How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

How Much Is Nike Brand Worth – Changing consumer and industry pressures are changing the face of the apparel industry, with growth in active and luxury apparel and deals in budget fast fashion brands, according to a new report from leading global brand consultancy Brand Finance. A new report shows that among the top 50 brands in the apparel industry, the total value of luxury apparel brands increased this year by 21% (from $103 billion to $125 billion), and sportswear brands increased by 10% this year (from $68 ). billion to $74 billion), while fast fashion brands fell 7% (from $44 billion to $41 billion).

Each year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance tests the top 5,000 brands and publishes around 100 brand ranking reports across all industries and countries. The 50 most valuable and strongest brands in the apparel industry are included in the annual Brand Finance Apparel 50 ranking.

How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

During the upheaval, the brand value of sports brands has steadily increased as consumers spend more time at home and value comfort over fashion when choosing brands.

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Due to the increase in consumer demand for sportswear, brands in this sector saw a significant growth in brand value: Nike (brand value increased by 9% to $33.2 billion), Adidas (brand value increased by 2% to 14 .6 billion dollars), Puma (brand value). increased by 2% and reached 14.6 billion dollars). 13% to $4.5 billion) and Lululemon (brand value increased 28% to $4.2 billion). Nike has maintained its top spot as the most valuable brand since the ranking was established.

Small sportswear brands are among the fastest growing in the rankings, including Skechers (its brand value grew 68% to $3.2 billion) and Li Ning (its brand value also grew 68% 2 billion dollars).

“Market dynamics in the apparel industry have changed dramatically since its inception. Luxury and sportswear brands have gained the ability to offer online, conveniently at the core of their marketing strategies. Focusing on social marketing campaigns has allowed brands to seek and manage the pandemic. Succeeding in supply chain challenges is sustainable.”

Fast fashion brands such as ZARA (brand value down 1% to $13 billion), H&M (brand value up 3% to $12.7 billion), UNIKLO (brand value down 26% to $9.6 billion) and Primark/ Penneis (brand value). (down 26% to $9.6 billion) Brand value down 10% to $2.2 billion) is facing tough times, with brand values ​​staying the same or declining this year.

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As people are confined to their homes and stores are closed during the pandemic, consumer demand for online shopping has increased, and the convenience of online shopping has become increasingly popular in most economies. Since many consumers cannot afford to shop in physical stores, they are turning to online shopping.

Many fast fashion brands rely on physical stores for mass sales, but have been forced to close stores due to pandemic restrictions. Fast fashion apparel brands face challenges in disrupting their brand models due to the difficulty of selling low-margin products online along with high logistics and delivery costs. This has led to a decline in the brand value of the fast fashion sector in the apparel industry.

Nine of the top 10 luxury brands are now returning to growth as the industry recovers after a significant decline over the past two years. Consumer sentiment is getting stronger as spending on clothing increases as people can’t afford to splurge on luxury vacations. As with many other sectors of the economy, as people are unable to spend money on activities such as travel, significant consumer spending is directed towards items such as clothing, especially high-end luxury goods. Unlike fast fashion brands, the luxury brands on the list are resilient to the dramatic changes the industry has experienced during the upheaval.

How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

The brand value of luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton (brand value increased by 58 percent to $23.4 billion), GUCCI (brand value increased by 16 percent to $18.1 billion) and Armani (brand value by 9 percent increased to 3.3 billion dollars). some growth In addition, new entrants to the top 50 of the clothing line are mainly luxury brands: BOSS (brand value increased by 54% to $1.7 billion), Bottega Veneta (brand value increased by 25% to $1.7 billion dollars) and Van Cleef. & Arpels’ Luxury Brands & Arpels jewelry (brand value also increased by 37% to $1.7 billion).

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BOSS is a new brand created by splitting Hugo Boss into two independent brands: Hugo and BOSS. To promote the brand during the pandemic, BOSS launched a sportswear line with a “digital” campaign using online social media platforms such as TikTok and e-commerce markets. The campaign increased followers and influence on social networks and resulted in increased sales. By increasing access to online shopping, many luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton and Armani have welcomed new customer groups during the pandemic.

In addition to calculating brand value, Brand Finance determines the relative strength of brands through a balanced scorecard that assesses marketing investment, stakeholder equity and business performance. Brand Finance’s stakeholder equity assessments are ISO 20671 compliant and include primary market research data from more than 100,000 respondents in more than 35 countries and nearly 30 industries. Dior was named the most powerful clothing brand in the ranking, with a brand rating of AAA and a Brand Strength Index (BSI) correlation of 88.4 out of 100. The brand performed very well in 2022, out of 12 came out on the 12th.

2021 will be at the top of the list. The luxury fashion brand continues to organize shows and events to launch new collections.

In the past year, Dior has participated in several digital campaigns to engage with consumers online. In addition, the brand has made full use of online media, running effective marketing campaigns on YouTube, Tiktok, Douiin, the Chinese version of TikTok and the Chinese mobile video sharing app Bilibili.

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Each year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance tests 5,000 top brands and publishes nearly 100 brand ranking reports across industries and countries. The Brand Finance Apparel 50 series features 50 of the most valuable and powerful global apparel brands.

Brand value is understood as the net economic benefit gained by the brand owner by licensing the brand on the open market. Brand strength refers to the effectiveness of a brand’s performance relative to competitors on non-material indicators.

The Brand Finance Apparel 50 report includes complete figures, additional insights, charts and more information on the methodology and definitions of key terms.

How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

Brand Finance is a global brand value consultancy. Brand Finance has been bridging the gap between marketing and finance for 25 years, assessing the power of brands and assessing their financial value to help organizations of all sizes make strategic decisions.

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Headquartered in London, Brand Finance has offices in over 20 countries and provides services on every continent. Brand Finance conducts more than 5,000 brand assessments each year, supported by original market research, and publishes more than 100 reports, ranking brands across all industries and countries.

Brand Finance also operates the Global Brand Equity Monitor, which produces original market research on more than 5,000 brands annually, surveying more than 150,000 respondents in 38 countries and 31 industry sectors. Brand Finance combines insightful data from Global Brand Equity Monitoring with data from its value database to provide brand leaders with the data and analytics they need to increase brand and business value.

Brand Finance is a regulatory accounting firm leading the industry standardization of brand value. Brand Finance is the first ISO 10668 and ISO 20671 compliant company certified by an independent auditor and officially certified by the Marketing Accountability Standards Board (MASB).

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How Much Is Nike Brand Worth

Nike (its brand value fell 6% to $31.3 billion) retained its title as the world’s most valuable apparel brand despite a decline in brand value, according to a new report by leading brand value consultancy Brand Finance.

Reasons Why Nike Is The Best Brand?

Each year, leading brand valuation consultancy Brand Finance tests 5,000 of the biggest brands and publishes more than 100 brand ranking reports across all industries and countries. The top of the world

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