Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz – Disclaimer: Please note that some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you have any questions, read my full story here. Thank you for your support!

Do you want to buy a caravan for a trip to New Zealand? If so, are you wondering where is the best place to look for used motorhomes for sale in New Zealand?

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

When we arrived in New Zealand, my friend Fiacro and I started looking for a caravan to buy. In the beginning it can be very difficult to know where to look for a caravan. However, after getting advice from other campers and doing some research, we found some great ways to find used campers for sale in New Zealand.

Premium Used Motorhomes For Sale Nz

After 2 weeks we sold our first caravan! After more than two years, we are happy that we bought a car for the trip to New Zealand. Having a camper gives you a lot more freedom. We love our little house on wheels!

When we were looking for our camper, we found the best places to buy a camper in New Zealand. There are many places where you can search for used caravans for sale in New Zealand. In this post, I will share with you the best places to look for your dream RV. Your journey to find the perfect home on wheels starts here!

Here are seven of my best tips to help you see motorhomes for sale in New Zealand:

I love eBay and Gumtree, but unfortunately neither of these websites are popular in New Zealand! The next best thing is Trade Me, which is like a marketplace/bulletin for buying and selling, job ads, community ads and more!

Campervan For Hire In Christchurch From $110.00

Trade Me’s automotive section is a great place to find used cars and caravans for sale in New Zealand.

The cars advertised here are mostly Kiwis which I would say are not very popular with backpackers who tend to use the Facebook groups and switchboard below.

With so many backpackers buying and selling cars and RVs in New Zealand, there are plenty of Facebook groups dedicated to buying used cars!

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

Facebook groups and dedicated sites are great places to find motorhomes for sale in New Zealand. In these groups, buyers post ads and pictures of their camper van and lots of information about the condition and history of the vehicle.

The Different Types Of Campervans In New Zealand

As mentioned above, a new ad is posted on Facebook every day, so there are always new buyers looking for buyers for their RVs. I think Facebook is the best place to find a used motorhome for sale in New Zealand because of the large number of ads.

We looked at several campsites we found through Facebook Marketplace, including the one we bought! So I think this is a good place to buy a caravan for a trip to New Zealand.

The board is a great resource for travelers to New Zealand. There’s lots more information on getting a job, how to get around in New Zealand, travel guides and a car and RV buying table.

I found this website very useful when looking for camper vans to buy in New Zealand. Buyers can upload multiple photos and list key vehicle information such as WOF, mileage, REGO, transmission and fuel type.

Ultimate Cost Guide To Buying A Campervan In New Zealand

There is a wide variety of cars and RVs for sale on the Boardwalk to suit all budgets and needs.

Unfortunately, the search filters are very limited. It is only possible to agree on an additional date and price. So when looking for motorhomes and cars for sale on this website, it’s a good idea to check daily for new listings and use the “sort by date” filter.

The best way to contact customers is to call or call the number listed in the ads. You can also fill out a form and send it by email.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

If you have come to New Zealand to backpack, you will probably stay in a hostel for a few days. There may be other vacationers who are thinking of leaving New Zealand and want to sell their yachts. Especially if you are in a city with several international airports like Auckland or Christchurch.

How To Convert Your Van Into A Self Contained Campervan

Ask around the cottage and see if they want to sell their caravan. We managed to see quite a few cars during our stay at YHA in Auckland. Advertisements were posted on bulletin boards and in common areas. After talking with the other guests at the cottage, we also learned about the sale of a motorhome.

Another good place to look is supermarket billboards. There are community tables in every supermarket (PAK’nSAVE, New World and Koute).

Advertising is free, so many people use it as a means of advertising. You can also post an ad and say you are looking for a motorhome to buy.

It may seem old school, but every time we visit a supermarket, we look at a billboard. We’ve seen quite a few RV spots this way, so it’s worth checking out!

Why You Should Explore New Zealand By Campervan

We ended up not going to any car sales because we had so much luck with the other options above. However, many of the people we met sold their RVs at a car dealership.

Now there is only one big car event in Auckland where you can try your luck. Auckland City National Bar is held every Sunday in Parnell.

When we are in New Zealand, we often see campers for sale. People often leave a sign with a payment and a phone number at one of the windows. So it’s worth keeping your eyes peeled! You never know, you might see your dream car for sale on the side of the road!

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

Found a motorhome to buy in New Zealand? Read this first!: Top 10 things to know before buying a caravan in New Zealand

Where Can I Sell My Campervan?

Thanks so much for reading! I hope this helps you with buying a motorhome in New Zealand. Happy shopping! 😊

Planning to buy a motorhome in New Zealand and have questions? Tell me in the comments!

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Lauren is a coffee and cat travel writer from the UK, specializing in single women, couples travel and budget travel. He previously lived in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, England and Scotland. Follow his travels around the world on his blogOae, the most popular way for travelers to explore New Zealand is by caravan. It’s the best way to see the country, but it’s expensive if you don’t do your research. During our previous research in New Zealand, we found only a few rental companies and their prices were high. We used a site called Campervanfinder for our initial research and it was a great resource for comparing prices.

In the end, due to the lack of resources at the time, we wanted to try the motorhome instead of the RV rental.

But our time on the road gave us the opportunity to talk with other backpackers and narrow down the cheapest ways to buy, sell or rent caravans in New Zealand.

Campervans For Sale Christchurch Nz

Astriks means that the companies are companies of a large transport company.

Wicked Campers New Zealand

If you are looking to plan a camping trip before you arrive in New Zealand or after you have applied for a holiday visa, we recommend that you search first. Especially during the height of the summer season, companies sell their rentals. Use the long list of companies above to compare prices and find the best option for your needs.

Freedom camping requires you to have your own vehicle, which means you bring your own water and waste tank. Kiwis don’t appreciate an ancient trip into the bush for a quick trip to the bathroom and, knowing the number of fields per year, they are concerned about the scale of waste and environmental change. And on the car

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