Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove – Traditional fireplaces first appeared in the 1800s and were powered by wood or coal for heating and cooking. Technological advancements over the past century have replaced cast iron fireplaces with gas or electric options, but some people still prefer the old fireplaces.

In this article, we’ll cover everything related to antique iron stoves and their value, starting with a brief history lesson and ending with some of the best sites to buy and sell.

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

For most of human life, we have used open stoves for food preparation and heating. That method isn’t ideal because it’s hard to start and you can’t bring it inside without the risk of inhaling the smoke or burning your seat.

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In the Middle Ages, people began to build brick and mortar fireplaces in their homes with a chimney to lead the smoke outside. This was a revolution, because now people could safely heat their homes and prepare food over the fire in iron pots.

However, there are some drawbacks. First, it is very expensive, not everyone can afford it. Then there is the problem of smoke because some of the smoke stays inside the house before going up the chimney.

Such brick fireplaces were slowly replaced by earlier brick fireplaces and hearths. It was first designed in France in the 15th century and was soon improved by the Germans, who started making cast iron stoves in the 16th century.

Soon after, Fran├žois de Couvillier designed the first closed oven, known as the Castrol oven. The cost of this fireplace is that it contains smoke and reduces the risk of smoke infiltration.

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In the 1800s, the first cast-iron stove was made in Germany and brought to America, where its design was improved over the centuries until it culminated in electric stoves that widely used the people today.

These stoves weigh between 200 and 600 pounds (90 to 270 kg) and are largely manufactured by manufacturers. Cast iron stoves are very popular in the United States and Europe, but are not widely used in other parts of the world.

Now that you know the history of iron stoves, let’s talk about the type of stove that you collect dust in the garage. Who knows, you might find an old antique without realizing it?

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

Cast iron fireplaces are among the easiest antiques to find. This is because there are very clear signs of the type of fireplace. Also, there are not many fakes, because the production of such ovens is really expensive, so it is not useful for fakes.

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Traditional iron stoves use coal, gas, electricity or wood to generate heat. Those using charcoal have a hole in the top to allow air to enter the bottom of the fire and a metal box at the base to prevent the ash from collecting.

Electric fireplaces have a cord or plug to connect them, and they are newer than older fireplaces.

Gas stoves have a valve that can be attached to the gas line. Finally, the wood stove has a vent at the bottom to control the flow of air to the fire burning inside.

All antique stoves, where manufactured, have some sort of maker’s mark indicating the maker and model. You may find it engraved on the base of the oven or on its door.

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If you can’t find it there, it can be connected to the firebox with a wire, so try looking at the back of the stove, or use a flashlight to shine the light underneath. . Most of the manufacturer’s signs are very clear and easy to see.

Remember before looking for a brand, make sure the stove is unplugged from its power source and completely dry from first use.

This is the most important step in identifying a cast iron stove. All are engraved with their patent number beginning with “PAT”. The location of the print on the oven varies, but you will probably find it on the side.

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

Once you’ve entered the patent number, do a patent search and you should quickly find everything about your oven, including the date of manufacture. Old Mountain 10142 Black Mini Box Stove Set, With Accessories, 10 1/2 Inch Tall, Toy

Now that you’ve found an old cast iron stove, you can start researching its value. Below, we will recommend some websites that can help you find the right value for your old oven.

Before doing so, let’s take a look at the main types of old iron stoves and look at their value and when, by whom and how they were made. You’ll find that cast iron fireplaces have evolved over the years and differ in features such as doors, panels and ash doors.

Home improvement has not been known for hundreds or thousands of years, but everything changed in the 1800s when the first iron stoves were made in Germany.

They were called “Five Plate” or “Jamb” stoves and were the beginning of a new heating technology. The name comes from the fact that it is just a box made by joining 5 iron plates.

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In 1756, Samuel Flower proposed a ten-story plan that exploded in popularity in the Northeast United States. Such ovens are made by several manufacturers, and the Cornwall oven is one of the most popular.

These days, they are very hard to find, and depending on the exact model and its condition, their prices start around $700, but some can sell for several thousand dollars.

In 1742, one of the strongest competitors for Jamb stoves was designed, the one called “Franklin” or “Pennsylvania”. As you might have guessed, it was invented by Benjamin Franklin.

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

He created a unique partition in the furnace that controls the flow of hot and cold air. The stove was free standing on 4 legs and had holes in the bottom, which further hampered air circulation.

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However, the stove is very dangerous to use and there have been many cases of fire due to the intensity of burning the fuel inside.

So, in the 1770s, a man named Darren Rittenhouse improved on this design and added a fireplace to reduce the possibility of catching fire. Like jam stoves, Franklin stoves are expensive but can easily be purchased for thousands of dollars.

Wilson and Rumford are one of the most popular Franklin stoves, and today their retail prices start at $150. However, some are more valuable. For example, a Franklin stove sells for $2,200.

A new type of stove began to appear in the 1830s. It was called a “column” stove because it had two or four columns standing at the base of a wide pipe through which the gas ran. hot air of combustion of fuel.

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Stoves were often decorated with intricate motifs, and ovens had a single cooking lid or no lid, so they were primarily used for heating rather than preparing food.

Some of the most famous manufacturers of Column stoves are Green Island Stove Works and Geer & Cox. The price of such ovens varies between $2,000 and $4,000, depending on the condition and model.

These fireplaces started in the 1920s and became very popular in the 1960s. The design looks like a ladder, hence the name. Such ovens have four burners, usually 4, but there are models with 2 or 6.

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

Among the most famous manufacturers were the Chattanooga Stove Company and J. Woodruff. Although it is one of the oldest cast iron stoves, their price is not bad and you can get it for $200. Antique Salesman Sample And Toy Stoves Past Sales

These ovens are one of the most cinematic designs, and you’ve probably seen them, whether in a movie or a museum. They were discovered in the 1900s and quickly spread throughout the United States and Europe.

The cookware has a unique barrel shape and has a circular oven inside. They are used to heat large spaces, from large buildings to railway stations.

Some popular manufacturers are Syracuse Stove Works and J.C Penny, and although these stoves are brand name, you can get one for as little as $150. However, some good savers can get up to $5,000

These fireplaces contain some of the most valuable antique fireplaces. They were first developed in the late 1800s, but exploded in popularity in the early 1900s and quickly became the gold standard for home heating.

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They are similar to stomach designs, but are often decorated with intricate designs that fit the homes of the aristocracy of the Victorian era. Small fireplaces were used to heat the bedrooms, while larger models were found in the ballrooms.

Although you can get fireplaces for as little as $150, they are more expensive. For example, one from the 1900s sells for nearly $8,000. Some of the most famous manufacturers are Cribben & Sexton and J.B. Clute.

By now you may be wondering what an oven is

Antique Cast Iron Box Stove

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