How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

How Fast Is Russell Westbrook – John Wall Says He’s NBA’s Fastest Player, Beats Russell Westbrook in 40-yard Dash

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How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

On Friday morning, John Wall was a guest on The Dan Patrick Show. During their interview, Wall was asked about Thursday’s close win over the Grizzlies and what the undefeated Kentucky Wildcats have in store against NBA teams this year (which is kind of weird). He also spoke with Wall about where he ranks among the NBA’s fastest players.

Russell Westbrook Vs. Allen Iverson Career Comparison: Which Guard Is Truly The Greater Player?

Dean Patrick: Is there anyone faster than you in the NBA? John Wall: No. DP: If I put you and Russell Westbrook on a 40-yard line? JW: I’m winning. DP: Is it early? JW: I think it will be close, very close. He is explosive. I think I went straight, he was fast and explosive. DP: Okay, what are you driving at 40? JW: I don’t know, I heard you have to have some technique with the 40, so I don’t want to lie and say I can run a 4.3, so I’ll say a 4.5 slow. DP: Oh, you’ll run 4.5 not too long. You will run 4.5. JW: [laughs] I don’t know, I’ll try it one day, I’ve never tried it.

According to Draft Express, John Wall ran a 3.14 in sprints (3/4 court) at the NBA Draft Combine. Russell Westbrook ran 3.08. But it’s probably worth noting that Wall probably didn’t run that sprint as hard as he could have, because he’s already a definite No. 1 overall selection. Additionally, three-quarters of a basketball court is only 23.5 yards long, so Wall could have put in significantly more speed in the final few yards to outrun Westbrook, even if it was both players’ best efforts.

For what it’s worth, here are some sprint times of some other notable NBA players who have sprinted across the court faster than John Wall: Two games into the season, it’s clear how much Russell Westbrook is changing the Rockets’ offense.

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The Misunderstood Genius Of Russell Westbrook

The potential demise of the James Harden-Russell Westbrook partnership has been the league’s most talked-about issue since Adrian Wojnarowski’s thumb spelled out “send” in a tweet announcing the trade publicly. These concerns are valid. There’s something to be said for the difficulty of pairing two forces as dominant as the top two guards in NBA history.

But the focus on these issues chooses to focus exclusively on what these players can’t do, and ignore the aspects of their games that appear to be a source of tension but are actually complementary. It serves for, creates dynamics. More durable than anyone in the league right now.

James Harden has a unique style of play. With him, the defense is allowed a certain amount of time. He is in no hurry. He plays at his own pace and his pace is very slow. So when he brings the ball up the field and sets up possession, there is no need for a defense

How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

When Russell Westbrook is on the court, there’s no time for fun. It also has a unique play style. He also plays with speed, but his pace is faster. The game speed can be increased at any time. Defenses must be prepared for his speed every second he is on the field.

Russell Westbrook Body Breakdown

Opposing defenses have become more comfortable playing against Harden’s speed, or lack thereof. You knew you couldn’t stop him, but you also knew it would be a slow death. So while he allows teams to relax on defense and think about what he’s thinking, Westbrook sees an ideal opportunity to do that every day. He is the perfect addition to James Harden’s fast-paced offense. At least that’s what the Rockets front office thought when they traded for Westbrook this summer.

But now there is no need to work from the power of imagination. In the first two games of the young NBA season, we’re starting to see a combination of Harden’s death — thousands of cuts in the half-court offense and Westbrook’s sudden heart-on-paper explosion in transition. It looks fragile. Revealed in real game action.

Last season, the Rockets ranked just 27th in rushing, as you’d expect with their style of play. They are in second place through two games this season. They went from 98 possessions per game to 110. While that probably inflates the sample size even by some, it shows the immediate impact Westbrook’s presence has had in Houston.

This play is a perfect example of what Westbrook brings to the fast break. Being able to push the tempo and score with the defense on their side is one of the easiest ways to generate points, especially when teams are used to the opposite style of play when Harden is on the ball.

Mar 17, 2013: Oklahoma City Thunder Point Guard Russell Westbrook #0 Goes Up For A Dunk Off The Fast Break During An Nba Game Between The Oklahoma City Thunder And The Dallas

Westbrook uses the fast break to create buckets at the rim, but that’s only his second biggest strength. His biggest threat is as a traveler, which he also uses to travel.

He has mastered the art of driving and kicking, using the magnetic power that commands his chops, drawing defenders to help and creating open threes for his teammates, as he did here. It’s over for Daniel House.

He uses transfer opportunities like no one else. But it also changes games where you really don’t expect fastbreaks.

How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

This is where the Pelicans set up a shot that usually gives them enough time to get back on defense and set up coverage while the offense controls the ball and brings it up the court. Not against Russell Westbrook. He handles this half transition opportunity like he’s going to quickly break up a missed shot, traveling from sideline to sideline before the defense can even think of a reaction.

Who Does Russell Westbrook Most Remind You Of?

Westbrook did something similar on this play, speeding up the play in an instant and going straight to the rim as the ball arrived while most of the Will guards crossed the half and drew the foul. court

You get the idea. Russell Westbrook is really very fast. And now, by extension, rockets too.

It’s not just that they start playing fast that’s impressive, but how well they score when they’re fast.

Here are the score numbers of the Rockets’ on-court transition with Westbrook and Harden cleaning the glass on the bench.

Russell Westbrook Finding His Fit With Rockets

These numbers are simply amazing. Through two games (again, a very small sample size), there are literally no lineups in the entire NBA that score more points in transition and score those points better than those that include Russell Westbrook. The most interesting thing is the frequency of characterization that this build has. Despite both the added transfer points and 100% transfer rate, they are only at 20 percent of how often they are taking these shots.

This disparity in volume and efficiency shows that despite being incredibly lethal on the run, Westbrook picks and chooses when to use his biggest weapon. He still plays in the scheme the Rockets have used for years, choosing to adapt to the style of play he’s had throughout his career, but he’s just as effective when his Games flout the elements that created them. It’s the perfect way to use a player whose skills are vastly different from those on the team, adding much-needed variety to the Rockets.

For comparison, here are the same turnover numbers for lineups that include James Harden but not Russell Westbrook.

How Fast Is Russell Westbrook

So yes, the difference is confusing. They went from the best transition team in the league with Westbrook on the court to literally the worst with only Harden playing. However, the frequency of transition possessions remains consistent, an example of how Westbrook has effectively mixed playing styles thus far.

The Year Of Russell Westbrook Is Here

The difference in numbers between the two types of lineups is striking, but it’s not just when Harden sits that you see Westbrook’s impact on the team’s transition offense. You see the same results in court. They don’t seem to spam transition shots when only Westbrook is playing, but when they do, they are very effective.

While these numbers are undoubtedly products of small sample sizes and some may change, the information we get from them is not reliable.

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