Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans – [UPDATE 05/29/2023 09:30 AM] Check out our latest unlimited payment plans in Malaysia 2023 May 2023 edition.

The new year 2023 has arrived. If you are considering a new prepaid plan, or switching from another phone or postpaid plan, you have come to the right place. There are some new unlimited prepaid options and some great options. Programs that have recently been lowered.

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Now let’s look at “unlimited” because this is probably the most popular type of program that people are looking for. Most of you may have typed “Unlimited” in the search box and telecom companies will advertise these plans with unlimited.

Best Unlimited Data Plans In 2024

We want to emphasize that most of these plans are not “unlimited” because they have something called a “Fair Use Policy” or FUP for short. So, there is really an invisible ceiling that limits what you can fully achieve. Be quick with these “unlimited” plans. right kēna Help you make the right decision; The hidden FUP will be displayed in the rules and FAQ.

First on our list is the U Mobile U40, which is an upgrade over the previous U35 that came with our first prepaid upgrade. The new plan costs RM5 more than the U35, but you get the same “unlimited” peak of 3GB as the previous plan.

So for RM40 per month, U40 gives you unlimited 4G data at 6Mbps; It offers unlimited calling to all networks and unlimited peaking. U Mobile is available on weekends. Unlimited 4G and 5G speeds are offered on Sundays and can be activated from the app.

The downside is FUP. Limited to 100GB per month, suitable for mobile and hotspot use. After that, your speed will be reduced to 512 Kbps. 100GB for RM40 per month; No hotspot restrictions. I think this is normal.

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Next, we have the Xpax Unlimited 38; But it should be considered if you want a phone with wide 4G coverage. It costs RM38 per month and you get ‘unlimited’ 4G data at 3Mbps; You get unlimited calls to all networks and 3GB peak data. compare it; It comes with 5GB of fast data that you can use.

Next is Tune Talk with Focus 33. The “unlimited” plan is very interesting because it costs RM38 per month if paid monthly or RM33 that including this year for savings. The speed is interesting: it is 3 Mbps, but from 9:00 to 17:00 you will have a double speed of 6 Mbps. The plan comes with unlimited calling to all networks and 4GB peak data.

The plan comes with 50GB FUP per month. We already mentioned that the plan is another FUP with a daily limit of 5 GB. But since then, the FUP is opened every day and you can enjoy 50GB of data in limited ways.

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Digi also offers Next Unlimited 40 prepaid service at a price of RM40 per month. You get unlimited data at 6Mbps; You get unlimited calling to all networks and 10GB peak data.

Malaysia’s Best Unlimited Prepaid Plans

Yes, it has FUP, but Digi sets it at 300GB. This is more than U Mobile.

Yoodo, an MVNO that uses Celcom’s network, claims to offer an unlimited plan. The basic variant, priced at RM35 per month, offers 3Mbps; It offers unlimited data of 100 voice call minutes and 6GB peak data. If you want faster speed, There is a 6Mbps option for RM43 per month, which comes with 100 minutes of calling and 6GB of peak data.

So far, no hard data caps or FUP have been mentioned. Even when people ask Yudo, they say “Aw, I forgot to add the FUP la…”

Maxis is not known for its value for money. And they accuse us of having a ridiculous hidden FUP when they introduce unlimited prepaid plans.

Here Are The Best Prepaid Plans In Malaysia

But they have made some significant improvements recently and their current ‘best deal’ is Hotlink Unlimited RM40 which offers unlimited data at 3Mbps and unlimited calls. This plan also offers “unlimited” peak and unlimited data from 2am to 2am every day.

However, the FUP is the same at 50GB for the monthly plan and once the limit is reached you can continue using it but at a speed of 512Kbps.

Telekom Malaysia is the second telco to offer 5G service in Malaysia and they are offering unlimited 5G on their Unifi Mobile Bebas Prepaid. However, in the last couple of months, they have tightened the data limits.

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

For the RM35 per month plan, you get unlimited calls and unlimited data on 4G and 5G, but 4G speeds are capped at 5Mbps. At the same time, the previously unlimited hotspot quota is only 5GB.

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Not only that, the monthly FUP is as low as 60GB for 4G and 5G usage. Usually it’s a big storm.

The FT5G prepaid plan remains one of our unlimited plans if you want to experience 5G.

At RM30 per month, the plan offers unlimited calls and unlimited 5G data on your phone without any speed or data cap. But if you use 4G it is unlimited but has a speed limit of 7Mbps. The first plan has a 9GB hotspot quota for 4G only, and you can use the 5G hotspot without limits. However, they have completed this and the plan has a maximum of 12GB, which covers 4G and 5G. If you want the hotspot quota, you can add 10GB for RM10.

This is the best unlimited 5G plan for your phone, but not for your hotspot. Here’s a tip: If you turn on automatic payment using a credit or debit card. The cost of the program is only RM25. It is not wise. Note that 4G coverage is limited, especially for indoor coverage.

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OK, this is a tough question and it has to do with coverage and whether or not you should be using hot spot data. For unlimited 4G usage; Digi Prepaid Next Unlimited can say RM40 or U Mobile U40. Both have a maximum FUP of about 100 GB and a speed of 6 Mbps.

That is, Hotlink Unlimited RM40 with 3Mbps bundle speed but you get unlimited hotspot quota up to 50GB FUP. What’s more, Hotlink also offers unlimited speed from 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM every day, which is a great advantage.

For 5G, this is FT5G. You get the speed of the device and get 12GB a peak for RM30.

Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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What Are The Best Sim Only Plans In Singapore (2024 Edition)

I replaced my M2 MacBook Air with a MacBook Pro, and the M3 Pro is not the best part. make up. Which SIM Only Plans Are Best in Singapore (2024 Edition) If you are always over your data limits. You may also want to review the SIM-only options currently available. Dinesh Dayani January 10 2024

The mobile phone market in Singapore is characterized by subsidized contracts for mobile phones. These plans include mobile subscriptions (making the plan a mobile plan), a mobile plan and a mobile plan as a monthly fee. However, that is, unless you cancel your contract immediately after 2 years. You have to pay for the phone that you have already paid for. This means that the plan will continue at a monthly maximum. However, the situation has changed with the introduction of SIM only plans.

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SIM-only plans don’t include phone allowances and most come without a contract. If a competing telecom company offers a better plan or if the telecom company offers poor reception. The customer can always change. The time required to send the SIM card; Switching has its drawbacks, such as not receiving and sending data while waiting for configuration and activation.

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Another benefit is that you can choose when to upgrade your phone, rather than being locked into a two-year upgrade plan. If you’re locked into a two-year plan, you may have to pay an early upgrade penalty, but in theory you can get the latest iPhone every year for iPhone fans. Relatedly, People who have trouble changing pictures and programs can continue to use their phone for 3 or 4 years before upgrading or maintaining it.

Another advantage of SIM only plans is that they focus on data delivery. This can be compared to traditional prepaid plans (2-year contract) that still offer SMS and talk but less data, and prepaid plans that charge more for data usage. If you are a heavy data user; Only SIM plans are suitable for you.


Cheapest Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

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