2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale

2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale – It’s fair to say Mazda excels when it comes to deviations. Firmly committed to offering drivers something more than its competitors, the automaker may not be at the forefront of electrification, but its driving dynamics can’t be faulted. You might think that’s nearly impossible in a three-row family SUV like the 2022 Mazda CX-9, but you’d be wrong.

There is a risk of deviating from the status quo. The CX-9 isn’t Mazda’s most popular model – it’s outsold by the smaller CX-5 and CX-30 – but there’s no denying that the market has changed for SUVs. That means stiff competition, and if you’re not trying to compete with the specs on paper, you have to work hard to stand out.

2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale

2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale

Mazda knows how to make a nice SUV, and the CX-9 makes good use of its three-row ladder. A bold, forward-leaning grille paired with chrome strips and paired with sleek headlights make the grille look bold and bold. There’s a bit more chrome on the sides and rear, connecting the attractive round taillights; reminiscent of the sci-fi rocket ships of the 60s and are undoubtedly the best evolution of the entire vehicle.

Car Review: Mazda Mixes Luxury And Performance With The Cx 9 Signature

The Carbon Edition features 20-inch alloy wheels in black, as do the mirrors. The front fascia also trades its usual gloss for a glossy black insert. The Polymetal Gray Metallic color is nice enough, though I couldn’t resist looking at Mazda’s configurator: Soul Red is only a $595 option, and it still beats similar finishes costing ten times as much from competing manufacturers.

Overall, Mazda walks a fine line between exterior aesthetics and maximizing cabin space. Sure, a big box would be the most efficient option, but the auto industry would have to convince everyone to buy minivans again.

Unusually, in a category where increasing engine sales is the status quo, Mazda has a single powertrain regardless of the CX-9’s trim. Equally unpredictable, the engine is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder turbo rather than the V6 offered by many of its rivals.

Specifically, it’s the SKYACTIV-G, with 250 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. It assumes you’re pumping at least 93-octane fuel, remember: power will drop to 227 horsepower and 310 lb-ft with regular 87-octane fuel. A six-speed automatic transmission is also standard, as is four-wheel drive.

Thoughts On This 2022 Mazda Cx 9 Carbon Edition?

Not having to open your wallet extra to get four-wheel drive is a nice change, as even the base CX-9 Sport – priced at $35,630 plus $1,225 destination – pushes power to all wheels. As for fuel economy with the 2.5T engine, EPA ratings of 20 mpg city, 26 mpg highway and 23 mpg combined put the CX-9 at the top of its segment, though not entirely. . It’s hard not to think that a more modern gearbox with a few extra gears could help.

Still, even without two more cylinders, there’s no doubting how much fun this Mazda is behind the wheel. Frankly, three-row SUVs aren’t known for exciting drives, and overall we think a drivetrain that blends comfortably with an attractive background is a big plus. However, the CX-9 seems determined to bring excitement.

250 horsepower is not extravagant, but the SUV makes good use of it. A 0 to 60 mph time somewhere in the mid-7s won’t make you dizzy, but it feels quicker than usual, the CX-9 eagerly pulling away from the lights like it’s been mistaken for a Miata.

2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale

That urgency – which also shows well when you want to overtake at highway speed at the last minute – also applies when cornering. MacPherson front suspension and multi-spring rear suspension designed specifically for family trucks are available, but the result is an SUV capable of unexpected cornering speed.

Mazda Cx 9 Signature Offers The Most Luxury In Its Class

In fact, we can imagine those inside the car are nervous about the CX-9, and that’s more than can be said for most of its rivals. Returning to the smaller and more nimble CX-30, you may notice over-assisted steering, but again, in the category, that’s a different matter.

It’s great if you’re driving alone, but the point of a three-row SUV is that it can also accommodate the whole family. The base Sport trim has seven seats in a 2-3-2 configuration; The six-seat Touring and Touring Plus trims are optional and replace the middle row of benches with a pair of captain’s chairs. It has been standard since the Carbon release.

As we’ve seen with other recent Mazda models, attention was definitely paid to design, trim and finish. Indeed, you could put the CX-9 Carbon Edition up against an Audi or BMW SUV and you’d think it could hold its own.

The Sport trim gets leather seats, along with real metal and rugged plastics, while the top-of-the-line Signature trim also adds real wood. Pricing also starts at just $47,560. Three-zone automatic climate control, adaptive cruise control, keyless entry and push-button start, a power-adjustable driver’s seat and heated front seats are also standard on all models.

Used 2022 Mazda Cx 9 For Sale (with Photos)

When you get to this CX-9 Carbon Edition, your $43,580 (plus destination) includes a power front passenger seat, a heated and ventilated first row, heated second-row captain’s chairs and a heated steering wheel. All Tourings ($37,780) get a power tailgate, while a power moonroof is standard on the Touring Plus ($40,860).

A 10.25-inch infotainment screen is standard on all trims, with wired Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Touring Plus and later get SiriusXM and Bose Centerpoint 2 sound; There are also multiple USB ports, two for each row. For the driver, there’s a 4.6-inch screen in the gauge cluster on trims up to Touring Plus, but the Carbon Edition and up expand it to 7 inches. It blends well with the analog dial, but Mazda doesn’t accompany it with information. In fact, you can argue that they can make better use of the larger panel.

Things start to look compromised in tight spaces, especially when you get past the second row. The rear seats are child-sized with less than 30 inches of legroom, a far cry from the roomy first row and decent center room. And with the third row, you get 14.4 cubic feet of cargo space: The Ford Explorer might make you look like a cop, but there’s 18.2 cubic feet behind its back row, while Kiin’s Telluride hauls a whopping 21 cubic feet. . there

2022 Mazda Cx 9 Signature For Sale

Drop the third row in the CX-9 and it expands to 38.2 cu-ft; With the second and third rows folded, you get 71.2 cu-ft. Remember, that’s still nearly 17 cubic feet short of Ford’s biggest. The Explorer can tow up to 5,600 pounds depending on the engine, where the Mazda can tow up to 3,500 pounds.

Mazda Cx 9 Price, Reviews, Pictures & More

So on paper, the CX-9 2022 is competitive in terms of standard equipment, but less practical than rivals. But it goes unnoticed how useful things can be from behind the wheel. If competing three-row SUVs seem pointless and stiff, Mazda refuses to make total compromises when it comes to commitment.

No, it won’t be as fun to drive as the CX-5, and it won’t be as fun as the CX-30, and it’s certainly no MX-5 Miata. However, Mazda claims and deserves credit for creating a family SUV that is neither old nor boring.

The costs involved, in addition to the sticker price, represent a sacrifice of flexibility. Whether or not you can afford it depends on how important the driving experience is to you. It’s a decision that doesn’t necessarily work in Mazda’s favor, but I’m glad it’s still on offer in an increasingly crowded segment. The Mazda CX-9 is one of the most distinctive three-row mid-size SUVs that focuses on style and driving experience. With its impressive materials and cabin design, the car has also almost closed the gap behind the luxury brands. There’s little when it comes to cargo, utility, and third-row seating that seem to be high on any midsize SUV’s buyer’s list. And that’s a big reason why it’s not higher.

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