1982 Mazda 626 For Sale

1982 Mazda 626 For Sale – The seller said: Very rare car. 80,000 actual miles. This car is in good condition. Runs very well and gets excellent gas mileage of 30 mpg. Put on 4 new tires in early summer. Call or text 740-644-4647

I haven’t seen one of these, but they look like the kind of thing you (we?) aliens want.

1982 Mazda 626 For Sale

1982 Mazda 626 For Sale

Sold for at least a few months. You may be willing to negotiate on price.

Mazda 626 Super Deluxe 1982 4d Sedan Manual 2l Carb Seats In Vic

It already has RX-7 wheels, is in the original professional conversion and reverse, so it commands a Turbo 13B or LSx swap.

I love it. I’m glad it’s gone and now I’m afraid to buy anything.

Too bad they didn’t make the 626 model longer. You don’t see them much in Ohio and parts, at least body parts, are probably all you can find…

Personally, I always thought they had a very attractive body shape and I was tempted. I have to say that I am not crazy about the convertible version. I think there is a reason why all the pictures are up. When I get to the top, I bet the lines that are otherwise interesting are pretty bad.

Mazda 626 Sport Coupe Vintage Original Print Ad

I remember them when they were new. It was almost considered a “cheap” or poor man’s BMW. And located in Lancaster, California, about seventy miles north of Los Angeles, as they say. Living there for thirty years has certainly helped to preserve this brown beauty. The 626 Coupe can be found on eBay with a very high Buy It Now price of $7,750, or make an offer.

The second generation Mazda Capella was known as the 626 in some markets, including the United States. This car looks great, but it has some small prominent dents and the front end is a little high (technical term); I hope this can be fixed. Still, for a 34-year-old car it looks pretty good. It was a one owner car until March of last year when it was purchased by the current owner/seller.

51,319 miles isn’t a lot, I drive a lot of miles every year, so if I had that car, it would be 1,744,846 miles! But that’s probably less than half of what Irv’s Volvo has. Has anyone ever done this? It’s great that this car has new tires, you don’t have to worry about old tires when you’re driving home.

1982 Mazda 626 For Sale

This interior looks amazing. This is, I believe, a luxury model with windows, locks, sunroof, brakes, etc. But surprisingly, especially for a car from California, there is no air conditioning! And you can see the biggest drawback for a small car – automatic transmission. As you know, cars with automatic transmission are often owned by people who did not burn them, which helped to save them. And, although Mazda was, and continues to be, a “zoom zoom” company known for being sporty and fun to drive, this was a “luxury model” and its evolution is not found in many.

Mazda 626 1982 Year Of Release, 2 Generation, Sedan

This car has been properly maintained by the current owner. Cooling system gone, new pipes including heater hoses, thermostat, radiator cap, water pump, etc., along with rear brakes, new boots, drums, wheel cylinders and water drops. This 2.0L inline four cylinder makes around 70-75 hp, but I’m sure the automatic transmission makes it seem like it isn’t.

As if you are transferring it to yourself. The new price of this car was around $9,600 and I think this car is a bit overpriced, especially for an automatic. Does anyone have a Mazda 626 of this generation? What do you think the real value of this car is? hello people I bought this car recently and was planning to replace the RX7 engine with a nice turbo. However, I did not give the engine because my partner gave me money and for some money he would give me the tools and the box. Since I bought it, I’ve had the door locks removed and repaired, a new radiator built and installed, and a few annoying things fixed. Now I don’t know what to do, because I have an old one that is 8 years old to finish. Also, I don’t have a place to park my car. The only thing that will need to be fixed on the car is the rear arches as they are a bit small bubbles. The online MOT dates back to 2014 and the car has only failed once, with the rear brakes. No advances have been made and it is currently on hold until the end of July 2021. There is no sign that the car is fully assembled.

The original owner was 21 years old. Only 2 owners from new with many previous technical details and even an old manual. I also bought 2 large boxes of spare parts which are very useful. I recently installed a new vintage windshield, possibly the only one in the world. As for the color, the nearest side can do with hitting the top as there is a depression. However, I just want to have an idea about what I want to buy when I advertise. be happy

I marked this beautiful example for sale a month ago for £3½K. If it’s as good as it is, it’s probably what you’re looking for. Well, it seems a shame to talk about it;

Junked 1982 Mazda 626 Luxury

That’s how it is. I bought it. I’m busy with recovery/repair and now it’s fine. I was thinking of removing the entire clutch with heavy lifting as you decide every time. I also have a lot of real stuff to go with me.

You paid the right price, the prices have dropped, there are some disadvantages added, so maybe there is not much profit on this.

Honestly, I’ve been looking for Montrose since 1986. I saw it for the first time when it was on the front deck, on the first seat and next to the bus. Birds of prey and I loved them. However, it turns out that the first car I bought was a 1977 Triumph for £2500 and I was addicted. I have about 20. I have been doing one back since 2012 and I need to finish it. Spend a little money. The Triumph needs a garage and I can’t leave the Mazda outside in the winter. Besides, the transplant I wanted to fail. I am not in this to make a profit.

1982 Mazda 626 For Sale

Most vintage cars are money pits, let’s face it, most of us don’t get into them to make money (although it makes a lot of sense when you do).

Mazda 626 Cb Sedan 1982

The car is named after Montrose in Scotland. I have an article somewhere about how to choose a car name. I found it on google.

I spent almost 20,000 years restoring the Triumph, including a V8 transplant and a candy apple with gold paint.

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