How To Wire Smoke Alarm

How To Wire Smoke Alarm – The wiring of the smoke detector installation in the fire protection system must be in accordance with international standards, such as NFPA 70, Article 760 and NEC – National Electrical Code, and of course, follow the wiring diagram in the manufacturer’s user manual.

You must remember that wiring a smoke detector for a fire alarm system is very different from a typical home wiring or electrical system. The main purpose of wiring a fire alarm system is for any sensor detector, such as a smoke detector, to have constant power monitoring.

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

In order for the fire protection system to work fully and without problems, the first rule is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the smoke wire connection scheme.

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The rules for electrical control of smoke detectors are not that complicated. However, the technician must have knowledge and experience in installing a fire alarm system.

The best and easiest technique for installing a smoke detector is to follow the manufacturer’s wiring instructions. The manufacturer’s wiring instructions specify the connections in a certain way to ensure the control requirements.

When you follow the manufacturer’s wiring instructions too closely, part of the circuit may not function properly under control when a short or open circuit occurs.

The wiring diagram in the wrong part of the photo above shows a very simple fault known as tee wiring.

Basic Alarm Wiring For Fire & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

In the first part of the figure, the wrong wire is shown, the smoke detector-1 is attached as a tee. This T tap is a very valid wiring method in a typical electrical system, but not in a smoke detector wiring harness.

This smoke detector may work properly under alarm conditions, but if it is disconnected from the wiring, there will be no problem with the fire alarm system.

The right side of the photo above shows the correct method of wiring the smoke detector-1 where the fire alarm panel will indicate a problem if there is a loss of control at any point in the circuit.

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

There are also some smart fire alarm systems on the market that allow the installation of T-shaped smoke detectors. Finally, before operating the system, check for shorts, open wires, grounds, and each detector according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A fire alarm system is a mechanism of various interconnected devices and components that are used to warn us in the event of an emergency, especially a fire. Protect employees and the public by taking appropriate precautions.

Which Is Better: Hardwired Or Battery Smoke Alarms?

A fire alarm system is a combination of various components such as smoke detector, heat detector, carbon monoxide detector, multi-sensor detector, call points, sounds, bells, relay module, repeater, annunciator, fire panel and other suitable and optional safety. devices are designed. For signaling control system.

As the CPU (central processing unit) in a computer system, the fire alarm control panel is the heart of the fire protection system, sending indications and notifications to the detectors and associated sirens for manual or automatic action.

Fire protection systems are installed in industrial plants, offices, public buildings, and today even in homes. Different types of fire alarm systems such as conventional, addressable, intelligent and intelligent wireless construction are used for the same purpose, that is, in the event of an emergency, the sounds work to alert people around through the general or emergency exit. The primary purpose of a fire alarm system is to protect the property, health and life of an individual or community.

The intelligent fire management system is also linked to the fire command and relevant emergency personnel through a remote control panel.

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The fire alarm system uses many detectors, including a basic call point (handheld glass breaker) and an intelligent multi-sensor detector. Fire fighting devices can be divided as follows.

Ionization smoke detectors work by reducing the current in the internal chamber due to ionization, which triggers the alarm.

A typical ionization smoke detector has two chambers. The first chamber is used to compensate for changes in ambient temperature, pressure or humidity, in the second chamber alpha particles (radioactive material) are used to ionize the air passing through the chamber, which causes a current to flow between the two electrodes. In the event of a fire, when smoke enters the chamber, the current between the two electrodes decreases due to ionization of the air. Current reduction is used to activate the bell and alarm circuit.

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

Scattered light smoke detectors work on the Tyndley effect (this is the scattering effect of light when it passes through a colloid (a homogeneous substance (a substance that is uniform or uniform throughout its volume)) in a mixture in which there are no scattered particles. dissolve.).

Issue With Interconnected Fire Alarm

The light source and photocell are placed in a dark chamber where direct light does not fall on the photocell.

When smoke enters the camera, it disrupts the camera environment, causing light to scatter and fall on the surface of the photocell. This effect is used to simulate and activate the alarm system.

Black smoke detectors work by measuring the amount of light that hits the surface of a photocell.

Inside the light smoke detector chamber, the light source and the photocell are spaced apart. When the smoke blocks the light beam from the light source to the photocell, it measures the amount of light received by the light source. This change in the output receiver of the photocell is used to activate the signal circuit.

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Hearing detectors work based on a specific value of the rate of change of temperature or the normal rate of temperature.

When the heat is increased to a predetermined value, the eutectic alloy inside the heat detector (which is heat sensitive to a certain temperature) changes from a solid to a liquid state. The fuel recycling process is the same where the fuel element is melted down as needed. The same process triggers an alarm in the event of a fire.

A carbon monoxide detector is also known as a CO detector. It is an electronic device that contains various types of sensors that are used to measure the amount of carbon dioxide in the air. When the level of carbon monoxide (this is a poisonous gas produced during combustion) exceeds the set limit, it signals and activates the fire protection system. An electrochemical cell in the carbon monoxide detector reads and measures the amount of CO gas, not other combustible gases such as smoke, etc.

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

Note that carbon monoxide detectors designed for fire protection systems are more sensitive than CO detectors in homes to protect against CO in the event of incomplete combustion in appliances such as boilers etc.

Wiring Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A multi-sensor detector (also known as a multi-criteria alarm) is a sensor device that combines input from thermal and optical sensors and is used for a wide range of fires with a low false alarm rate.

It can be used for optical detection, heat detection, carbon dioxide and fire detection as it has the ability to detect multiple signals and send a specific value to the control panel for further appropriate action. Therefore, smart alarms with multiple sensors can be used for accurate and proven performance.

A mechanical fire alarm point (also known as a glass breaking point) is a device used to activate an alarm by breaking the glass and depressing the breaking element in the event of an accident or fire.

Telephone points are located 1.4 meters above floor level for easy access in case of emergency. The maximum length between two fire detectors is 30 meters and is installed on the entrance floor of the stairs, exit routes and all external exits.

How To Install A Hard Wired Smoke Detector

This is the main fire protection system used in home wiring. A smoke or heat detector can be installed in an existing or new home installation. In our basic wiring diagram, the home has one or more heat and smoke detectors installed that connect the alarm to the live wire (line or hot), neutral, ground, and bonding wire. Power is 120V AC (in the US) and 230V AC (in the EU). Detectors can be plugged directly into a DB (distribution board) or existing wiring such as a socket. After installation, insert the battery and turn on the main switch to check if it works properly.

In a conventional fire alarm system, all devices such as detectors, sirens and fire points are connected to the control panel by a separate wire or cable rather than a common wire. In other words, the first end of the wire is connected to the detectors, and the second to the control panel.

A typical fire alarm system is equipped with detectors, sirens and alarms and is divided into different zones, such as zone 1 for the basement, zone 2 for the first floor, zone 3 for the first floor, etc. Thus, it is easy to identify correctly. Area of ​​influence of the control room, building management and fire department. In other words, the greater the number of zones, the more accurate the location of the trigger and the location of the fire.

How To Wire Smoke Alarm

Note that very precise and accurate fire localization cannot be found in a conventional fire protection system compared to an addressable fire protection system. Because the control panel does not allow you to determine the exact location of a particular device

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