Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k – We bought a Porsche Boxster beater from a Mazda MX-5 for £5,000. Here is the second video part of our competition to build a Porsche Boxster from a Mazda MX-5.

The Mazda MKS-5 celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. Since its launch in 1989, it has become the most popular SUV in the world. It got us thinking. Could you buy an old MX-5 and turn it into a Porsche Boxster beater for just £5,000? And can you do it without compromising its usability as an everyday road car?

Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

It’s hard work. The new 2.7-litre Boxster costs £40,000, has a 261bhp six-cylinder engine and is the Auto Express Roadster of the year. It was supposed to be David vs. Goliath.

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Our starting point was the 1998 MkII MKS-5 1.8i S for two reasons. First, this model comes with a limited slip differential for added traction. Second, I own it! Although it was technically and structurally sound, various cosmetic issues meant that it was only worth £1,000 – a price at which you can find many MkIs or early MkIIs in average condition.

Here is the second part of our selection. Have the modifications turned the 16-year-old Mazda MX-5 into a real rival to the Porsche Boxster on the track? Watch the video and find out!

After the car we were left with £4,000 to spend on repairs. There is a whole community that offers advice on fixing it. A good place to start is the MKS-5 Owners Club website (, as well as, where we met technician Nick Bailey. He owns MX-5 specialist Skuzzle Motorsport in Winchester, Hants, and explained: “The little Mazda has a good chassis but lacks performance. So the first step is to get more power – for this you need forced induction.

As a general rule, the standard 1.8-liter MKS-5 engine puts 220 hp at the rear wheels without a problem. “If you want more than that, you have to change the interior and that’s where things start to get expensive,” Nick said.

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Given this ceiling, there is very little difference in price between supercharging and turbocharging. But which one best suits our needs? We got to try both, as Nick had a turbocharged MKS-5 MkII and his friend had a supercharged MkI. The turbo was quick, though it didn’t really gain power past 3,500 rpm. So even though the supercharged car has less power, its smooth transmission is more in line with the MKS-5’s character. “Turbos are great for big power,” Nick said, “but superchargers aren’t much – it feels like the engine has been replaced with a bigger one…”

Since we wanted the MX-5 to handle as well as the Boxster, premium seemed like the best option. So Nick suggested we look for a used MP62 supercharger. The problem is that they are very rare. Once we failed on the internet and thought we should get a turbo. But Nick’s friend decided to break down the car we were driving for parts and sell his supercharger.

Although it’s not our preferred choice, the large and powerful Jackson Racing M45 supercharger comes with many extras that bring it closer to the results of the independent MP62, as well as a performance boost. No intercooler space, larger injectors, smaller supercharger nose coil, larger radiator, custom exhaust and Megasquirt electronic control unit for precise fuel injection are included. And although some parts had to be cut off to fit our MkII MKS-5, we got the lot for £1,000.

Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

To get the extra power from the supercharger, the MKS-5 needs a firmer clutch. Nick suggested I get a Flyin’ Miata from an American company (the MKS-5 is called a Miata in the US). “Their parts are as good as you can get, and even after shipping and import taxes, they can get through here cheaper than buying inferior stuff,” he said. We went with an illuminated flywheel for the Flyin’ Miata clutch to allow the engine to rev more freely. Combined with colored brake pipes it cost £592 plus post and VAT.

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Then the brakes themselves. We stuck with the stock calipers but got the new £351 EBC Turbogroove discs and Yellowstuff pads.

Now we just needed a new suspension. Nick said: “The MKS-5s are fun, but there’s a lot of body roll, so you have to deal with that to get a good lap. Don’t bother with the big pedestrian barriers. Just install some MeisterR copies. They’re the best you can get for the money, and you get great results on and off the road because you can adjust the damping.”

Before modifying the MKS-5, we took it to the test circuit: Blyton Park in Lincolnshire. Auto Express regular, highway tester Owen Mildenhall recorded a flight time of one minute and 23.7 seconds.

Once we had the initial information, Nick began installing the parts. Finally, he came to develop a powerful engine on his Dino track. Initially, the car had 175 horsepower at the rear wheels. Nick said: “I was disappointed with it so I ran it on Shell VPover Nitro+.”

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It has a higher octane number than other oils, 99ron, so it doesn’t misfire or crash in a forced induction car, which can damage the engine. Using this oil allowed Nick to be more aggressive and on time. This meant we could only drive the expensive VPover, but it was worth it – the car made 195bhp.

Nick said: “To get the most out of the modification, you need new tires – the Yokohama Advan Neo is great on the track, but also works well on the road and in the rain.”

They cost £364 and when you add that to everything else, Nick’s time working on the car and the cost of the MKS-5, we get a total of £4,976. The costs did not end there. , and if . “Complete geometry tuning is key,” Nick told us. “Anyone with an MKS-5 should do it naturally because it changes the handling.”

Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

So we visited Wheels in Motion in Chesham, Bucks, who charge £114 for a four-wheel drive. Considering how nice the car was on the way home, we didn’t mind that it put us over our £5k budget.

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Now we were ready to race the Boxster. First, Owen tested the performance of both cars—and surprisingly, they were almost identical. The MKS-5 sprinted from 0-100 mph in 6.1 seconds; Porsche 6.2 watch. They both clocked 14.4 seconds in the quarter mile.

But will the chassis tweaks help Mazda post faster lap times? Owen was first in a Boxster and clocked one minute and 13.6 seconds. Then he got on the MKS-5 and after a few minutes of getting used to it, he was flying around. Back in the pits later, he said: “The engine is just amazing. There’s a lot of low end and the compressor whine is amazing. Also, the new suspension and tires mean it corners smoother than before.

“It’s a really fun little car.” I love it … but I don’t think it’s ever been faster than the Boxter. A check of our data log confirmed his suspicions: the modified MKS-5 ran one minute and 16.1 seconds – 2.5 seconds slower than the Porsche. “The brakes are better than before, but they are not cooled enough, so they heat up quickly,” explained our man. “Also, the 1998 Mazda’s chassis isn’t as rigid as the 2014 Porsche, so it can’t be pushed as hard.”

Sure, we could strip the MKS-5, install the fenders and race brakes, and maybe that would give it an edge. But we didn’t want to build a dedicated track car. Our MX-5 was meant to be a great road car – after all, the Boxster is.

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And what we found was still interesting. We shaved 7.8 seconds off the MX-5’s time, which is only a tenth behind what Owen had previously set in a 300-hp, 4WD, 2013 Subaru VRX STi on the same track. Most importantly, the now 16-year-old Mazda was a lot of fun. Even if you’re looking at a total of £5,090, it’s a bargain for a performance car.

We’ve taken expert advice from the web forums on which updates make the biggest difference to the MX-5 on and off road, and here’s how we spent £5k:

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Mazda Mx 5 Under 5k

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