine2000 hand crank will be a cumbersome way to charge your phone, but it can give you power in an emergency.

How To Charge Other Devices With Your Pixel 6 Using Battery Share

Wind Turbine: The inventors say the turbine can charge your phone four to six times on a single charge. However, it is an expensive option at $399.

Then connect one end of the pencil spring to the other thread and connect the other end of the spring to the metal piece on the side of the car charger.

Then connect the charging cable to the USB port of the phone and the car charger as usual.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

The phone started at 13 percent; After 15 minutes using the DIY charger, it was still at 13%.

How To Charge Your Phone Using A 9

After making sure the connection was secure and trying another 15 minutes, the phone was at 14%.

After turning it back on and giving the iPhone another 15 minutes to charge, its battery was only 9 percent below where it started.

Matt DuBarry, an electrochemist and battery expert at the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute, told .com that trying to charge a phone with a 9V battery is “definitely not a good idea because of the voltage.”

“There is a risk and we don’t want people to get hurt because they unknowingly try something online.

Is It Healthy To Charge Phone Overnight?

He explained that the iPhone likely has a security feature that prevents it from drawing power from the 9V battery, resulting in the error message “This accessory may not be supported.”

Several online tutorials also show you how to charge a cell phone using acidic fruits (such as oranges, lemons, or apples), copper wire, and zinc-copper nails.

To do this, insert a zinc nail and a copper nail into several pieces of fruit so that the nails are close to each other, but not touching.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

Then use copper wire to connect a piece of copper from one fruit to a piece of zinc from the other fruit to form a circuit.

Plan V Lets You Charge Your Phone Using A 9 Volt Battery

Then cut off the USB end of the charging cable, connect the wires to the ends of the copper fruit chips and plug in the phone.

Dubarry told .com that this method works on paper, but it’s unlikely to fully boot the phone and could also brick it.

You can pre-charge these devices when you have power and then use them to charge your phone (as well as other devices) when you can’t find an outlet or have a power outage.

Just pull out the panels facing the sun to charge the device (should take about 10 hours) and you can charge your phone.

Oz For Us: Charge A Smartphone Battery Without The Phone Nor The Charger

It’s a fairly affordable option that boasts more versatility than traditional backup batteries because it doesn’t require electricity to begin with.

It’s a $60 crank that’s about the size of a smartphone and has a retractable crank that you can use to charge your phone.

Charging your phone this way takes a lot of work: three hours of charging to be exact.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

But if you need to make an emergency call, a single hand crank is enough to generate enough power for a 30-second call.

Charging My Phone From My Drill Battery

Two electricians have developed the world’s first portable turbine phone charger, allowing people to charge their mobile phones using only wind energy.

Launched on Kickstarter as the Trinity, the device folds into a 12-inch cylinder before unfolding into a vertical turbine used to charge USB devices.

To open the product, remove the aluminum legs and place it on a tripod or flat surface.

They capture wind and rotation, which provides green energy for a generator capable of producing up to 15 watts of electricity.

Is It Safe To Charge My Phone Overnight? Your Battery Charging Questions Answered

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Apple is selling iPhones and iPads as a hardware subscription service, according to a new Bloomberg report.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

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The smart bra has small ultrasonic sensors and was developed by Nextwear Technology, a clothing company based in Abuja, Nigeria.

The University of Alberta study is the first to combine multiple studies to determine how skin tone can affect the accuracy of wearable heart rate data.

How To Charge A Phone Battery Without A Charger

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