Price To Replace Tesla Battery

Price To Replace Tesla Battery – Tesla tried to charge a Model S owner $22,500 for an out-of-warranty battery replacement, but an independent repair shop was able to fix the problem for a fraction of that cost.

As a Tesla owner, one of the most common questions I get is, “How much does it cost to replace a battery?”

Price To Replace Tesla Battery

Price To Replace Tesla Battery

This question is difficult to answer because most Tesla battery replacements are done under warranty. Initially, Tesla offered an eight-year, unlimited-mileage power warranty for the Model S and Model X.

Tesla Offers Battery Upgrades To Model S And Model X Owners

Since production of the Model S began in 2012 and the larger-volume model only in 2014, these cars have only recently reached the end of their powertrain warranty. We’ve seen Tesla offers for replacement battery packs ranging from $20,000 to $30,000. That’s a lot of money, but the good news is that Tesla batteries last a long time.

However, if the problem isn’t necessarily a bad battery and the battery is simply going bad, Tesla has been known to offer a quick battery replacement instead of trying to fix it.

This is what happened in Tyler Hoover’s Hooves garage after he purchased a 2013 Model S P85. An electric car whose battery warranty had expired four months began displaying a “maximum battery charge low” error message and could never be charged more than 50 times. nice

He brought the car to a local Tesla service center, which offered to replace the battery for $22,500:

Would You Replace A Tesla Model 3’s Battery For $12k Or Sell As Is For $16k?

(Update: The quote image has been removed because it has been brought to my attention that Rich’s channel only used it as a visual reference and was not an actual quote.)

Although Tesla recently started making some of its diagnostic tools available to third parties, the automaker still has many limitations when it comes to power diagnostics.

Electric Garage uses several hacks to get around this problem and find out what is wrong with the package. In this case, some voltage asymmetry was detected in 2 of the 16 battery modules:

Price To Replace Tesla Battery

“We were able to remove the battery and replace the pack modules to fix the problem for about 75% less than the suggested price at a Tesla service center. It is important for both repair rights and service centers that they have trained technicians who correctly diagnose the fault. there are solutions available that are not wasteful or too expensive. The durability aspect is the most concerning as we are nearing the end of warranty on most older Model S and X cars.

How Much Does A Tesla Model 3 Battery Replacement Cost?

How much did it cost? Each module cost $1,500 for a total of $3,000. Another $750 was spent on performance and protection parts, with the stock parts upgraded to those available on the Model S Ludicrous.

Taking into account diagnosis and labor, the cost to replace the entire battery pack was about $5,000, which is about 75% less than Tesla quoted.

Update: Jason Hughes, who has already made this fix, said that new mods cause imbalances from time to time. He says that if the owner doesn’t leave the car alone for a few weeks, it may not last a year.

Regarding repair. We made some of them ourselves. Using both methods. We have found that customers generally prefer to spend the money to replace the entire brick and try to retain as much volume as possible. Our first time was 2 years ago and so far everything is fine. — Rich Rebuilds (@RebuildsRich) September 14, 2021

How Much Does It Cost To Replace A Tesla Battery?

I know a new battery is not the same as two replacement modules, but you have to have a choice.

I understand if Tesla doesn’t want to be involved in these types of service repairs. They want to replace the battery, send the old battery to a battery recovery team and have it repaired where they have experience.

This is fair. However, if you don’t want to do this, you’ll need to allow third-party stores to provide replacements, and they need diagnostic tools to do this. Otherwise, they will have to rely on several hacks, which is not ideal.

Price To Replace Tesla Battery

I hope Tesla accepts a “right to repair” and starts supporting third-party repair shops, as many of its earlier vehicles are no longer under warranty.

Tesla Model 3 Price And Specs: Mid Life Refresh Gets Improved Range And Tech

Because if they don’t, the seemingly brilliant approach of offering services through the company’s stores becomes less so.

Stay up to date with the latest content by subscribing to Google News. You are reading – experts who report every day about Tesla, electric cars and green energy. Be sure to check out our homepage for all the latest news, and follow us on Twitter , Facebook and LinkedIn to stay in the loop. Don’t know where to start? You can find the latest reviews on our YouTube channel. One of people’s biggest concerns about electric cars is the cost of the large batteries that power them. After all, small car batteries regularly die in combustion vehicles, and a large battery is the most expensive part of an electric car. While EV manufacturers offer generous warranties on their vehicles’ main batteries to alleviate this concern, the cost of replacing a battery outside of that warranty can be really ugly. Case in point: a nearly $16,000 bill for a Tesla Model 3 battery replacement from Tesla’s service department, published by Current Automotive.

He notes that most EV battery warranties are for a minimum of eight years or 160,000 miles, but anything can happen to a battery outside of those warranties. These warranties cover defects and manufacturing problems, but not damage caused by the owner.

The nearly $16,000 bill came from a car that hit a large rock on the bottom of the car, which caused the battery located under the cab to fail.

Costs Of Battery Replacement: Tesla Model 3

. When the car arrived for repairs, it was completely bricked up. When the stone arrived at the store, the impact of the stone was considered “other external forces” so it was not included.

The full bill can be seen on the Current Automotive website here, but it shows real value for people who don’t want to replace a high-performance battery themselves and risk cooking up something very expensive.

The battery itself, listed on the invoice as “ASY, HVBAT, 75KWH, AWD, KELVIN, 1PH, M3, RMN(1 13737501-K)”, costs $13,500, and the “RMN” stands for “refurbished” – a common practice for insurance repairs is to use remanufactured parts whenever possible, so this is not a surprise. What is surprising is the total cost of the strike, which is $16,550.67, of which $2,299.27 is labor costs. Store prices vary by location, but Tesla’s service department charges about $175 per hour

Price To Replace Tesla Battery

This $16,550.67 figure includes other front end and chassis parts that were cracked by the rock impact, such as the aero and front plate, but they are relatively cheap ($165 and $200 respectively), and when it comes to the skid plate, something has to happen. turn off to reach the battery anyway. There are a few other smaller parts such as the wiring harness and battery cooler that also required installation with the new battery, so we can say that replacing a Tesla battery at the service department will cost around $16,000.

Tesla Battery Replacement Cost (2024)

While I usually come up with new body panels and parts, a remanufactured battery would probably suffice. There are many rare, valuable minerals that are more environmentally friendly to reuse. The smaller batteries used in combustion engines are almost entirely recycled into new batteries, so why not use larger batteries as well?

Remember that these batteries are not just one large cell, but many modules containing hundreds of cells. But if one module fails, it can take the rest of the package with it.

Notes that Tesla’s warranty covers damage caused by a battery fire, even if it’s caused by user error or other circumstances not typically covered by warranty. If the stone was on fire, it could cover it. In any case, we don’t recommend hitting the rocks with your beloved model. While a better car insurance policy will likely cover most of the cost of replacing the battery, it takes a lot of time away from the car and is an added annoyance like any other repair. When it comes to electric cars, Tesla is one of the leading car manufacturers. With a new and improved battery, they can continue to develop their models every few years while other manufacturers still struggle to keep their models working properly. Replacing a Tesla battery is expensive compared to other cars, but as with any car, the cost of a Tesla battery varies depending on whether it is a mid-range or high-end model.

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