Attach Molle Pouch To Belt

Attach Molle Pouch To Belt – The MOLLE Quick Clip was originally developed for Personal Survival Kits (PSK) based on the MOLLE pouch, so that the user can quickly attach the pouch to their belt before heading into the backcountry. We quickly discovered that this clip is handy for many other MOLLE pouches, such as Medical Kits, Utility Pouches, Canteen Carriers and Magazine Pouches. The kydex backing clip is made from .125” thick kydex.

2 Slot: Designed for bags with no space between horizontal rows of lining, which is common in newer style MOLLE bags.

Attach Molle Pouch To Belt

Attach Molle Pouch To Belt

3 Slot: Designed for pouches with space between horizontal layers of lining, typical of old style MOLLE pouches.

Anyone Else Super Disappointed With The New Style Molle Pouch?

The 3 Slot version works with both old and new MOLLE pouches, but the 2 Slot version only works with the new style MOLLE pouch. Between the two adapters, the 2 Slot version is better, if it fits in that particular pocket. It’s a more secure fit, and since only 2 layers of fabric are needed, you can adjust the drop height of the fabric adapter on the back of the bag.

This adapter fits the seam on MOLLE fabric pouches. If your pocket does not have a point running through the center of the fabric on the back of the pocket, this adapter is not centered on the pocket. If you are using a wide bag, you need to use two adapters for the correct shape. Laser Cut MOLLE webbing with these adapters may have fit issues, if you are not sure if your bag will work with this adapter, send us an email with a picture of the stuffing in your bag and we will let you know if it applies Home / Products / Orpaz Belt Attachment for MOLLE Pouch, MOLLE Mag Pouch, MOLLE Backpack and other MOLLE accessories, black

Description: ORPAZ OMS MOLLE INSERT can be attached to any MOLLE compatible equipment with MOLLE system such as bags, backpacks, first aid kits, etc., and will make it versatile and modular.

Customize and mount your MOLLE gear to any OMS Receiver without having to deal with Molle straps, set it up just once, and you’re ready for any mission. There is a special locking device that keeps your gear secure and an additional grip adapter that keeps the insert in place.

Tactical Molle Pouch Hunting Accessory Bag Shoulder Strap Pack_jl

The ORPAZ OMS BELT LOOP RECEIVER is designed to accept any accessory with an OMS insert. It fits any belt up to 2.25 inches, and provides a mounting point on your belt that leaves the smallest footprint on your belt when you remove your gun. This makes it a classic OWB choice for many.

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Attach Molle Pouch To Belt

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What Is The Molle System For Backpacks?

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Grey Ghost Gear E&e Horizontal Pouch Belt/molle Attachment Laminated Nylon Coyote [fc 810001172732]

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Attach Molle Pouch To Belt

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Wynex Tactical Admin Molle Pouch Medical Edc Emt Utility Bag Shell Design Attachment Pouches 1000d Nylon Hiking Belt Bags Waterproof Black

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