How To Put In Graco Car Seat

How To Put In Graco Car Seat – Graco already offers an impressive selection of durable convertible car seats. 4Ever Extend2Fit is a combination of two other popular seats: Extend2Fit and 4Ever 4Ever Extend2Fit combines the four modes of use of 4Ever: rear-facing, forward-facing, high-back and backless Booster, the Extend2Fit 50 rest area and extended footrests.

If your baby’s feet touch the back of the car seat, this is not a safety concern, but the thought of restraining your baby’s feet makes some caregivers uncomfortable. Graco makes several seats with pull-down footrests; This seat is essentially the same as the Extend2Fit Convertible and Extend2Fit 3-in-1 seats. It can be adjusted outwards with a single handle.

How To Put In Graco Car Seat

How To Put In Graco Car Seat

The 4Ever Extend2Fit has a seat belt buckle that can only be used with forward-facing seat belts. This is the same type of latch that we’ve seen on other Graco hatchback seats. It’s pretty easy to use – just slide your car’s seat belt through the latch, use your non-dominant hand to remove the seat belt while applying pressure to the car seat, then close the latch.

How To Install Graco Car Seat Base

The generous body support pillow comes with 4Ever Extend2Fit. Although the manual says otherwise, Graco assured us that the body support pad can be removed for children under 25 pounds as long as the child’s shoulders reach the bottom strap opening without the pad.

The strap pads are quite large and can move the chest strap to a position that is a bit too low for newborns and preemies. Graco has confirmed that the harness pads are removable, although the manual says it is mandatory for children. It weighs less than 25 pounds.

The cup holders are delivered in a bag that can be attached to the belt. Some cup holders have an L or R on the bottom to indicate which side they are on. To attach the cup holder, align the grooves and tabs on the cup holder and the seat and press very firmly. You should hear an audible click to confirm the connection.

It can sometimes be difficult to fully tighten the lower anchor arm strap in a rear facing installation. A difficult installation is often solved from a different angle by removing part of the fairing to access the belt track and then pulling the tail of the lower anchor strap parallel to the lower anchor strap for a snug fit. 4Ever Extend2Fit seat covers have a hole that allows access without removing the cover.

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Pro Tip: When the panel is fully extended, check that the lower anchor strap goes through the shell of the car seat and isn’t pulling on the panel itself.

Since the 4Ever Extend2Fit has a large footprint, Graco was kind enough to put a label on the base. This label indicates the rear-facing height of the car seat. We found that when the panel was even partially extended and the seat was in a more reclined position, it was a real challenge to fit the 4Ever Extend2Fit into a car seat, even a van.

Installing the rear-facing harness presented some challenges. The lower anchors are stored above the rear strap opening. The manual confirms that this is correct. This makes it extremely difficult to guide the car’s seat belt through the seat belt route. Once the seat belt is on the harness, installation is easy; Fasten your car’s seat belt and then turn it on.

How To Put In Graco Car Seat

Our preemie huggable baby weighs 4 pounds and is 19 inches tall. It fits in the lowest strap setting with body pads and the strap rests on your shoulder. Removing the strap pad allows the chest clamp to be adjusted to the correct level.

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The newborn Huggable Images baby weighs 7 pounds and is 19 inches tall. It fits perfectly in the 4Ever Extend2Fit, both with the strap inserts and the body inserts.

Our 6-month-old model weighs 17 pounds and is 27 inches tall. With the body pillow on the seat, the thigh strap is very close to your thigh. Fortunately, we can safely remove the insert to improve the fit. Our model is perfectly happy with the seat, but the thigh strap soon becomes a problem as it is very short on the inside.

Since the manual calls for the crotch strap to wrap around the front opening in this setup, the strap is very short. The next inseam setting fits closer to the knee, so the inside setting is still the best setting for you.

To change the location of the buckle between the thighs, remove the seat cushion to expose the buckle area. Push the metal rectangle down through the opening, then reach down and push it up and away through the opening. This is easiest if the seat is removed and fully reclined.

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We couldn’t take a picture, but a 17-month-old, 23-kilogram, 35-centimeter-tall boy regularly rides happily and comfortably in this seat.

He was able to remove the optional seat belt cover, so his mother left them out of the seat for the time being. Use the bottom insert because it shrinks significantly without it. The crotch buckle is in the outer gap and leaves a decent sized gap so you need to keep your bum in the back and really tuck your hips in.

Mom likes the seat, but prefers the compact Extend2Fit. He found the 4Ever Extend2Fit easier to install than the Extend2Fit in his car and the belt tightens more easily than the Extend2Fit.

How To Put In Graco Car Seat

Our baby model is 3 years old. At 24 pounds and 36 inches tall, he is on the lighter end of the growth curve.

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You can use the inner opening for a crotch buckle because it doesn’t sit on a strap or gap. However, due to the short buckle guide leading to the inner slit, her small thighs were pinched a few times while bending. The internal adjustment makes the strap too small, which can be quite uncomfortable for many children.

4Ever Extend2Fit offers more legroom than current seats without extending the panel. When the extension panel wasn’t in use, he enjoyed propping his legs up in the car seat.

4Ever Extend2Fit has two forward-facing armchairs. For children weighing less than 40 pounds, recline 5 is required. This can be a problem in some vehicles, especially with fixed head restraints. Children weighing more than 40 pounds should use the Recline 6 facing forward. There is a useful sticker on the seat that indicates the acceptable front overhang.

The lower anchor weight limit in forward mode is 40 pounds. It takes some effort to switch the lower anchors from rear-facing mode to forward-facing mode, but it’s a fairly simple process.

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Lift the upholstery and trim, then release the interior of the seat. Then tighten both sides of the bottom connectors inside the harness rail and slide the strap connecting the metal bar to the right side of the car seat. Place the bottom anchors in the forward facing webbing and you’re done! The bottom anchors won’t get lost or come loose because the metal bar secures them to the seat. The lower anchor strap is used for locking.

Note: For children weighing less than 40 pounds, the 4Ever Extend2Fit must be installed on the Recline 5.

We were able to test the seat in forward-facing mode with a couple of 3- and 5-year-old models. We have found that both of them are suitable and that they still have room for improvement.

How To Put In Graco Car Seat

The 4Ever Extend2Fit has a great storage compartment for booster mode. The thigh buckle and strap are located behind the seat, meaning there is no need to remove or loosen the strap for high back mode.

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At 5 years old, 40 pounds and 44 inches, this model is just old enough to use the amp properly. The 4Ever Extend2Fit fits well into the high back booster mode. According to the manual, the belt guides should be at or just above your shoulders.

This boy is 7.5 years old, weighs 45 pounds and is 46 inches tall. It also fits the belt well in booster mode. The 4Ever Extend2Fit puts baby’s knees higher than baby’s bottom, and this baby wasn’t sure if she liked it.

To switch the 4Ever Extend2Fit from high back to backless booster mode, lift the red tabs on the seat and slide it to the center of the seat. These are attached to studs that attach the backrest frame to the base. Once the studs are out of the frame, raise the seat back to reveal the backless harness seat.

When switching to backrest mode, the entire seatback must remain in place

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