Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats – The back seat of a golf cart is great for transporting kids or friends around town, holding grocery bags, or hauling garden supplies.

For those who live in golf carts, this is an especially useful addition. It’s great for taking friends out for dinner or taking the grandkids.

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

You can purchase your golf cart as a 4 seater golf cart with a rear seat or you can add it later.

Triple Chestnut Front & Rear Seat Cover Set For Ezgo Txt/rxv

These rear seat kits can be purchased online at places like Amazon. Kits are specific to your make, model and year.

You need to know what model of golf cart you have. Next, decide on the color of the seat – the three most common options are beige, white or black. Color combinations are also available for a more personalized look.

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One of the most versatile back seat options on a golf cart is a folding seat that serves the dual purpose of carrying extra passengers or carrying extra items.

Universal Golf Cart Rear Safety Grab Bar

It’s as simple as it sounds, just flip the back seat and you’re done… you can use your golf cart for shopping, transportation and gardening.

You may notice a few improvements to this Madjax golf cart rear seat kit. Wide armrests with integrated drink holders and extra long safety bar for golf carts.

When adding a rear seat, the extra weight can cause the rear seat to sag and rub the tires. To prevent sag, add heavy-duty rear leaf springs or double-action leaf springs.

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

Double-action leaf springs provide a smoother ride, while heavy stock leaf springs provide a slightly firmer ride. This golf cart part is specific to your make, model and year.

Can You Put A Car Seat In A Golf Cart?

Many people also add a safety handle. Give your passengers something to hold on to when they get in or out of the back seat or hit a rough spot on the golf cart course. And we have it in Peachtree City –  tree roots get under the tracks and there’s a serious bump for drivers in the back seat.

This rear seat golf trailer hitch with receiver and handle is a useful golf cart accessory for anyone who wants something to tow.

This golf cart accessory is made to fit a variety of back seats, so some back seats may or will require modifications.

Golf Cart Set of 4 Retractable Straps with Stand – Universal – Fits most Yamaha, Club and EZ GO golf carts

Club Car Precedent Beige Flip Flop Rear Seat Kit

What’s great about folding golf cart seats is that they can easily convert from extra seating to a convenient trunk.

We added a folding golf cart seat to our club car – that way we can use it to carry more people in the cart or use it around the yard to haul mulch, move plants, or take out the trash.

You can contact your local golf cart dealer to order and install one for you. Or you can do it yourself by ordering a folding seat online.

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

You need to know the make, model and year of your golf cart. Your golf cart will probably require heavy duty springs if you add an extra rear seat yourself.

Modz® Flip4 Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seat Kit

Enjoy a golf cart ride with your friends or grandchildren in the back seat of the Yamaha golf cart.

Choices you can make include vinyl color, model and year of manufacture of your golf cart, and type of folding seat. Also choose a satin or matte black powder coat finish.

This golf cart attachment works with the folding back seat of the golf cart and comes with straps or ropes to secure it.

This golf cart accessory comes as a set of two and in several color options – beige, black, blue, ivory and hunter green.

Stone E Z Go Rxv Seat Kit

Made to fit EZGO, Club Car, Yamaha and Star golf carts, this dark red universal armrest kit includes mounting hardware and installation instructions.

Add a removable golf bag rack to the back seat of your golf cart that doubles as a universal handle and can hold two golf bags.

The golf bag rack slides on and off the universal handle and can be used forward or backward.

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

When adding a rear seat, you may want to replace the top of your golf cart with an extended one that protects your back seat passengers. This short top leaves your rear passengers unprotected from hot sun or cold rain.

Vevor Club Car Rear Seat, Golf Cart Rear Seat For Yamaha G14, G16, G19, G22, Heavy

See how that 80-inch golf cart top extends over the back seat? When buying the top, make sure it comes with braces.

Adding a rear seat can be useful in many different ways. Carts can be used on and off the golf course, can accommodate more passengers, can be useful for towing, and are often easier to sell than 2-passenger carts.

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Mach3 Rear Flip Seat Kit & Cooler Bundle For E Z Go Txt Golf Carts

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Most used golf carts come from the factory with 2 front passenger seats in a “bench” design. These seats are usually in basic factory colors such as yellow, white, stone or black. Since golf carts are used for playing golf, they have a bag storage area located behind the front seats where clubs are stored while playing golf. This area usually has room to hang two full size golf bags and there is a small storage basket just behind the front seats (to store your personal belongings).

Modern golf carts are used for much more than just playing golf. And when the golf cart ends its life on the local golf course, it usually begins a much more exciting second life in the real world! Golf carts these days are used in lake houses, race tracks, neighborhoods, concert halls, and any other use you can imagine for them. Effective use of a golf cart for these types of activities (other than golf) requires more seating capacity. This means that golf cart owners usually want to trade their rear space for extra seats to carry more passengers (or cargo). And many golf cart owners want to take the opportunity to purchase new seats as a change to give their carts some extra style too!

Ezgo Golf Cart Rear Seats

Therefore, it will come as no surprise that golf cart back seat kits and custom golf cart seats are some of the most popular golf cart accessories on the market. We sell more back and front golf cart seats than anyone else on the internet, so we teach you everything you could ever want to know about golf cart seats, cushions, and seats!

Rear Seat Kit Black For Ezgo Txt Golf Carts 1995+

When it comes to choosing a set of golf cart back seats, custom front or back golf cart seats, factory replacement seats, or any type of golf cart cover (front or back) for your golf cart, there’s a lot going on. , which you should consider first. ::

If you don’t know the answer to any of these or are still trying to decide which direction to go with your golf cart seat setup, that’s okay! You are in the right place and you have many options; from sweet to wild. Below we will discuss some common things to think about before upgrading your golf cart seats or adding a golf cart back seat kit to your cart.

After only golf cart wheels and tires, the second most popular golf cart accessory sold on the market is the golf cart back seat kit. Replaces golf cart back seat

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