2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall – My 2013 Mazda 3 has a problem with the dash, just above the center screens that show the fuel efficiency, radio, etc. Dash itself is rising. Has anyone else experienced this? I noticed the same thing with a Mazda the other day so I think it might be a common problem. It feels like it was originally “clipped” in place, but that clip no longer holds. What solutions do you know? Thank you!

Too much trouble, they think there is a recall even though I don’t know if they will fix it after all this time. I put it on my gorilla and it worked great.

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

Have you put on weight and accumulated weight? It takes some strength to get mine down. Thanks for the info, by the way.

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I would like more information about how you sent it online. I have been charged, but I am out of tsb

Inside I used a thin bead of gorilla glue and pressure washers to cool it. He did it this weekend when I didn’t have to drive so I had a nice roof to protect the car from the sun.

This was a recall for the 2012 Sedan 3s but I have not received a letter. i visited the dealer where i bought it new a while ago and had it replaced thinking it was a possible safety issue due to the passenger airbag. He was working then.

Yes, I bought my own party second hand so the dealers don’t “owe” you anything unfortunately. I called around to the Mazda place and tried to ask about the warranty to still cover it but no luck. It’s probably a great job since they’re putting in a new line (so they claim).

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I also suggested they do a computer update to fix the weird “headlights when braking” issue, but no luck.

To revive this thread instead of making another one, I got a ’13 M3 from a non-Mazda dealer and it was very clean except for the spoiler issue. I just spoke with the service manager at Hawk Mazda in Joliet and he told me that I am out of the dealer’s best interest for this repair. I spoke to Mazda USA and they wanted to pay me $100 to fix the problem which is ridiculous.

So I’m going to the glue route, I’m going to get Gorilla Glue gel and some of the three coffee beans to apply. Am I right to put it around the actual tab at the top/back of the screen? I can push it down and hear the pop, but when I release it pops back up. I will try glue and books at night. I’ve used this glue for a few things in the past and it’s impressed me, and I hope it holds up here as well.

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

So in the midst of the chaos of the kids and helping the wife, I took this photo, but this is how I look at my worst. As a southern car, I suspect this is the new dash shaking again.

Anyone Know How To Fix This? 2011, Dash Seems To Be Warping And Pulling Away From The Screen.

In the middle of the folding hump is a single clip that connects the dash screen, which was originally designed to fix the screen and I don’t think it was meant to support the ‘broken line’. I had a cool cool shade day, put the gorilla glue on again with some pressure and so far it seems to be holding. I pulled out the screen to see what it looks like and there seems to be some bad structural damage when you consider how the dash is arranged to the left and right of the warp zone.

My idea, and it will take time to make it good, is to make a support at the top of the screen inside the dash, and give 1-2 bolts through the dash to keep it steady. . I thought flat black bolts wouldn’t look too bad.

Has anyone tried this? If I ever run out of $400 in my car budget to play with, I might order a new dash, but then that’s the fun of installing it. And throwing money at something doomed to fail seems like a bit of a waste if we can’t find a businessman in good faith for this defect.

Well, it’s still on the drawing board because I don’t know how many times this can be disassembled before one of the fasteners breaks.

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I bought mine new in 2013 and in 2017 the dashboard is slightly raised. I emailed the dealer then in 2017 under warranty and I’m well into the Mazda extended warranty and never heard back so I haven’t forgotten. In 2020 I had a car at a dealer and they told me I missed out on a free repair – I was very upset. I have taken it up with Mazda twice and they refused to fix it both times saying it was old. I even gave the original email to the seller in 2017 and they don’t care.

Not sure what to do now. It makes me wonder if the dealer would have responded it would have been a free repair.

Peace be upon you. Yes, I have the same problem. I was going to fix it with glue or a very strong glue, but first I was wondering if anyone has ever replaced the whole little info screen with one of the longer LCDs and maybe hooked it up to obd2 and run it. obd app use as parameters? Of course you can remove everything and put some real measurements, but I thought it would be better if you could put it on the digital screen in real size.

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

Donkey Bubbles says: My 2013 Mazda 3 has a problem with the dash, just above the center screens showing fuel efficiency, radio, etc. The dash itself goes up. Has anyone else experienced this? I noticed the same thing with a Mazda the other day so I think it might be a common problem. It feels like it was originally “clipped” in place, but that clip no longer holds. What solutions do you know? Thank you! See attachment 275806 Click to expand… I have the same problem. How did you fix yours?

So I Drive A Mazda 3 2010, And I Have The Sticky Dash. I Know There Was A “ Recall” To Fix It, But Is There Anything I Could Use Cleaning Wise To

It happened in 2013. The car was under warranty. The dealer said this was under extended warranty and they replaced it free of charge for me.

I have it in 2012. I just ignore it. It is cosmetic only and the car is 12 years old. I’m back, baby. After a series of bad crashes, I wonder if there is any point in turning the cars over. But I made an effort, guiding my head instead of my heart, and with any luck I came back to the good profit I was making before I got paid to write this. Unfortunately, the wrecked 2010 Mazda 3 missed a few steps to my front door, but a little greasy elbow got a neat advantage.

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My other friends who are shocked by the car make fun of me. “You drive far to find the worst litter boxes,” they told me.

Is that fair? It is likely. I mean, I had an old electric car with a range of 62 miles that was driven 243 miles, only to break down immediately after driving 68 miles. I also flew to Denver to get a car I didn’t even buy, and another car I bought, a Honda CR-Z, wouldn’t run after weeks of ownership. Imagine my surprise when I found an old Mazda 3 listing within walking distance of the front door.

My opinion of Mazda is pessimistic. Many say the Mazda 3 and Mazda 6 of the mid-2000s were the best Mazdas, as they were fun-to-drive, good-looking and well-made cars that worked their way into our hearts. However, I think Mazdas from this time have suffered from quality issues, very poor rust protection and a slightly exaggerated reputation as driver’s cars.

2010 Mazda 3 Dashboard Recall

Also, the 2.3-liter MZR/Duretec engine is no good. They tend to have chocolate metal and are very bad for owners who may be a little slow in regular maintenance. If you’re the type of person who’s late for an oil change, the MZR/Duretec 2.3-liter will unashamedly remind you of a bent steel frame or a broken connecting rod. Often, these machines seem expensive, because they probably are

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