Going Out Of Business Office Furniture Sale

Going Out Of Business Office Furniture Sale – Our second hand office furniture sale offers discounted prices on quality second hand office furniture in stock ready for fast delivery.

Browse this page to find a variety of gently used items for your office, including used cabinets, used conference tables, used desks for sale and used chairs. NOTE: Used inventory is subject to advance sale and may disappear quickly!

Going Out Of Business Office Furniture Sale

Going Out Of Business Office Furniture Sale

For those who value the dollar, use and use office furniture from big brands, quality brands can be very smart business investments. For example, lightly used Haworth Furniture desks can be in excellent condition and last 10 years or more, while a new version of the same desk can cost double or triple.

Extended Corner Desk Sale Toronto

Meanwhile, at the other end of the shopping spectrum, cheap new desks can be very temptingly priced but probably aren’t designed to last more than a few years. There is no escaping the truth of the old adage “You get what you pay for”. More than anything, it’s important to know and trust your office furniture dealer!

It is important to note that used business furniture has some caveats that require flexibility. Most used stock is classified as “as is” and comes from lightly used stock. While the dollar savings are pretty enticing, you have to be willing to put up with some scratches and bumps.

If you’re trying to refinish your existing office furniture, or you’re feeling extra picky, this isn’t usually a problem. Most used office furniture liquidators stock only the most common colors and finishes that can easily match the average office work environment. For example, you are unlikely to find used hot pink office chairs, nine times out of ten they will be black or blue.

If your company’s requirements are very specific, used office furniture may not work from the fixed sizes or configurations you see. For example, a worn desk set may face left when your desk is more suited to right-handed desks, or a small, cluttered desk with limited space may require specialized narrow storage instead of standard-width cabinets. These types of situations are unlikely to find what they want in “As Is” stock.

Earlene Study Chair (brown)

Distance can be a big obstacle when trying to buy used office furniture. While the usual savings on new furniture are free, cheap second-hand furniture can have cheap extra costs for packing and shipping, and the further away it can be, the more expensive it can be.

It’s best to find a used warehouse near you because the closer the distance, the lower the shipping costs and the faster it can arrive. Even better, you can search for used furniture within an hour or two of your office. It eliminates the need for palletizing and shipping and can be easily delivered and installed.

And speaking of local, if you’re in the NY/NJ/TriState area, you can also check out our sister site, Used Office Furniture NYC.

Going Out Of Business Office Furniture Sale

Although the quality of used office furniture can often be in good condition, it is still new. Items in an office furniture clearance may have a few dings and scratches and not have that “new car smell,” but on the bright side, many untrained eyes will struggle to tell the difference.

Office Furniture Sale To Benefit Oberlin Community Services Renovations

Reputable office furniture dealers (like us!) will provide you with reliable customer service, whether you’re buying new or used office furniture. But note that used furniture warranties are more limited in scope and duration.

Buyers of new desks, tables or storage can request a custom design of their choice, as details are specified to their liking. However, used stock has a predetermined list of components of specific sizes that can only be assembled in different ways. Ultimately, the most flexible and open-minded buyer will be satisfied with our used office furniture inventory.

Download our free white paper here: Something Old, Something New, Something Green – How to Choose New, Cloned, Recently Refurbished, Refurbished/Used or New Alternatives.

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