How Good Is Russell Westbrook

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Russell Westbrook is hitting something new with the Clippers, and things aren’t going to be good anytime soon. Westbrook is having trouble adjusting to James Harden’s presence.

How Good Is Russell Westbrook

How Good Is Russell Westbrook

Russell Westbrook has played well to start the season. He averaged 15 points, eight rebounds and seven assists in 34 minutes per game as the starting point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. They were plus-64 in minutes played in those games and started the season with a 3-2 record. He’s not a superstar himself, but overall he’s better than the Clippers expected from a 35-year-old minimum wage earner. Then they bought James Harden.

Truehoop Presents: Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Russell Westbrook But Were Afraid To Ask

Westbrook’s field goal percentage dropped nearly 10 percent in Harden’s first five games. His assessment, restoration and assistance failed miserably. The Clippers lost their minutes by 27 points. They were worst in minutes with Harden. They went 0-5 overall in their first league games with Oklahoma City and Houston starting together. They pulled the plug. Westbrook returned to the bench role of the Lakers and most of the team was promoted. They won their first three games with Westbrook on the bench, though he played limited minutes. His playing time was reduced on Friday.

Westbrook played just 14 minutes in a 116-106 win over the New Orleans Pelicans. According to Ben Gulliver, it is technically the fourth-lowest of his career, but in practice it is the lowest he has done in a meaningful game without injury. Westbrook scored three points on 1/8 shooting. Harden wasn’t great, making just two of his eight shots, but he did play 37 minutes. That seems to be the plan going forward.

Harden and Westbrook can’t work together. Their time in Houston showed that the Clippers even had the 2018 MVP ahead of them. These suspicions have now been confirmed. According to Cleaning the Glass, the two of them have a net rating of minus-17.6 in 241 possessions. Harden needs teammates to shoot, cut, screen and protect him. Westbrook rarely takes these things to heart (not shooting).

Westbrook’s success is based on keeping the ball in his hands whenever possible. The Clippers saw that at the end of last season and the beginning of this season. He did well in school. The Clippers just decided it wasn’t good enough. This is the main conclusion that led to the Harden trade. Their joint history shows that they cannot live together. Adding Harden means reducing or eliminating Westbrook entirely.

Russell Westbrook Absolutely Drills Referee In The Head With A Basketball

The latter is still completely inevitable, but we are heading that way. Westbrook doesn’t seem happy about his new job with the Clippers. He avoided the media last season in games where the Clippers won but didn’t play. When he became a Laker, Darwin accused Hamm of benching him for a preseason brain injury. Nothing Westbrook has done so far in his career shows that he is willing to do a little more work, even if it means increasing his chances of winning.

What does that mean for Westbrook will do in the future if we think that the Clippers will not bench player they traded heart Westbrook heart? If he were to be released or traded, it would be hard to imagine that he has a big career ahead of him at Rivals. The Clippers were the only winners last season, shooting, defense and the locker room included. They are the ones who accepted it. If the team doesn’t want him, and the Clippers have decided it’s worth building a roster and style of play around Westbrook’s needs, it’s hard to imagine another team with enough talent to win anything.

That might not be the worst thing. Some teams won’t want to give him 30 minutes per game to put up stats while collecting lottery picks. Who sells tickets to the bulls when their soldiers are sold? Westbrook still has basketball left. He never showed himself

How Good Is Russell Westbrook

Football is with him. Many members are content with growing in style every year. That may be his fate as he nears retirement.

Kevin Durant, Chris Paul Make Their Thoughts On Russell Westbrook Very Clear

This is all speculation at this point. One key Clipper could get an ankle tomorrow and suddenly Westbrook’s power on the ball could become what they need. But with each game it seems less and less. The Clippers continue to be a strong team. Westbrook has no place in a team like that. No, I don’t watch any Oklahoma City Thunder games, but Russell Westbrook is starting to feel like a disservice to his teammates and maybe a chalk artist. He yells at the ref a lot, starts beef with almost every other star when his play doesn’t go well, and most of all he doesn’t realize that he’s not a good shooter . No player in the NBA disappoints me more than Russell Westbrook, and it has reached the point where Westbrook’s NBA superstardom needs to be reevaluated:

Of course, we have to give Westbrook credit where it’s due; He has averaged a triple in three seasons. It’s interesting. At 6’3″, it is difficult to get more than 10 rebounds a game in three seasons. His defense may even be considered an understatement. He is fourth in the NBA with 1.9 per game behind Paul George, James Harden and Chris Paul. His DBPM last year In + 3.1 in all three, he is a pest in his football (Oh my god, every missed sentence I feel like ‘back) than that, Westbrook’s best strength is his speed. De’Aaron Fox is now arguably the two fastest players in the NBA (although Fox says otherwise), Westbrook uses speed His speed worked when he got to the rim.

Thursday. Therefore, it thrives on change. Now that I got that out of the way, let’s talk about all the things that bother me about Russell Westbrook:

Mythology. Pure fiction. Yes, Russell Westbrook led the NBA in assists per game for the second time. However, Westbrook is a complete media machine. Westbrook is second behind James Harden in turnovers, but Harden’s turnover percentage is expected to be higher, the usage rate is 40.5%, 2016-17 MVP Westbrook (we will get this season later). Although Westbrook’s usage rate dropped to 30.1 percent, his most since 2009-10, he forced many plays that weren’t there yet. He even led the NBA with 2.4 turnovers per game, which is above Harden despite the huge usage difference. I’m not taking one out of Jared Dudley’s book right away, but a lot of Westbrook’s passes come in transition, where he hits Steven Adams or beats the rim shooter. Once you get it to the middle camp, it gets worse.

Clippers’ Russell Westbrook Praised For Classy Decision Amid Six Game Losing Streak

When they were together, it was clear that Westbrook was always the second choice for Kevin Durant. Why did everyone think Westbrook was better than Durant when KD left GSW? There is no argument that as usage increases, stats like points, assists and assists go with it. No, I’m not here to say that Westbrook is not good enough to have an MVP season in 2016-17, despite his small talents (in fact, they are Oladipo – I. I’ll come back to that later). Despite a terrible season, he led them to the sixth seed in the West, losing to the Thunder by five James Harden and the Rockets. If I’m being liberal, Westbrook was arguably the third best in the NBA at the time.

Never in their career is Kevin Durant worse than Westbrook. In fact, Durant’s points dropped during the 2016-17 season. Yes, everyone was/still wishes he was going to Golden State, and that’s fine; But when you go from playing with one reliable bowler to a team with two of the best batsmen in the league, that number will go down. Everyone thought Durant was playing poorly, and in fact he was 25 and 8 on the season. Durant missed 20 games that season when Zaza Pachulia sprained his knee.

*I think when we talk about Zaza, Westbrook is better than hitting the knee

How Good Is Russell Westbrook

It doesn’t matter which player is better

Russell Westbrook Talks About His Sacrifice For The Clippers: ‘i’ll Take All The Bullets For Anybody’

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