What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4 – The Honda CR-V has long been the entry-level SUV for families around the world. Since the launch of the model in 1997, 13.5 million units have been sold worldwide.

It’s also a popular choice in Australia, and Honda says a quarter of a million units have been sold here in the name’s existence. Two decades later it remains the brand’s best-selling model in Australia.

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

It’s easy to see why the sixth generation CR-V is such an important car. It is the flagship SUV brand in Australia, competing in the largest and most competitive new car segment in our market and complements the rest of the range as part of a new product-based business strategy.

Honda Cr V Hybrid Sport Touring Is A Solid Compact Crossover

It’s also the first CR-V to offer a hybrid in Australia, leaving behind the petrol-electric version of the previous model, which was offered in several overseas markets. If the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid is one of Australia’s most sought-after cars, you can see how Honda’s local division has finally managed to outdo it.

Honda noted that supply is so strong that more inventory comes from overseas and the CR-V continues to come from Thailand, as opposed to its Japanese stable. Chances are, if you order today, you will have the car by Christmas or early New Year because they are much shorter than other brands now.

The most affordable option in the 2024 Honda CR-V range is the VTi X, which starts at $44,500. Please note that Honda Australia has fixed national prices.

That’s about $9,000 more than Honda’s previous mid-size SUV, though the old CR-V lacked the turbocharged Vi engine and lacked the Honda Sensing active safety package that’s now standard across the model range. Consider that the new car is bigger and offers more standard equipment, and you can see where the extra costs are going.

Used 2019 Honda Cr V Touring Awd In Perth

As we’ve seen with other new Honda launches recently, hybrid power is limited to the flagship variant, meaning you’ll pay $59,900 drive-thru if you want the CR-V e:HEV.

The CR-V also offers a third-row seating option, with the entry-level X7 and more premium L7 available for $46,800 and $53,000, respectively. A three-wheel petrol-drive variant is offered; The e:HEV hybrid is currently 2WD only.

Compared to the sedans, the CR-V is not expensive, despite the price hike. A basic Toyota RAV4 GX 2WD will set you back more than $44,000 in Victoria, while the Nissan X-Trail and Mitsubishi Outlander can be had in base forms for between $41,000 and $42,000.

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

The CR-V e:HEV RS is Nissan’s most affordable Mitsubishi Outlander Plug-in Hybrid EV starting at $62,620 in Victoria.

Honda Cr V Gets Hybrid Treatment, Canada Won’t See It

The company touts the CR-V’s reliability and quality concepts, and the new model is more refined than its predecessor.

Gone are the old screens that run on clunky software, replaced by Honda’s latest interface with connected services as standard. Compared to the previous generation, there is a better sense of solidity, and the tactile sensitivity of buttons and sticks is superior.

Honda Connect is a network-based telematics service that enables a range of connected and remote functions, an accessible road and infotainment system and a dedicated smartphone app.

A five-year subscription to Honda Connect is included with the purchase of any new CR-V, as well as several other models, including the e:HEV and Type R Civic, as well as the ZR-V.

Seater Honda Cr V Cars For Sale

Anyway, on to the CR-V Camera. The driver faces the partially digital instrument cluster on the VTi X and L models, with the LX and e:HEV RS upgraded to a 10.25-inch full digital instrument cluster.

A familiar Honda cluster from other members of the range. I’m a fan of minimalist design and sharp typography with a European twist.

The fun all-digital setup has a small live graphic in the center that features a small virtual CR-V that matches the indicators and brake lights and shows you the assist systems’ actions when activated.

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

But there are a few configuration options outside of the content in the center of each watch face. No Volkswagen-style full screen display or other layout to change things up.

My New Blue

The front seats are really comfortable and the driver’s seat gets eight-way power across the width, which makes it quite easy to find a comfortable spot behind the wheel for most of the time.

While even in the sportier e:HEV RS, the seats aren’t twisted like we’ve seen in other SUVs, the CR-V’s front seats offer support at all angles. I only sat in leather models; Black is the color scheme across the board… although the RS has red stitching.

The ergonomics are very solid, with key points such as climate and volume control with an oblique rotary dial and other functions such as touch-sensitive switches. These could be taken immediately from Auch.

Depending on the variant, different ornaments are inserted. The VTi LX has a more convincing open pore wood, while the e:HEV RS has a split aluminum effect insert. We haven’t sat on the VTi X, but the VTi L has a recessed plastic ring shaped like a golf ball.

First Drive Review: 2020 Honda Cr V Hybrid Teases An Ev Experience With No Charge Port

The 9.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system is a welcome step (or two) up from the previous generation and, like the rest of the model line, offers graphics, solid responses and good levels of functionality. , including wireless Apple CarPlay.

Note that satellite navigation is not standard on the base VTi X and X7, but a full range of other features such as Honda Connect and DAB radio are standard across the board.

As one of the biggest players in the mid-size SUV segment, the second and third row CR-V are outstanding.

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

We weren’t able to test the CR-V’s three rows at launch, but the second row was accessed via 90-degree opening rear doors, similar to Outlando and X-Trail models.

Honda Cr V (2017 2022) For Sale In Stevenage

In addition to the bi-folding rear doors, the second-row seats slide forward and offer eight levels of recline. There are ISOFIX mounting points on the main seats and top anchor points for all three. One knock is the central roof-roof seatbelt, which is a bit of a given.

Rear passenger accommodation is above average for its class, especially leg and knee room. Headroom has been enlarged only thanks to the panoramic sunroof at the end of the sloping roof, but it is still a little tighter than its rivals.

There are also air vents, map pockets, a folding center console with cup holders and bottle holders in the doors, as well as a USB-C port on the back of the center console. If you opt for seven-seat models, you’ll also get a three-zone climate control with ceiling fans.

He borrowed the CR-v VTi L7. The rear seat features a large quick release mechanism to remove the second row seats, although the third row is best for kids.

Compared: 2023 Acura Rdx Vs. 2023 Honda Cr V

Boot space is 581-589L (VDA) with five seats in use and 1457-1671L (VDA) measured with the roof up, depending on various factors. Seven-seater models offer 150 liters behind the third row of seats.

Five-seat VTi variants get a full-size spare wheel, seven-seat models get a space saver spare and the e:HEV RS gets a miter repair kit due to the location of the high-voltage hybrid battery under the boot floor. .

The four-cylinder turbocharged engine in the CR-V produces 140kW (6000rpm) and 240Nm (1700-5000rpm). The engine is sent to the front wheels via a continuously variable transmission (CVT), with all-wheel drive on demand (AWD) available on the VTi L and VTi LX.

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

Fuel consumption ranges from 7.1L/100km for the five-seat 2WD versions to 7.7L/100km for the VTi 60 AWD. Claimed CO2 emissions for the petrol range from 162 to 169g/km.

Honda Cr V Prices, Reviews, And Pictures

The e:HEV RS features a 2.0-litre petrol-electric hybrid system consisting of a naturally aspirated four-cylinder petrol engine coupled to two electric motors. Output ratio is 135kW (5000-8000rpm) and 335Nm (0-2000rpm), 20Nm more than the Civic e:HEV and ZR-V e:HEV.

Honda calls the e:HEV transmission an electric Continuously Variable Transmission (E-CVT), which, like the Civic e:HEV and ZR-V e:HEV, is connected to a power control unit that is needed between power sources.

Opting for the e:HEV 2WD reduces fuel consumption to 5.5 liters per 100 km, which is about 0.8 liters less than the Toyota RAV4 2WD Hybrid. CO2 emissions are 125 g/km.

All CR-V variants are approved to Euro 6b emissions standards and are rated to run on a 91 RON non-mass engine. The volume of the fuel tank is 57 liters. Idle stop/start is not suitable for petrol models.

Honda Cr V Review

The curb weight ranges from 1,613 to 1,771 kg, depending on the variant; Meanwhile, towing capacity is up to 1,500kg for the five-seat petrol models, 1,000kg for the seven-seat petrol models and 750kg for the e:HEV hybrid.

My first stint was behind the wheel of a VTi LX AWD, which has a 1.5L turbo transmission and all-wheel drive. In typical Melbourne fashion we had mixed weather throughout the day; At this stage it was raining the most.

The CR-V didn’t care about weather or slippery surfaces. The VTi 60 planted wonderfully

What's Better Honda Cr V Or Toyota Rav4

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