Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

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Art Van Furniture, one of the Midwest’s largest furniture retailers with about 180 stores, including two dozen in Illinois, announced Thursday that it will close.

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

The company, which started in the Detroit area in 1959 and is now based in Warren, Michigan, operates stores in Chicago under the names Art Van Furniture, Art Van Pure Sleep and Scott Shiptrin Interiors. In addition to stores in Michigan and Illinois, it has locations in Indiana, Missouri and Ohio.

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Shoppers at Art Van Furniture on November 2, 2015 in Chicago. (Phil Velasquez/Chicago Tribune)

It entered the Chicago market in mid-2013, with plans to invest more than $40 million in land, product development, inventory and services. The state Department of Commerce and Industry provided $404,000 in tax credits spread over 10 years and the company created 35 jobs and invested $4.9 million in its Bolingbrook division center. The distribution center will be closed when the final sale is completed, spokesman Dean Charles said.

The company’s website lists 24 stores in Illinois. In total, the closings will mean the loss of 520 jobs in Illinois, he said.

Art Van is dedicated to your creative marketing efforts. These include temperatures at O’Hare International Airport reaching 100 degrees in the summer of 2016 and heavy snow forecast during the Super Bowl game. In 2015, Art Van paid a total of $2.5 million to 1,200 furniture buyers after more than 3 inches of snow fell during that year’s Super Bowl.

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In 2017, Boston-based private equity firm Thomas H. Lee Partners acquired most of Art Van and began expanding stores, including buying other chains and opening in locations vacated by others.

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Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

While there’s no shortage of great places to find furniture, there are similar local stores to find small home furnishings to spice up your space. Whatever your taste and budget, these neighborhood shops will not disappoint.

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In addition to offering pottery, art, indoor plants, or any gift for your home, many of these stores are great places to gift friends and family. Need more gift inspiration? Check out our list of 10 holiday gifts for loved ones and tips for the city’s best holiday markets.

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Featuring 150-year-old traditional wooden dining tables throughout, complete with cottage furniture, Brumfield has made Andersonville its home for more than a decade. Specializing in 20th century American furniture as well as traditional furniture, the store is known for its eclectic, rustic vibe. Think antlers, old baseball mitts, and lots of plaid.

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Browse stacks of books, vintage pictures, dressers with lamps, vintage book cases, and more in the charming Roscoe Village store. Unexpected finds include: a retro coffee cup turned into a lamp, household items used as a truck, and many old memorabilia, maps, cameras, plastic items, and storage boxes.

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This Bucktown boutique with its colorful, cozy exterior began as more of a clothing store, according to its website, before specializing in home goods and finds. . Check out pottery, rugs, candles, throw pillows, art, and vintage bottle openers.

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

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Essential Chicago Furniture Stores To Visit Right Now

Located on Lincoln Park’s popular Armitage Avenue shopping corridor, this store has everything you need to create the furniture of your dreams. Tabula Tua calls itself “the premier entertainment, gift, and wedding registry and offers a selection of high-end flatware, tableware, house music, and gifts.

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Let your Midwest pride shine with a twist at Lincoln Square’s home and lifestyle shop. Packed with local, independent, and eco-friendly artists and craftspeople, the neighborhood is a great place to pick up some space notebooks, a vintage inspired poster of your neighborhood, or maybe an old toy dinosaur turned into a plant pot. went .

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Outlet Stores In Chicago For Discount Clothes And Furniture

Along with beautiful fabrics, rugs and pillows, this Humboldt Park store offers a selection of crystal, incense and ceramics. Lost Girls Vintage has a post here as well. Beauty products are quality products and come from exceptional artists, and their prices reflect that.

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Located across the street from Sprout Home Floral’s beautiful Damon Avenue store, this West Coast location offers the perfect addition to your home – especially the dining room and kitchen. Browsing to find pots, pans, flatware, decorative items, and cookbooks.

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

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Milwaukee Furniture Of Chicago

Buyers looking for old-world rustic charm should check out this downtown location for its eclectic mix of vintage European home furnishings and antiques. Looking for P.O.S.H. River North along State Street at the Wood Studio Greenhouse.

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, this store is located in the Ukrainian village. Her emphasis on fine craftsmanship and whimsy can be seen in her selection of home furnishings, paintings, plants, handmade pillows and gifts. Neybir also offers design and customization services.

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Modern Furniture Store In Chicago

Since 2015, this Western boutique has been offering a mix of 20th century vintage furniture as well as unique pieces and antiques. The well-maintained collection includes a rare collection of tablets, references, and artifacts.

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The Madison Street location on the West Side is a great place to find an entertainment deal for your home or the perfect gift for a friend or loved one. Find candles, wall art, book-centerpieces, unusual cards, toys, throws, and lots of baby stuff.

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

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Of Our Favorite Modern Home Decor Stores (that Aren’t Ikea)

This Southern design company specializes in home decor and accessories using recycled materials whenever possible. Items include geometric bowls, glasses, and furniture. Although Norman Lee’s South Morgan Street showroom is open to the public by appointment only, you can easily browse the store online.

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Find the best furniture stores in Chicago, whether you need vintage furniture, a new kitchen or just want to renovate.

The best jewelry stores in Chicago have everything you need, including a comprehensive guide that offers a generous dose of both style and function. The best new stores are also fun to find, regardless of whether you can find them in thrift stores, thrift stores, or at a better understanding.

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This smart jewelry store started in the basement, but has since grown into a thriving business that sells nationwide from its headquarters in Chicago. In addition to the convenience of products and custom options, you can choose from services such as renovation, furniture and interior design, as well as service and home maintenance.

Like the owner’s favorite Amsterdam Emporium, Praha is filled with affordable, one-of-a-kind vintage pieces. You’ll find furniture and decor like shabby-chic window frames, vintage cabinets and antique signs starting at under $100. It’s one of the few vintage stores where you’ll find something to buy, no matter how you decide to come.

A TOC store winner (for Best New Building), Modern Co-op is known for its large selection

Furniture Stores Going Out Of Business In Chicago

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