Song In The Kia Commercial

Song In The Kia Commercial – IRVINE, Calif., August 30, 2012 // – Kia Motors’ Musical Hamsters, the stars of the world’s most watched viral video for the past three years, will be back this weekend in a new campaign. A very popular spiritual passenger vehicle that brings 21

Century Opera House set to “Inside My Mind” (Acwell Remix), the hamsters fill the fancy theater with a silly show of modern music, high-energy dance moves, a laser light show and an epic dance off the stage to send wigged patrons roaring their approval. “Bringing the Movie Home” will begin Aug. 31 in National Cinemedia’s pre-show program on more than 18,000 screens nationwide and will make its television debut on Sept. 6 during the MTV Video Music Awards. Kia social and digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube and

Song In The Kia Commercial

Song In The Kia Commercial

Since the beginning, Hip Hamsters have been on the pulse of pop culture and emerging music trends, and new ads continue to present funky soul as “a new way to play.” Featuring a variety of soundtracks ranging from hip-hop classic Black Sheep to LMFAO’s hit “Party Rock Anthem,” previous Soul campaigns have significantly increased consumer awareness and perception and helped Kia to becomes the fastest growing brand. Auto companies have been growing in the United States for the past five years. With more than 20 million views, 2011’s “Share Some Soul” is the third most-watched car commercial in YouTube history, and last year the Hamsters were named the Wall of Fame’s first Rookie of the Year Madison Avenue Advertiser. Nielsen Automotive was named “Automotive Advertiser of the Year” two years in a row.

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“From hamster wheels on city streets to apocalyptic video game worlds, hamsters have earned an international reputation for spirit and enhanced the Kia brand by appealing to the young and the young at heart.” Home’ they are back with their energy, passion and infectious music,” said Kia. “Spirit is designed for a new, young audience that wants to stand out from the crowd and that drives our marketing efforts, which emphasize creativity, optimism and fun,” said Michael Sprague, executive vice president of Motors America.

The new 60-second spot, created by the label’s ad agency David & Goliath, blends old and new worlds to shine a spotlight on the electronic dance music scene, which has quickly entered the mainstream together with some of today’s biggest acts. Classical sounds and instruments in their arrangement

“Bringing it Home” opens with all the grandeur and grandeur of a Hollywood period film, as 1999 dancers, opera singers and a slightly odd-looking conductor take the stage. When the conductor turns out to be a music-loving hamster in disguise As the cast and audience watch in shock, a futuristic Kia Soul rises to the stage floor and the hamster DJs, members of the Swedish house crowd, on ” In Mind”, remixed by Antwell in electronic concert this summer. It’s not long before the sight of prancing hamsters dressed in colorful “hamster” costumes causes even the crust of the upper crust crowd to lose their inhibitions. The hamsters memorably emerge with the entire opera standing and moving to the music as ghosts wink at the hamster through hyperspace, paws in the interstate wind.

“Since the launch of Solo in 2009, music has been a key medium in bringing the Kia brand into the mainstream and communicating with consumers in a more relevant and conversational way,” said David & Goliath Founder and Chief Creative Officer. “Our theme line, ‘A New Way to Roll,’ allows us to always bring a fresh musical perspective to any soulful performance while keeping up with the latest pop culture trends. In Bringing it Home, we take a traditional approach.Remix and turn it on its head by fusing the worlds of dance music and opera in a way that is musically and visually unpredictable.

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Along with fun-to-drive performance and out-of-the-box styling, the 2013 Soul offers impressive power and fuel efficiency with a long list of 27/35 miles per gallon (mpg) city/highway. Standard comfort and convenience features include steering wheel-mounted controls with Bluetooth wireless technology [3] , steering wheel-mounted audio controls and a chrome grille. The Soul 2.4-liter I-4 equipped with the Eco Package also offers fuel-saving ISG technology, which shuts down the engine when the vehicle is not moving, such as at a stop or in traffic. The award-winning Kia Soul was named the No. 1 vehicle of the year on this year’s coveted “10 Best Back-to-School Cars” list by’s Kelli Blue Book, and two J.D. Study of strengths and collaborators: IKS and APEAL

Kia Motors is one of the fastest growing global automotive brands in the world; From 2009-2011, Kia launched more new vehicles in the United States than any other automaker and earned a reputation as a leader in the automotive styling industry under Chief Design Officer Peter Schreier. Kia Motors America’s complete lineup of fuel-efficient, fun-to-drive cars and CUVs in America has won critical acclaim and significantly increased consumer awareness, perception and respect for the brand. In 2011, KMA recorded its 17th consecutive year of market share growth, the largest increase of any major brand, resulting in the highest brand loyalty ranking in the industry [5]. Kia’s US-based manufacturing plant in West Point, Georgia – KMMG – is responsible for more than 10,000 factory and supplier jobs and produces two of the company’s best-selling vehicles in the US – the full-size Sorento CUV and Optima secondary. *. Kia’s price- and technology-laden lineup includes the Sportage compact CUV, Soul city passenger vehicle, Optima hybrid, Forte compact sedan, Forte 5-door compact hatchback, Forte 2-door coupe, Rio subcompact and Rio 5 .-door, and the Sedona minibus.

Kia Motors America is the marketing and distribution company of Kia Motors Corporation, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. KMA offers a full line of vehicles through more than 755 dealers across the United States and serves as the “Official Automotive Partner” of the NBA and LPGA. In 2011, KMA recorded its best annual sales total and became one of the fastest growing automotive companies in the United States. Kia is poised to continue its momentum and continue to build the brand through design innovation, quality, value, advanced safety features and new technologies.

Song In The Kia Commercial

Kia Motors America and its complete line of vehicles are available on its website at For media information, including photos, visit

Kia Commercial Songs

(1) Based on five-year 12-month adjusted retail sales growth for the period July 2007 through July 2012 for all US automotive brands.

(2) EPA-estimated mileage for 2013 Soul 1.6L I-4 manual transmission, 1.6L I-4 automatic transmission, and 2.0L I-4 automatic transmission with ISG. actual mileage will vary

() The Bluetooth word and logos are registered trademarks of Bluetooth SIG, Inc. are registered trademarks owned by Kia and any use of these marks by Kia is under license. Other trademarks and trade names belong to their respective owners A Bluetooth wireless technology compatible mobile phone is required to use Bluetooth wireless technology.

* Sorento and Optima GDI (X trims and select LKS trims only) and GDI Turbo are manufactured in the United States and from parts sourced worldwide.

The Song In The Kia Soul Commercial: Everything You Need To Know

(6) Based on five-year 12-month adjusted retail sales growth for the period July 2007 through July 2012 for all US automotive brands.

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