How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus – Do you have a 10-12 year old Lexus hybrid? Do you have multiple dashboard cameras activated? Ugh. Well, we knew this was going to happen. Lexus hybrid batteries typically die after 10-12 years (especially a large high voltage traction battery). The battery’s individual cells lose their ability to hold a charge – and each cell drops below the voltage required to function properly. So what are your options and how should you think about this problem?

Lexus Hybrid High Voltage (HV) batteries consist of 28+ battery cells, each of which can be regenerated or replaced to extend battery life.

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

Lexus makes amazing cars that last a long time. Not only that, a modified high voltage hybrid battery is probably just what you need to extend the life of your CT 200H, HS 250H, GS 450H, etc.

New 2024 Lexus Rx Plug In Hybrid Electric Vehicle Rx 450h+ Luxury (plug In Hybrid) 4wd Phev Lux In Cerritos #r2013094

And this is good news! Because 10-12 year old Lexus hybrids still cost a lot – typically, $10,000+. As a result, you don’t have to dismantle your car if it just needs a new battery. But there is a catch…

Like other Toyota hybrid batteries (Prius, Camry, etc.), the problem with Lexus hybrid batteries is that the cost to replace the hybrid battery is often close to the cost of your car.

Not all tests are the same – they differ from mechanic to mechanic. First of all, the dangerous P0A80 code is a common hybrid battery code that requires further investigation. For example, what causes hybrid batteries to fail? Is it really a hybrid battery?

, However, sometimes it could be another problem causing the battery to go bad – so if you replace your “bad HV battery” you will still face the same problem. It is important to rule out the problems listed below before deciding to replace the battery, otherwise the battery replacement may be doomed.

Chinese Manufacturer Ni Mh 6500mah 288v Replacement Hybrid Car Battery Pack For Lexus Rx 450h

Also, even if you want a new Lexus HV battery later, that doesn’t mean it’s the best option, because

, the current value and it’s actual life expectancy if you consider if you want to invest over a thousand dollars to fix it up. Otherwise, any hybrid battery solution may – again – be a waste of money. We always provide an accurate valuation of the car, the value of the car and whether it is worth spending money on repairs or not.

While most dealers are honest, they also buy and sell cars – and this can be a conflict of interest. If your hybrid has a P0A80 code Lexus dealers will usually ignore it – and this is a great way to force you to sell it. It is best to trade in your Lexus with a good hybrid battery and no P0A80 code. We recommend that you get a second opinion to avoid any risky practices (and costly mistakes).

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

Diagnostics™ for Lexus Hybrids looks for underlying problems that could prevent a successful vehicle upgrade, saving you thousands of dollars.

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™ thoroughly inspects your Lexus for vehicle health, and we can refurbish (repair) your used Lexus hybrid battery to extend its life and save you money. Once your car is replaced, we’ll get you back on the road with a straightforward, no-BS warranty – with no hidden fees (we only pay for the trip).

We are happy to provide a free phone consultation regarding the make, model and year of your Lexus. Please do not hesitate to call us for a second opinion on your Lexus after your initial inspection.

You can also call or email us to get an exact quote based on your make, model and year.

Call now to speak directly to an expert – If you have ODBII codes, please enable them to be verified over the phone. We can diagnose the P0A80 code as well as many other codes.

What Is A Self Charging Hybrid Car & How It Works

If you don’t see your make and model, please call and ask if we can service your make/model/year of Lexus Hybrid. We update our services from time to time.

™ is located in Indianapolis, IN, and our mobile hybrid battery diagnostic and repair services cover most of Indiana, including Champaign, IL, Louisville, KY, Cincinnati, OH, and Dayton, OH.

Chad provided prompt service and is a nice guy. I felt like I was making my own best friend! Great prices, I saved over $4000! Funny quotes with Toyota!

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

My Prius hybrid battery was replaced 7 weeks ago and it is working fine. The service is very simple. He came to me and did not even spend an hour.

Lexus Hybrid Buyer’s Guide @ Ken Shaw Lexus Toronto Lexus Toronto

My wife and I have made two trips to meet Chad and Tim. Both men were honest, sincere and enjoyed knowing each other. There were no high-level channels or endless sales calls that we unfortunately had to contend with for other sellers. It’s been a month since I bought my car and I love it.

Even though I didn’t need my battery replaced, Chad had a wealth of knowledge when it came to Pruis codes and what was wrong with my car.

Chad and Tim were there with service, contact information. You have already recommended the service to others. A great event.

I called for information even before purchasing my hybrid. Chad is nice, honest and very helpful. I really appreciated that they talked to me, even though I hadn’t purchased a hybrid truck yet.

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The dashboard of my wife’s 2007 (with 185k miles) lit up with all the “hybrid battery failure” symptoms. I was surprised when I asked the Toyota dealer for the price of a new battery. Then I called and talked to Chad, who was the boss. He explained the process he uses to replace any bad cells and then repair the battery. He gave me the phone and the day I called he took the battery, returned to his shop and returned to my house the next day to replace the battery which I repaired. He also passed the road test. Now my wife Prius is happy again. Additionally, the engine display page usually shows green and a fully charged battery. I’m still on my first tank of gas after the battery repair, but I’m seeing a huge improvement in MPG as well. Thanks, Chad!

Very nice honest work. I highly recommend Chad for any hybrid battery work you need. Our service is available same day. His expertise brought my 2007 Toyota Prius to the performance of a new car. Couldn’t be happier than this. Best guarantee I have ever seen in writing.

This man is amazing. Very professional and treats people like family, not just a business.. Many thanks Chad

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

Great experience, great price and great comfort. They brought us home immediately and came to replace the battery at a much lower price than the dealer price. Much praise!

Toyota Guarantees Its Hybrid Batteries Will Last At Least 10 Years

Chat Donnell diagnoses damaged 2005 Prius hybrid battery and replaces with quick repair, high quality battery. He explained all the details of the process which were interesting and useful. highly recommended! You will save a lot of money if you allow Toyota to replace the new battery.

Fast, friendly. The tech was friendly and knowledgeable. Local warranty and good. I recommend. Competitive pricing is better than other hybrid batteries.

This shop was able to diagnose the problem that the Toyota shop could not. It speaks for itself… I’m happy to say that my Prius is running fine after it came in for a hybrid battery check and troubleshooting.

When Toyota needed to replace the 3700 battery, I had to look elsewhere. Chad was able to come to my house and install a new battery the same day for less than $100. All the dim lights have been fixed and the car runs like new even after running 200 kms.

Lexus Gs 450h Hybrid Battery Repair & Replacement By Hybrid Repair Service

We had excellent, attentive and knowledgeable service. At first it was a bit disturbing the quality of the original battery installed, but thanks to their warranty, they responded immediately to solve all the problems that arose by repairing it properly. I would again recommend this location to anyone and will use them for future mixing needs.

I was able to replace my hybrid battery at 1/4 of the dealer’s estimate and the battery is working fine. They also came to fix my back seat security issue when I replaced the battery. Look no further than the Exclusive Hybrid. We specialize in providing high quality batteries that outperform the competition and that includes the 2011 Lexus CT200h battery.

Don’t let a broken hybrid battery slow you down – replace it with our new long-lasting batteries for a fraction of the dealer price. Our batteries have a four-year warranty for complete peace of mind, and you can

How Long Do Hybrid Batteries Last Lexus

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