Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat – Take your walking and traveling game to the next level with the Uppababy Cruz V2 Travel System. Simply pair the Cruz V2 stroller with the MESA car seat of your choice to create the ultimate travel system that offers portability, comfort and safety while refusing to sacrifice style and performance. Combining products of this quality results in a complete travel system with an amazing range of features and performance benefits. The Cruz V2 works seamlessly with all three MESA child car seats, attaching to the original MESA, MESA V2 or MESA Max without the need for adapters. With a major redesign of the Cruz V2 stroller that includes a larger and deeper seat, larger tires, an expandable zippered canopy and a more compact fold, the Cruz V2 stroller and MESA travel system offer an unmatched solution for all adventures in family.

The UPPAbaby Cruz V2 is available in eight stylish options that are sure to make an impression, no matter what your fashion preferences are. The trendy Cruz V2 series has five new shades that will tickle your taste buds. Choose from these 10 modes:

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

The Cruz V2 stroller becomes a complete travel system when combined with your choice of UPPAbaby car seats – Mesa, Mesa V2 or Mesa Max. The Mesa Max infant car seat has additional features compared to the Mesa V2 and Mesa car seat models, namely that one of the most important things you need to purchase as a mother of a small child is your stroller. With so many different options on the market today, this decision can be overwhelming.

Uppababy Cruz Stroller And Mesa Infant Car Seat Travel Bundle

I am currently using the UPPBaby CRUZ V2 and I really like it. Today I want to share with you some of my favorite features of this stroller. If you are not familiar with the UPPBaby brand, it is an American company that produces high quality, stylish and practical baby products.

UPPBaby has several different shapes and sizes of strollers, depending on your needs and the number of children. The Cruz V2 was the perfect model for us because of its streamlined design. Some of its notable features include:

There are several reasons why I am more than satisfied with the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2. Most importantly, I knew it was safe and well made the moment I took it out of the box. If you’ve been using it for a while, here are some important things to remember about it.

When choosing a stroller for Rumi, I knew I wanted a full-sized stroller, but I didn’t want anything big either. Some strollers are so large that they are difficult to maneuver. However, full-sized strollers are better for babies and you will get the most out of them. The CRUZ V2 is perfect because it is full size but smaller than the V2 models. It’s designed for kids up to 50 pounds, so we use it a lot.

Uppababy Cruz V2 With Mesa Car Seat And Base

One of the main selling points for me is that the CRUZ V2 is compatible with the MESA child car seat without the need for additional adapters. Simply slide the infant seat in and out of the stroller…so easy! When I travel with four children, it’s easy for me.

You know how almost all strollers advertise that their storage basket is large? Well, the Cruz V2 basket is actually big. If you’re a parent, you know how much trash can accumulate when you’re out and about. A bin that you can actually use is a big win.

There is nothing worse than pushing a heavy stroller and trying to turn or steer it well on uneven pavement or gravel. The CRUZ V2 has smooth steering and well-made lightweight tires that act as shock absorbers. It is perfect for walking around town. It has a very simple colored parking brake that can be easily applied and released with the foot, even in sandals.

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

Like other UPPAbaby products, the CRUZ V2 is stylish and well designed. It has a premium leather handle and is available in several color combinations. It even comes with a rain cover and bug protection.

Uppababy Minu V2 With Carrycot

Rumi is now about 5 months old and still using the MESA car seat. Because of COVID, he only leaves the house now to get in the car or go for a walk, so we haven’t been out as much as we’d like!

Soon I will slowly lift him into a regular seat in the stroller. Looking forward to trying it out and will update this post later when we get around to it! If you are looking for a new stroller, I highly recommend checking out the UPPAbaby CRUZ V2! For more on baby items, check out my post on creating a minimalist baby registry. One of our family’s favorite activities is going for walks (socially distanced) around our neighborhood or even on the beach. It’s great to get out of the house, get some fresh air and do a little research and observation – you never know what you might find!

Last year when I was researching car seats and strollers, I knew I wanted to update what Jack had to offer a bit. I’ve always found it easier to carry him in the stroller and when he’s old enough to walk (and run) in the jogging stroller. Jadaka now also enjoys long walks. Now four and a half months old (how did that happen?!), he lies happily in his UPPAbaby CRUZ V2 (BRYCE) stroller as we roll down the sidewalk.

UPPAbaby allows you to carry Jun safely on all our little adventures. We use the MESA infant car seat (also BRYCE color) in my SUV and attaching the car seat to the CRUZ V2 stroller is a breeze (literally).

Uppababy Mesa V2 Jake Infant Black Car Seat + Reviews

The CRUZ V2 comes with a reversible child seat that supports up to 50 pounds so it grows with June. For newborns, you can also attach a cot or SnugSeat (like we do with the MESA infant car seat).

I also love how UPPAbaby has thought of all the little details in the design of their stroller – from the extended canopy with UPF 50+ protection, the vented windows, the color indicator that lets you know the wheels are locked, to the sleek design. and elegant color. , options any modern mom will love! We are very happy that we chose BRYCE, although it is lighter, we found it to wipe very easily.

When the time comes when we can enjoy air travel again, I will be happy to take the CRUZ V2 on adventures far from home!

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

Thanks to our friends at UPPAbaby for the Juniper giveaway. We are very grateful. All opinions are my own. CRUZ’s streamlined design gives you more without weighing you down. So hit the bumpy city streets, maneuver through the busy malls and load your cart with toys, groceries and whatever else you need. The Cruz V2 + Mesa kit includes everything you need to get outdoors!

Uppababy Ridge Adapters For Mesa

The child seat canopy consists of a zippered fabric that expands for extra sun protection and mesh panels that allow for easy access while adding airflow.

From 6 months and up, the included car seat is designed with your child’s growth and curiosity in mind, allowing them to ride in front of or facing their parents.

The reclining seat allows your child to comfortably sleep, sit and enjoy the sights and everywhere in between with our baby seat.

The wireless harness adjusts in one motion for added ease while providing a precise fit for growing children.

Uppababy Vista V2 Travel System With Mesa Isize Car Seat

The handlebars extend for parents of different heights and have premium full leather for extra grip when pushing baby.

The extra large basket will quickly become your favorite feature. Easy access to the bag for diapers, toys and anything else you might pick up on the go.

The MESA i-SIZE child safety seat attaches directly to the CRUZ, ensuring maximum portability and safety. There’s no need to sacrifice performance for comfort.

Uppababy Cruz Mesa Car Seat

The included Mesa ISOFIX base allows you to attach the car seat to the car without using the seat belt. The SMARTSecure system includes a unique tension indicator that ensures the base is in the correct position on the safety seat, greatly reducing misuse. Push the car seat down and remove it from the base. An electronic indicator will let you know it’s safe to drive. The panel provides visual and audible confirmations, ensuring the Mesa car seat is installed correctly the first time.

Uppababy Mesa Infant Car Seat Base

UPPAbaby offers a one-year EXTENDED WARRANTY for a total of three years on all selected strollers and accessories. To receive an EXTENDED WARRANTY, customers must register their product within three months of purchase and provide valid proof of purchase. To find out more about the guarantee or to register, visit uppababy.com/uk/register/.

ALICE (dusty pink), BRYCE (white marl), EMMETT (green melange), FINN (deep sea), GREGORY

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