Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand – The cheapest and most expensive places to rent in the country have now been revealed in a new report. Photo/123RF

The cheapest and most expensive places to rent in the country have now been revealed in a new report.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

Figures released by Massey University for the December to March quarter show the average weekly rent on the West Coast is $251, making it the cheapest place in the country.

Rent To Own

While rents are rising in many regions, they are down 6.7 percent from last quarter on the West Coast and 4.2 percent from last year.

This compares to the most expensive region, Auckland, which has an average weekly rent of $564 – an increase of 5 percent over the same period last year.

Despite being the most affordable location in the Southland, the region saw the largest annual increase in rental prices – a 15.7 percent increase to an average rent of $331 per week.

The report also found that tenants in 6 of the 16 counties pay more than the national average. which is set at 100%.

Expensive’ 2 Bedroom Auckland Rental Ridiculed Online

These include Marlborough (116.1 per cent), Bay of Plenty (109.6 per cent), Auckland (106.6 per cent), Hawke’s Bay (105.2 per cent), Tasman (103.1 per cent) and Northland (102.8 per cent).

The remaining 10 regions are relatively more affordable than the national average, but two regions stand out as the most suitable for renters: the Southland (77.1 percent) and the West Coast (58.7 percent).

The report’s authors, Dr Arshad Javed and Professor Graham Squires, from Massey University’s Real Estate Analysis Unit, said there were a number of factors influencing rental prices across New Zealand.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

“These include interest exemptions on residential property income, expanding the bright line test, rent controls and an end to the Covid-19 rent freeze,” Squires said. The average household income in New Zealand is now $64,000, housing costs make up a large proportion of expenditure.

Renting Vs Owning In Nz

Based on this total, and without taking into account any taxes and/or benefits such as working tax credit for families, the average weekly income is $1230.77. Many people suggest that rent or mortgage payments be about one-third of their gross income—in this case $410.25.

We took to Trade Me to find out what properties are available for rent across New Zealand at Between $400-450.

The dream home has an open plan living room, modern kitchen, beautiful staircase and sea view. It’s an easy walk to the beach and the grounds are easy to care for.

Located on Mountain Road, the unit accommodates the popular Auckland Grammar for boys and Epsom Grammar for girls. There is an open plan living area and French doors open to a private deck.

Ray White Real Estate New Zealand Property

This brick house shares a plot with another property and has three ‘good’ bedrooms, a master suite and a single bedroom. Ranch slider opens to paver patio.

It is a compact property with neutral decoration and a double garage. It has an open kitchen, living room and dining room and has a small lawn.

Within walking distance of the CBD, this is a small apartment with a single parking space. There is a small kitchen, dining room and small bathroom.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

Most properties near the city in this price range are 1-2 bedrooms, but larger houses are also available. The house is in the bush, well insulated and has a fireplace, although it is small, but it has a beautiful view of the bush and the river.

Things To Know About Renting A Home In New Zealand

This is a retro 1960 style home with ocean views. There are large living rooms and good sized bedrooms, storage, large gardens – and a fully fenced pool.

It is a private unit with neutrality and a small lawn. Located along the road, it is the area for Burnside High School.

This is a beautifully decorated villa from 1910. Combining modern living with historical features, it is located on a great location.

There are absolutely no homes in the Southland between $400 and $450, and three homes priced above $450. For ten dollars over the limit, this home has five bedrooms, four offices, a spa bath, a spa pool, and two heat pumps. Weekly rental prices are increasing across the country, what is causing the change? Credits: Video – The AM Show; Photo: myRent

Edm 6 & 7 May 2023

A listing for a two-bedroom rental in Auckland has been mocked online, with Reddit users questioning what they say is the highest weekly price.

The property on Ngake Road in Orakei is advertised on myRent, a platform where it says renting is “easier, cheaper and more transparent”, as a “renovated two-bedroom house, fully furnished”.

With one bathroom, one covered parking space and two parking spaces, the property is listed for $900 a week – which many online say is ridiculous.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

The ad was posted on Reddit on Wednesday and quickly caught the attention of users who said the price was high even in Orakei.

Briar Vale Place, Flat Bush, Auckland

According to Burfoot & Thompson’s November 2018 rental report, the average weekly rent for a two-bedroom property in Auckland’s eastern suburbs is $518. On property site OneRoof, the median rent for the suburb is $710 per week.

Auckland Council lists the property as having a capital value (CV) of $1.475 million and a land value of $1.34 million.

One user suggested that the couple rent a parking space and a room to reduce the rent to $115. per week — “basically a steal”.

“I’m trying to collect $1,000,000 in rent, but nobody has it.” 600 dollars per week.

Bedroom House For Rent In Auckland Listing 129737

“I guess if you want to live in Auckland today, you have to have very low expectations.”

Myrent chief executive Thomas Clement said the listing was in the top quarter for two-bedroom homes in the area.

“This can partly be explained by the fact that it is fully equipped and adjusted New cooking. “Owners are receiving general inquiries, many of which are positive and require review,” he said.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

Although Meirent does not contribute to property valuations, Mr. Clement understands that paying rents frustrates tenants and sympathizes with them.

Quality & Healthy Rental Houses For Kiwi

He said recent government policy changes designed to lower property prices and increase affordability “have significantly reduced the desire to own a home”.

“This has the effect of reducing rental supply and increasing prices.” Good for buyers and bad for renters.”

Others took to Reddit to defend the listing, saying they weren’t shocked by the price of some places in “desirable territory” and that high-income professionals would be interested in a quick commute to the CBD without traffic.

The ad says it comes with everything from a heat pump to closets and is looking for a long-term tenant. Houses in Auckland, New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern’s government has moved to control speculators and help first home buyers. Photo: Nazar Abbas Photography / Getty Images

Large Home With Rental Income For Sale And Rent In Auckland, New Zealand

Many readers said last week’s announcement will have little impact on their ability to buy a home – or their children

Last week we asked Guardian readers about the government’s efforts to control house prices in New Zealand. We hear from investors and renters, first home buyers and retirees. While some readers – including investors – were supportive, many felt the policy change did not go far enough.

Some pointed out that grants for first home buyers would have little impact in markets such as Wellington and Auckland, where young people are still desperate to stay on the housing ladder. Many say the impact on tenants has been ignored, arguing for German-style rent control. Others said they feared for the future of their children, while others wrote that they feared they would not be able to have children.

Rental Properties Auckland New Zealand

“I don’t think it’s enough and tenants don’t care.” My government student loans pay me $240 a week, my rent is $200, and I’m lucky to be able to pay that little. Any increase would make life impossible for many students and tenants. The government seems to have forgotten about us and is determined to help first-time buyers. Address decades of willful ignorance about this crisis.”

Can You Help Me?’: The Quiet Desperation Of New Zealand’s Housing Crisis

“The bold movement of workers to solve the housing crisis is like laying a pipe A broken pipe. This plan won’t change anything for me and my partner, who are in the middle income bracket. Tenants like us will continue to see our rents increase while rental quality decreases. The attack of high-level investors is good, but the only thing that will really solve the housing crisis: offer a different path for private investment that is not tied to property ownership, the rapid development of multi-room houses and changes in the quality policy of housing. , long-term rental, required by the owner

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