Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Scary Games Coming Out 2023 – The 14 best horror video games to play in 2023 From remakes of RESIDENT EVIL 4 and SYSTEM SHOCK to remakes and originals, we’ve counted down the best of the year.

2023 was an important year for games, but horror fans were especially treated to quality titles that consisted of remakes, remakes, and originals. Slay the Princess and Little Goody Two Shoes were some left-field surprises from indie developers, and the mysterious Fatal Frame 4 finally made its way out of Japan with an official localization after nearly fifteen years.

Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Plus, after twelve years, the sequel to Alan Wake is finally a reality with multiple wins at The Game Awards 2023. This year’s best horror movies range from indies to blockbusters. With such a wide selection, there’s something for everyone. Without further ado, here are the top ten horror movies of 2023.

Upcoming Horror Games Of 2023, Eyes The Horror Game Old Version

The Fatal Frame franchise combines classic Japanese horror with unique gameplay mechanics, and Fatal Frame 4. Mask of the Lunar Eclipse is no exception. The game takes place on the island of Rogetsu and follows a group of teenage girls. When they were children, they were kidnapped by a serial killer and although they survived, they lost their memories due to the traumatic events. To rediscover their past, the girls return to Rogetsu Island for answers.

You play as one of the girls, Ruka Minazuki, who has a Camera Obscura, a magical camera that can ward off ghosts by photographing them. It’s a nice alternative to something like a first-person shooter that draws ghosts instead of shooting them for damage.

Slay the Princess is a text-based visual novel adventure with a really interesting premise. It flips the lines of saving the princess. instead, players must kill him, as that obviously leads to the end of the world. So you can choose to save him or kill him. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, there’s also a timer mechanic that takes you back to the beginning every time you die.

The many different iterations of how encounters with the princess can play out are interesting throughout the game. Dialogue choices can determine a quick or brutal, painful death. The princess is not what she seems. Sometimes she can be an ethereal motherly figure, and other times she can raise claws from her hands to tear you apart.

Fear Or Evil

Each time players return, the princess’s path gets more complicated. The monochrome pencil-like art style really helps Eldritch stand out, as a kind of rough outline that branches off the story. Honestly, Slay the Princess is a difficult game to describe, but it’s definitely worth your time.

Little Goody Two Shoes is another unique simulation game that follows a young girl named Elise who wants to get rich. He meets another young girl named Rosemary and has to hide her because the villagers of Kifferbury think she is a witch.

It has a nice time management structure similar to Persona. During the day, players must complete tasks, earn money, or connect with villagers without questioning. It’s clear that something sinister is happening in the city, and at night Elise must search the forest for a mysterious being who can somehow make her dreams come true. Don’t be fooled by the cute anime aesthetic, Little Goody Two Shoes really ups the anxiety factor.

Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Paranormasight is a highly suspenseful visual novel game set in 1980s Japan where a group of people stumble upon the Cursed Rocks. These items allow the user to resurrect a loved one through a resurrection ritual. But of course there is a catch. for that they must kill. Killing other Curse Stone owners speeds up the process dramatically, unlike normal people.

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Each owner of a cursed stone has their own motivations and a specific person they want to get back. Some of their backgrounds overlap, which adds a layer of complexity to their relationship when they meet each other. It’s hard to explain Paranormasight without going into spoiler territory, but trust me, you don’t want to miss this Japanese horror film.

World of Horror is a hybrid classic adventure game and roguelike game. You choose a character and some stats, then enter Tokyo on the brink of the apocalypse. Lovecraft inspired monsters are everywhere and it’s your job to stop the monster from destroying the world. Along the way, you’ll learn spells, find weapons, and make allies.

The piece is presented in a beautiful pointillism style reminiscent of Junji Ito, which makes him stand out among his contemporaries. The first-person perspective also lends itself well to the old-school Macintosh PC aesthetic. World of Horror is honestly one of the scariest games I’ve ever played, and I find myself repeatedly pressing the Switch’s home button to keep from soiling my pants.

Dredge is a really nice mix of fishing simulation and horror, and the game handles both sides very well. What starts out as a very normal fishing adventure to earn money to repair a boat takes a dark turn when you start catching broken fish and get stranded near an island. It really adds to the interesting atmosphere of the game. As you progress through the story, you will definitely learn about the dark secrets hidden under the sea.

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The game’s fishing mechanics are also well done with quick events and inventory management. Upgrading the boat gives the game a sense of progression that keeps me coming back for more.

With all the talk of artificial intelligence, System Shock feels as relevant now as it did thirty years ago. Players play as a security hacker on a spaceship who must stop a megalomaniac artificial intelligence named SHODAN. Few horror and sci-fi RPGs create such an oppressive atmosphere with their combination of challenging puzzles and bloodthirsty enemies.

This remake from Nightdive Studios faithfully recreates the original System Shock experience and brings it into the modern age with changes to combat and accessibility.

Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Visceral Games and EA’s live horror classic has been remastered this year and it’s as terrifying as ever. Like the System Shock remake, the Dead Space remake is very faithful to the original. The interior of the USG Ishimura spacecraft had undergone a major overhaul, but it looked very familiar. While the original still plays well, the remake feels very fresh with its controls and movements, and shooting is easier than before.

Best Horror Games Of 2023 (so Far)

The updated graphics really add to the fear and dread as you navigate the ship, hoping there isn’t a Necromorph waiting around the corner to rip your throat out. Plus, the new alternate ending gives fans another reason to play this update.

This nasty survival horror game has received the most significant changes from the original compared to the other entries on this list, continuing the trend of horror game remakes. The stop-and-go shooting method of the original Resident Evil 4 game has been replaced with modern large-scale motion, resulting in smoother gameplay.

Ashley also takes a much more active role in the minute-to-minute combat, running and dodging enemies instead of constantly hiding in a dumpster. There’s also some great side content, including a fun mercenary mode and a great Forked Paths story DLC featuring Ada Wong. This remake perfectly balances the game’s modern design with the original vision in mind.

It’s been twelve years since we got the first Alan Wake game, and the sequel is nothing short of a creative masterpiece. The game, which took first place as the best horror movie of 2023, follows two heroes, Alan Wake and Saga Anderson, as they try to escape from a nightmarish world. The way the game balances different game mechanics, such as Saga’s detective board that opens up new story paths and Alan’s light challenges to progress through dungeons, helps keep the game fresh.

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Alan Wake 2 is a true horror game that follows the tone of a first-person shooter and is a perfect survival horror game with an inventory management concept and limited ammo. It’s a perfect example of how to build on its predecessor without being derivative.

Nominated for Best Multiplayer Game at The Game Awards, the latest entry in the Diablo series focuses on the story of Lilith, daughter of Mephisto, as she takes over Sanctuary and turns it into a dark and hopeless world. The game is loaded with content in its first two seasons, Season of Evil and Season of Blood. With an impressive action-based combat system and impressive loot, Diablo IV will occupy hours of your time for years to come.

Dead Island 2 has been in development hell for over a decade, but it finally came out this year. Although not a horror game, Dead Island 2 is a lot of fun with its over the top zombie humor and the sunny Los Angeles weather really adds to the fun tone. The Haus DLC adds more replay value to the game, and the next expansion, SOLA Festival, launches next year.

Scary Games Coming Out 2023

Try the Texas Chainsaw Massacre

These Are The Most Anticipated Horror Games Of 2023

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