1962 Cadillac Convertible For Sale

1962 Cadillac Convertible For Sale – 1962 Cadillac Series 62 Convertible finished in black and silver paint, original Burgundy Polly car (paint 52). The paintings are beautiful, but they are old paintings. Chrome and BrightWorks demonstrate this well. Running on wide white walls. Well equipped with electric seats, electric motors, steering wheel, power top, windows and remote mirrors. Comes with a black convertible top with black parade shoes. It is powered by a 390 V8 mated to an automatic transmission. Black leather interior with center console and automatic on the column. The seats have been redesigned across the board and look great! The odometer reads 70,795 miles, which we cannot confirm. The reclining seat in this car is also very firm. Cadillac armor!

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1962 Cadillac Convertible For Sale

1962 Cadillac Convertible For Sale

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New 2011 Cadillac CTS-V Coupe 6.2 Ltr. V8 loaded 6 Speed ​​manual | 13,060 miles delivered: $59,900 Simple and efficient. These are just two of the rare words used to describe a Cadillac in the 1950s and 60s. Owning one of these classics is a sign that you’re successful, and paid for it. This 1962 Cadillac Convertible is a pure survivor ready to be enjoyed immediately. With so much warm weather ahead, why not take the time to get out on the road in a picture of America? It is located in San Clemente, California and is listed for sale on eBay. The response to this auto giant has been astounding. Sales have topped $500, but it won’t stay close to that. A total of 10,700 bills were presented at a cost of $19,001. The deals are gone, which means the luxury travel experience is just days away for the next Cadillac owner.

The owner of the Olympic white exchange is a direct statement about his general condition. She revealed that she is not a trailer queen. Paint has a variety of nicks and scratches that can accumulate over years of skill. But it looks good and looks good. The black convertible top is very original and the owner says it hasn’t been lifted very often. As you can see in the last photo of this article, it is clean and tight with no signs of cracks or tears. The rear window is clear and flawless, even for all mirrors. The exterior trim and chrome look nice. However, this Cadillac is not without its flaws. Rockers have bridges. These scratches aren’t serious, but it’s hard to tell if it’s a flaw in the paint or the start of corrosion problems. Cadillac has spent its life in California, so it won’t be a big problem.

It’s hard not to enjoy being in a Cadillac of this era, especially when it’s presented like this. I looked closely at the pictures provided, and there aren’t many problems to fix. The placement of the carpet over the transmission tunnel is a little different, but it can be easily installed. I think there are some scratches in the closet, but that’s probably a fantasy. The optional bucket seats and leather trim on the rear seats look flawless. There are no known problems with the rest of the equipment, although the dash and dash are fine. The front radio allows the customer to connect their iPhone. But the original radio was included in the sale. It is equipped with air conditioning, power windows, power seats and cruise control. Cruise doesn’t work because it needs a new cable. The A/C is not working so it needs to be checked.

I mentioned the word “good” earlier, how it’s not part of the Cadillac owner’s speech. This is not a lie, as this Cadillac offers a fuel consumption of around 10 mpg. Yes, the 390ci V8 is a big guzzler, but for normal driving it’s not a problem. This engine should produce a respectable 325 horsepower, mated to a 4-speed transmission on the road. Electric steering and electric motors are part of the package. The performance numbers for the ’62 convertible make for interesting reading. At 4,810 kilograms this is no light car. But it can run the ¼ mile in 17.4 seconds. The good news with this switch is that it has decent mechanical health. The fuel tank is new as are the water pumps and tires. A new automatic transmission was installed 6 years ago, the car has new brakes and a completely new section from the rear manifold. The owner reports that the Cadillac is floating on the highway. He also said he would be more than happy if anyone wanted to check out the car or go for a test drive.

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I have eclectic taste in cars. Even though I have a penchant for small cars in my neighborhood, it’s hard not to be drawn to this 1962 Cadillac convertible. Making a statement is common these days, and this message has not faded for over 58 years. Cadillac sold 16,800 convertibles during the model year, making it a sales success. It has had some tire problems over the years, but it seems like a great car. Low-end models can fetch up to $40,000, although there is no demand for $50,000 or more. With this fact in mind, it’s easy to understand why choosing this car can be so frustrating. In fact, I probably would if I had the money. I like it very much. and you

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