How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer – Is your GE dryer not turning on? There’s no need to stress. This can be something simple that can be easily repaired or replaced. To find out the cause of the problem, follow all the steps recommended in this guide and hopefully you will find what is stopping it from spinning so you can fix it.

The first part of the dryer to check is the drive belt. The construction belt wraps around the entire dryer drum and connects to the motor pulley. If the belt breaks, the dryer will stop spinning.

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

The next part to check is the drum rollers, which you will find on the back of the drum. Most GE dryers come with two rollers, but some come with two additional rollers that support the front of the drum. If the rolls do not spin freely or are damaged, the dryer will not spin.

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Next, check the drum shaft shaft. On most dryers you’ll find two drum support rollers on the back of the drum, and on some models, you’ll also find two more rollers on the front of the drum. Over time, one or more of the drum roller hubs may wear out and the rollers may jam. If this happens, the motor will overload and the dryer will not spin properly.

The next component to check is the drum bearing. This component supports the back of the dryer drum. If it rots, it can prevent your dryer from working properly.

The next step is to check the drum support roller and shaft to see if they are worn and need to be replaced. Like other components, over time, unfortunately, it can begin to wear out and jam, causing the dryer to stop rotating. The GE dryer is equipped with two or four drum support rollers.

Another possible cause of the problem could be one or more damaged dryer sheets (sometimes called slides). Dryers are small plastic components that hold the front of the dryer, and when turned, the dryer slides over it. As they weaken, your dryer drum can begin to bind; this puts pressure on the engine, causing it to shut down.

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The next component to check is the tensioner pulley. The pulley is connected to the pulley drum belt and helps it function properly.

The last component to check is the dryer motor. The motor drives the drum and the fan. If it stops working properly, the dryer will stop spinning.

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How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

I was thinking of replacing the idler pulley and belt while I was replacing the rear bearing. Follow your substitute… Ge Wh1x2026 Genuine Oem Drive Belt (black) For Ge Washing Machines

How to determine the model of your GE dryer: Open the door and look at the bottom right side of the dryer opening:

If it’s an electric dryer like mine, you’re dealing with 220V. In any case, be sure to unplug it before working to avoid electrocution.

Step 2: Remove the 3 Phillips screws on the top rear edge of the front bezel.

After removing the three screws you can insert nails into the seam and slide the frame towards the back of the dryer.

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Lift the front edge of the top panel, slide the panel forward, and remove the top panel.

Before proceeding it is necessary to disconnect the three cable connectors. One is a computer-style parallel ribbon cable for the controls, one for the lights, and one for the door light switch (the last two have tabs that need to be lifted to disconnect):

I placed one finger under the ribbon cable on the left side and the other on the right side of the black connector, pulling on the connector to move it and remove it. Be careful as you may pull this ribbon connector. I’ve taken the dryer out about 4 times and one of the clips on the end that holds the black connector is starting to come loose. Be gentle and move the connector as you pull.

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

The other two connectors are a similar style where the “latch” is lifted and pulled as shown below: Lg 4400el2001a Drive Belt Dryer

I found it easiest to remove it by placing the front edge of the dryer into the screwdriver case, as you can see below. Loosen but do not remove the lower front panel screws. If you don’t remove it, about a quarter inch, you can’t lift the panel up and remove it (I had a problem).

After removing the screws on the top front panel, grasp the front panel of the dryer and open the dryer door.

Lift the front panel and remove the two bottom screws you loosened in step 7. Be careful when opening the door (this may cause the front panel to fall forward).

You should check out the drum slides while you’re here. The drum guides are indicated by arrows in the following figure:

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Here are some good OEM drum sliders, the first two should be darker material:

These two are completely exhausted. As you can see in the image below, the top and bottom sliders are white. The top, if it is a factory replacement, should be a dark colored material. I have purchased third party irons from Amazon and they are useless and broke in less than a month because they were made of a soft material. They are also noisy. However, if your dryer breaks, you’ll need to replace it while you’re at it:

If the drums are damaged, be sure to replace them. I have the codes and all the steps to replace them (it’s easy) in my article:

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

We need to remove the dryer drum so we can attach the bearing to the back of the drum, then we need to disconnect the belt from the pulley so we can release the drum from the dryer. You can see the pulley on the bottom left, above the fan:

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If you shine a flashlight over there and look at that triangular access point, this is what you’ll see:

To remove the belt from the pulley, push the pulley down to release the tension on the belt and remove the belt as shown below:

Move the belt to the right side of the pulley and make sure it is away from the crankshaft:

Also make sure the belt is not under the crankshaft, as shown in the photo below.

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Use the strap to lift the back of the dryer, grab the front edge with your fingers and slide the drum straight forward. If you haven’t unhooked the belt from the pulley AND the crankshaft, you’ll be in trouble at this point. I can see battery backend support here:

You need to vacuum the inside of the dryer while the vacuum cleaner is mopping. There was some lint growing on the sides of our dryer:

The straight pulley runs. Here is a replacement for the original (yell0w). They are slightly different, but the replacement fits the axle perfectly and that’s the most important thing:

How To Put A Belt On A Ge Washer

One thing I will mention is that the nut will continue to tighten (further) and tighter, so you have to be careful how much you tighten it.

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One thing I should note is that the new belt will be shorter because the old belt has been lengthened:

Slide the drum off the belt, with the grooved side toward the drum, and align the belt with the slot closest to the back of the drum (you can

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