Mazda Mx 5 Price Philippines

Mazda Mx 5 Price Philippines – Scandalous circumstances mean that we can only now taste the Mazda MX-5 in its purest form: with a manual transmission. Although it can be said that the era of three-pedal driving is almost behind us, Mazda will be different. As good as the new ‘ND’ is with the 6-speed automatic, it comes alive in the manual version. During the week of riding this Snowflake White MX-5 MT, 7 random ideas came to mind.

It’s hard to imagine, but the current MX-5 has been around for almost two years. But it still looks modern, fresh and really fun. Just look at the front clip: that smiling grille is something of a preview of what to expect when you drive this thing. The body-colored upper door panels, subtle gloss-black aero kit, and sleek headlights all function like the classic roadster’s proportions. Placing the fabric on top spoils the clean lines a bit, but the Mazda’s execution is better than any other convertible on the market.

Mazda Mx 5 Price Philippines

Mazda Mx 5 Price Philippines

Designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible, the MX-5 locks you into what Mazda designers consider the ideal driving position. There are only a few millimeters left in each dimension – whether headroom, legroom or shoulder room – and any jam will result in elbows or knees. Yes, there are some adjustments to the steering wheel and seats, but these are only to fine-tune the setting. And the passenger has to play too. He notes that the single-passenger cabin is hidden, which is fine if you want to pay 100 percent attention to what the driver is doing, but not when you plan to sleep during a long drive.

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Besides the in-row shifter, this MX-5 has a shorter list of standard equipment than the automatic transmission variant. Air conditioner ? Not. Leather sofas? Naïa Bose audio system? MIA. All these omissions seem like a shame if you’re going for the roadster lifestyle that expects luxury, but for those who love to drive? They are largely unimportant. In fact, the MT’s cloth seats have a nice side effect: they fit better than leather ones. With over 10,000 miles on the odometer, the seats on this particular MX-5 seem much cleaner than the leather ones we tested previously with half the mileage.

It’s hard to imagine, but driving a manual transmission is less of a chore behind the wheel of this MX-5. The operation of the clutch and transmission is perfect here. Not only is the clutch pedal light and easily modulated, but the gear change is also crisp and precise. The dashboard shows what gear you’re in (as well as what gear the car recommends you use), but it’s completely useless. Changing gears in the MX-5 feels lonely and completely natural. Even when the gears are set perfectly, you’re still within the engine’s power band.

Normally, you would never consider the MX-5 as an everyday car, but if you decide to use it to get to and from the office, that’s no problem. Overall height is about a foot lower than the standard sedan, so passing SUVs and trucks may require extra caution (they usually won’t see you in the rearview mirror), but other than that it can manage any parking ramp or parking ramp. went without problems. Thanks to the slight body roll of the MX-5 chassis, cornering is always fun, regardless of speed. Plus, the ride is actually quite lively, soaking up a lot of what Manila has in store for it. The trunk may be small, but a quick trip to the grocery store won’t be a problem: don’t take it to S&R.

At first glance, the latest generation MX-5 appears to have ditched the all-important power source (i.e. the cigarette lighter) as well as the glove box. Today’s gadget-crazed drivers need not worry; Mazda engineers did not remove this most important plug. ND has one, you just need to know where to find it. Give up? It is actually located next to the passengers’ feet. At first, the decision to place it there doesn’t make much sense until you remember that the MX-5 is designed to be driven with the top down. Imagine what happens when rain hits an exposed electrical point. Putting it on correctly gives it and your gear an extra layer of protection before you put on your top.

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Honestly, I don’t drink, and especially I don’t eat in the car, whether it’s a personal unit or a demo unit. For this reason, I’m in the small minority who don’t test the cuteness of cup holders. However, in the case of the MX-5, I had to drink and test the usability of the cup holders with it. And you know? They need work. Not only do they have trouble handling larger drinks, but they also have trouble standing up. Half the time I found myself like an Initial D character trying to make sure I didn’t spill any precious Coke Zero on the way home. The cup actually fell once; Fortunately the lid is solid. Mazda is using its product mix planning to add a number of dynamic enhancements and enhanced safety features to its best-selling 2018 MX-5 sports car.

For the soft-top roadster, 2018 marks the arrival of a revamped power steering system and improved rear suspension, which give it more agile handling and better ride comfort. Additionally, Mazda Philippines is offering a limited edition Dark Cherry cloth cover exclusively for the 6-speed automatic variant. Machine Gray and Soul Red Crystal color variants are also available for the roof.

Meanwhile, for the MX-5 RF, calls for a manual transmission variant have finally been answered, as the retractable Fastback is now available in both manual and automatic transmission variants for the first time. Interestingly, Nappa leather is still available as an option with the automatic variant, while black leather is standard on the manual version.

Mazda Mx 5 Price Philippines

All 2018 MX-5 RF models benefit from increased safety thanks to the Adaptive LED Headlight (ALH), which automatically regulates the direction and intensity of the headlights according to driving conditions. This is also a standard feature on the automatic transmission variant of the MX-5 roof. Meanwhile, Lane Departure Warning, which alerts drivers if they start to drift out of the lane they’re in, is standard across the 2018 MX-5 RF range, as well as the roofed variant automatic.

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“Mazda Philippines continues to bring driving enthusiasts the latest offering of the world’s most popular sports car, the MX-5,” said BAP President and CEO Steven Tan. He added, “There has always been a strong demand for the MX-5 in the Philippines. By offering our customers not only an improved product, but also more equipment options to choose from, we are confident that our fans will find the perfect sports car that will express their love and passion for driving. »

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