What Is Smart Parking System

What Is Smart Parking System – With the rapid increase in the level of urbanization, parking is becoming a major problem, especially in big cities. As more people move to cities and opt for private vehicles, traffic and pollution problems will also increase.

According to a report from the United Nations Economic and Social Department (UN DESA), most of the increase in the world’s population, which is estimated to be 68% in 2050, will live in cities. This is an amazing growth and threatens to affect many aspects of urban life, from pollution, living conditions and of course traffic and parking.

What Is Smart Parking System

What Is Smart Parking System

But there are some problems that cannot be solved with technology. With the help of next generation technologies like IoT and AI/ML, cities are now creating smart parking systems.

Smart Parking Solutions: Revolutionizing Urban Mobility And Convenience

Together, IoT and AI/ML can achieve great results. We have seen smart buildings and cities as a growing trend. With IoT, cities can be made safer and traffic can be managed in a way that reduces congestion and accidents.

The Internet of Things has revolutionized factories and smart homes, and now is the time to use this technology to make life easier. And the smart parking system is an important step in this direction.

Aware of the need to create smart advanced parking systems based on IoT, more and more startups are trying to lead the revolution. According to a report from IoT Analytics, market spending on smart parking systems is expected to reach $3.8 billion by 2023 with a CAGR of 14%. Today we will learn about developing a smart IoT parking system.

For the uninitiated, IoT or the Internet of Things is a network of devices connected via the Internet.

Smart Parking And Traffic Solution

Now you may be thinking, how is it different from the regular internet? Well, the difference here is the type of device we are talking about.

In IoT, devices like smart watches, printers, coffee makers, sensors, etc. all connected to the Internet and exchange of information, data, etc. through the Internet. In this way, they create an ecosystem that makes life easier for users, especially when combined with AI/ML. Imagine if your home knew what you needed and when, and took steps to make it happen. In a way, they know the need before it happens. With the ease and connectivity it provides, IoT has made its way into industries such as “smart” factories, retail stores, hospitals, and of course, smart parking systems.

This may be difficult to implement, but in fact, due to the advancement of the Internet of Things, sensors, and microcontroller technology, it is not very difficult.

What Is Smart Parking System

An IoT-based smart parking system uses sensors and microcontrollers to identify empty parking spaces in a zone, in a parking space next to a building, or on the street. This data is then sent periodically to the cloud, where it is sent to websites and mobile apps in real time.

Smart Parking System Market Size, Share & Growth Report 2031

Therefore, when the user enters the car park, he can use the website or the mobile application to find the available car park and choose the one that is most convenient for him.

Now that we know what a smart IoT parking system is and have some ideas about how it works, let’s try to dig deeper and implement one of them.

In this section, we will implement an MVP for a smart parking system. To do this, we need three things:

The first step in the process of developing anything is planning and research. When a lot of equipment and sensors are involved, without proper research, the situation becomes even more alarming.

Smart Parking System — Documentation

There is no one way to build a smart IoT parking system or one type of hardware that is right. First, you need to do market and industry research and find out what devices other people are using. Also, check for innovation in this space. IoT is a sector that is constantly changing and there is always something new and better. So, if you find an easy, cheap and secure way to implement a smart parking system, use that method for your system.

Once you understand the above, the next step is to determine your budget and hire an IoT expert to help you.

Most startups today choose to have their MVP developed by one of the leading development companies in the market. These companies offer excellent services at reasonable prices to suit any budget. Most startups don’t have the ability to build their own development team. These are infrastructure management costs, regular salary payments to employees, etc. An easier way is to hire a third-party developer who provides hourly services.

What Is Smart Parking System

But if you don’t like the idea of ​​handling your development project yourself, you can hire an IT staffing company. Instead of hiring full-time talent, you can hire talent from within the company to provide additional support to your internal team.

Parking Security Surveillance Solution For Harsh Environment

If you have a development team, you can decide how to implement it. We have created an example that will help you define an MVP for this blog.

The proximity sensor captures the distance data and transmits it periodically to the microcontroller. The microcontroller then receives this data and sends it to the cloud service using a messaging protocol.

The distance sensor measures the distance to the nearest obstacle, and if it is less than the set value, it assumes that a car is parked there and puts it in the OCCUPIED state. And if it is more than this distance, it considers this place in the country FREE. For example, let’s say in our MVP, our proximity sensor considers free space if the nearest obstacle is more than 50 cm, and anything below that is considered occupied.

This state data is then sent to the microcontroller, which sends it to the cloud using a messaging protocol. In the cloud, data about the status of parking spaces is read by cloud computing services and then made available to users.

Smart Parking Of Wireless Royalty Free Vector Image

The final block of this setup is the user interface. When a user accesses a web interface or mobile application, he sends a request to the computing service, receiving status data from the IoT service. If the status is WEDNESDAY, the dot is displayed in red on the interface, and if the status is FREE, it is displayed in green.

The final piece of the puzzle is the user interface. Most startups these days choose a beautiful and easy-to-use mobile app over a web interface, but it’s good to have both. Developing a mobile app is a complex process in itself. The IoT developer you hire will help you find the perfect balance between visual appeal and user interface utility.

Mobile apps should be well designed and optimized to work on all operating systems. Furthermore, when it should provide good qualities, it will not be completed. This will slow down the application and annoy the user.

What Is Smart Parking System

After all, you are creating a solution that helps users access a specific type of information, and only that. Therefore, your interface does not need a deep set of features. But once you start developing your MVP, you can add features like seat reservation to complete your solution.

Iot Based Smart Parking System Using Raspberry Pi

If you are ready MVP, it is time to try to perfect it. One of the main reasons for creating an MVP is to see if the proposed idea can be implemented. But it can also be used to impress potential investors. Startups are always looking for more funding and dreaming bigger, and a good MVP can help them achieve it. So throw every twist in your smart IoT parking solution and see how it performs.

Once you’ve tested it, it’s time to improve. The scope of an MVP is smaller than an entire project. But if you have a big budget, the sky is the limit. Depending on the area you want to automate, you should choose the hardware. Your IoT expert can help. They may recommend using the LoRaWAN protocol because it is designed as a LoRa enabled device.

Additionally, you can add a layer of security to your parking lot by using data science and computer vision. The camera can read the number plate to identify the car and allow it to enter the parking zone only if it is in the database. In addition, AI/ML technology can be used to detect suspicious activity in parking lots.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding augmented reality and navigation technology to your own websites and mobile apps. If the parking area is large enough, the technology can help users find their way to open parking spaces, making the process easier.

Iot Based Smart Parking System Using Rfid Esp8266 & Mobile App

As the IoT trend increases every year, the long-term promise of connecting the world, bringing every aspect of our lives online to make life easier, is now almost fulfilled. And with a smart parking system based on the Internet of Things, success

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