Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices – We all have a wood stove at home, right? Some sit hidden while others shine. But what if your oven still has an old, rusty, chipped cabinet? Well, in this case it’s jackpot, because your stove can become an antique and attract collectors from all over the world!

But how do you know at what price to sell it? And how do you observe its ancient qualities? Don’t worry! Today I’m going to help you with easy antique wood stove identification and price advice. So let’s get started!

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Most older wood stoves have a cast iron or steel body, an enclosed firebox, and a chimney. They may have cut-out shelves, cornices or shutters, and legs that increase the slope by 3-4%.

Antique Cook Stove

Wood burning stoves were developed in 1728, producing “jam stoves” or “fireplaces”. These German-made plates had arched walls and mesh grilles to dissipate heat. They also had a thick brick base to prevent the floor from catching fire.

Then in the 1740s, the Franklin Stoves Company, a colonial start-up, built the first commercial ovens with three-sided iron boxes and thick exhaust ducts. And they worked on a system of siphons and baffles that controlled steam and heat. So today they have a good income.

However, manufacturers began experimenting with portable ovens and air conditioners in the 1900s, so gas stoves became minimalist but had well-molded walls with engraved logos and inlay. These branded ovens are easier to track and generate high profit margins.

Vintage fireplaces come in different shapes, materials and colors depending on their age. But they also have several basic types that determine their initial assessment. Below are the six main types of old wood stoves for better identification:

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Franklin stoves are freestanding cast iron fireplaces with four legs and carved double doors. They have a curved U-shaped grille and a heated baffle that radiates heat from all sides. Because these older stoves are large and heavy, they cost more—up to $1,700.

Charter Oak stoves are thin, lightweight stoves made from Eisenglass or mica. They usually have silver walls and oak doors, but older ones may have yellow walls and lattice frames. But because they are soft and fragile, they cost less than $400 to $500.

As the name suggests, pot-bellied stoves are small, spherical-shaped stoves with a pot-shaped base and a siphon top. They have four legs, 2-3 burners and brown or black walls. Most modern potbelly stoves are made of cast iron or steel, but older models may also have a nickel frame.

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Potbelly stoves have removable lids, polished screws and better ventilation. But they do not have viewing windows or fire protection and can cause problems. Therefore, they are inexpensive and cost $400.

Wood Stove Restoration & Repair

House wood-burning stoves are easily recognized by their small size and rich carvings. Not only are they luxurious and Victorian, they have black walls and clear glass doors. And because they have extra bowls and shelves, they are more functional.

But these stoves are too small and cannot heat an entire room. Therefore, they are in low demand and are valued at $70-100.

If you see a small multi-function oven with 2-3 burners, it is a wood-burning oven. Created after the Industrial Revolution, it can cook and bake at the same time. Additionally, most have thin walls, blinds, and grilles that cost between $100 and $150.

Step stoves are minimal cast iron stoves with a two-story profile. These ovens have four plates on the lower level and a natural exhaust on the upper level. Therefore they are very economical and ergonomic.

Question On How To Price A Wood Stove?

Step stoves are relatively new and have a minimalistic appearance. But their price is high – $200-300 due to the unique design and solid oak legs.

As we have seen, the values ​​of older wood heaters vary depending on the type. But did you know that its age, shape and even materials affect its value? Let’s see how!

Vintage stoves from the 1700s are quite old and therefore the most valuable. And their price increases even more if they have nickel or floral motifs. Likewise, stoves from the 1800s are prized for their unique shapes and systems.

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

In contrast, by the late 1950s, machine ovens were mass produced and affordable. And because they’re small and low-power, they cost less—$50 to $70.

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Check to see if your oven has folding double doors and tripod legs. If yes, then it is 1700. Other than that, you can look for 30-inch brick bases and exhaust pipes. Also check for the cast iron side plate. If yes, then the price is $1000-2000. Otherwise $1000-1200 is good!

Check to see if your oven has cast iron walls, a flat bottom, and baffles. Many of them may have central airflow and a deflector system. Additionally, you will also find minimalistic yet signature designs that can cost anywhere between $500 and $800.

Look for lightweight, portable, mass-produced models! They are not fancy, but have a unique patent number or logo that makes them easy to track. But since they are in little demand, their cost is low – up to $80.

Before purchasing, check the patent number of an old wood stove with the US Patent Office to find out its history and value.

Antique Stove In Scotland

If you want a wood burning stove to heat a larger area, 18th century Victorian stoves are your best bet! Smooth and rectangular, most have tapered legs and curved inner footrests.

But if you need short to medium ovens, go for box ovens! And if you’re looking for a throwback to the past, what better place than 19th-century curved hanging stoves?

Want to know how each shape affects the value of your old wood stove? Check it out below!

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Black and Gray Furnaces You Should Know! But the old wood stoves came in different colors: white, blue and red. Rusty and exclusive colors such as white and blue go well together. But new galvanized colors like green and slate gray are cheaper!

Cast Iron Stove With Norwegian Scene, 1970s

Factory or branded stoves from the 18th century sell for high prices at any auction. These durable stoves have thick walls, designs and logos that indicate their age and value. They may have polished handles and plates, which further increases their value.

These stoves are usually manufactured in the UK or Europe and are tax marked for import. And you can check the metal door plate, sides or back for other marks and receipts.

Old wood stoves with brand logos are expensive and the price increases by 2-3%. And tax receipts and intact tags are even more valuable and offer a 4-5% return.

Exclusive painted stoves are always valuable, regardless of their condition and power. These stoves are usually branded and may have shiny gold or stone carvings on top. Or they can be unique and custom made to fit different kitchen sizes.

Antique Cast Iron Stove Values And Brands

From here you will get maximum profit from Royal Furnace up to 1000 pieces! What follows is a beautiful Victorian piece with a circulation of about 2,000 copies. In contrast, a mass-produced part made by a company will be cheaper! Therefore, it is better to stay away from such thin portable ovens.

Vintage stoves from the 1700s and 1800s had cast iron or alloy steel sidewalls. In contrast, 18th century kilns are made of mica or eisenglass. Therefore, they are more flexible, lightweight and insulating. They’re also thin and have a glossy wax finish, pushing their estimate up to $800.

Late 19th century stoves may be made of soapstone, oak, or galvanized iron. Therefore, they are heavy, stationary, have simple shapes and a minimalist design. But these new stoves are widely available and cost $50 to $100 less.

Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

Older wood stoves with top vents, metal grates and ash cost $100-$120. In contrast, modern coal stoves with floor vents and fire controls are gentle and economical.

Antique French Stove Co Sold

Never place an old stove on the floor as this may damage its connections and cause a fire.

Older wood stoves are expensive and can cost between $400 and $500 depending on their age, brand and materials. In general, rectangular cast iron stoves are more expensive, while cubic ones are more affordable.

You can use old wood stoves to give your fireplace or kitchen nook a nice vintage feel. To create a medieval atmosphere, you can also place them on a patio or outdoor terrace. Or you can use them to light small fires during events.

You can sell your old wood stoves on e-commerce sites like eBay, Stovelist, or Etsy. Or you can visit local antique stores and auctions and upload your item.

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Vintage wood burning stoves are great new classic decorating tools that will bring good value to your fireplace. But you can choose gray rectangular stoves with brass handles at a higher price. And some other factors, such as patents and trademarks, can help you age a product and make it easier to evaluate.

Old wood stoves can also make great room heaters when paired with burning oak logs and a hearth. So, you can take an old rocking chair and create a quiet and relaxing corner for yourself. But how do we recognize and evaluate old swingers? Let’s find out!


Antique Cast Iron Wood Burning Stove Prices

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