Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Comcast Toms River New Jersey – Photo: David Gard/The Star-Ledger Daniel O’Brien, the source, said he and several neighbors in the resort town of Toms River were affected by Comcast’s service. Neighbors Joe Ginda, left, and Paul Dericks, right, line up a comcast cable in front of the Dericks’ home.

It’s frustrating when your cell phone is on the fritz. But for Dan O’Brien, the phone problem is more than a complaint. It will be a matter of life or death.

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

O’Brien lives in Holiday Village, a community of 55 and more than 10,000 homes in Toms River. O’Brien’s mother, Teresa O’Brien, 90, lives a few houses away.

Roman Street, Toms River, Nj 08757

According to Dan O’Brien, both homes had phone and cable TV issues. The service provider, Comcast, came to the house several times to try to fix the problem.

Teresa O’Brien uses an alarm system that allows her to press a button on a pendant in an emergency. The system uses the phone to call the emergency center – if the phone is available.

Teresa O’Brien found her son having a stroke, and when her housekeeper called, there was no answer.

“The deputy had to go out to his car and get his cell phone,” Dan O’Brien said. “Alhamdulilah my community has a helper there and she didn’t have to press the life button because it didn’t work.”

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And it’s not just O’Briens reporting service issues. Bamboozled spoke with several neighbors, as well as a member of the local emergency response team, and they all reported service issues that they said Comcast technicians were unable to fix.

Some even said they were told by Comcast representatives and experts that the problem was caused by a ground fault that could take up to two years to fix.

He said the Comcast problem started in July 2009 when he moved into his home. His home and mother’s phones often stop ringing, there are phone calls, there is a problem with standing and so on. According to him, their TV is often pixelated and the cable box freezes.

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

“Last month they wanted my 90-year-old mother to go behind her TV to reset her body. She couldn’t walk,” O’Brien said.

Genes Dr, Toms River, Nj 08753

O’Brien said he’s been a problem-free Comcast customer in North Jersey for 28 years, but this weekend he said most Comcast technicians haven’t visited the two homes. They fix everything that doesn’t exist.

Frustrated, O’Brien said he called for help. He admits to being impatient with real-time customer service and technology, and is tired of losing jobs while waiting for technicians.

He added that the final problem was found after a discussion with the representative working in the President’s office.

“[He said] every holiday there’s a problem with the underground installation that they can’t fix for at least two years,” O’Brien said.

Xfinity Store Voorhees Township, Nj 08043

Moments later, O’Brien stopped by to talk to Comcast engineers who were working on the upgrade. He said that two experts in different places said that there is a problem on the ground in the area, so there is no solution that will fix everything.

Then a representative of the president’s office said there was a problem at the stadium, said O’Brien.

In the end, Comcast owed O’Brien and his mother $25 for 12 months of “interrupted service,” but O’Brien said a representative from the president’s office did it. The project backed down and said it was not due to the land problem.

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Believe it or not, O’Brien said the service is still unreliable, and it’s still being rolled out — like the day his mom needed medical attention. O’Brien said his neighbors – many of whom are elderly and in need of a working phone – made the request.

Tonbridge Court, Toms River, Nj 08757

“Comcast was aware of the phone problems but did not do the right thing to replace the underground phone which they finally admitted to me was a problem throughout Holiday City,” he said. “How can they charge for services they don’t provide?”

He said he and his wife started having phone problems when they switched to Comcast’s three-way plan for TV, phone and Internet in the summer of 2011.

“The engineer told me the problem was outside my house and it was Comcast’s problem with the cable going underground and into their network,” he said.

“Free calls, no ringing, calls straight to voicemail,” Dericks said. “Last time after Comcast came four times a day, it wasn’t fixed, but there’s a new problem – cross the line and there’s a ‘baahhhhh’ sound when you pick up the phone.”

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“One of the workers said … all the phones outside are old and that’s where all the problems are coming from,” Mudzik said.

Jim and Carolyn Burns live on the same block as Teresa O’Brien and are having trouble with their phone.

Burns also volunteers with a local rescue group for a few days, which Burns said has had problems with Comcast service for at least a year.

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Then Joan Mongiovi, 58, who lives across the street from Dan O’Brien, also reported problems with her TV and phone.

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“The TV keeps pixelating, the box shuts down – it freezes – and the box has to be restarted,” he said. “Telephone problem? Not working, not ringing, random. You never know when it’s going to happen.”

He said his problem started when he became a customer three times more than a year ago, and he said he stopped calling for help because the technicians couldn’t fix it.

Lily and Frank Ingargiola are just around the corner. They contacted Bamboozlet after seeing a post from Dan O’Brien asking people with Comcast problems to contact The Star-Ledger.

Ingargiolas reported a cable box that “went out for a few hours” and had phone problems. Lily Ingargiola, 77, said the couple bought a new phone to block calls as well. He said he hopes the new phone will fix the problem, but it’s too late to know for sure.

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Every customer we spoke to said Comcast was quick to fix the problems, but the issues don’t seem to have been fixed. So, some customers said they didn’t call to report problems.

Some think that the problem is in the soil. Some wonder if Comcast can afford it when it offers triple play services.

“Thanks to our continuous, 24×7 monitoring of the network and the additional monitoring we do in the nearby community, we know there are no service issues to the park,” Comcast spokesman Jeff Alexander said in a statement. email. “In fact, the area feeds many different network resources.”

Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Alexander said that when Comcast first heard of Dan O’Brien’s concerns, the company’s technology was “immediately up and running and very efficient.” they were not allowed to enter the house.

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He said this includes putting a team on the road to monitor signal strength and connect homes.

“We don’t see anything happening,” he said. “At the same time, we always hear from customers who are satisfied with the service.”

Alexander apologized for any problems customers may experience with Comcast and said the company addresses complaints with direct solutions, such as connecting to the home, replacing tanks and replacing old batteries.

He said the 2011 “development of the network” – which he described as “the whole system, including the park” – “says why the problem cannot be solved”.

Jockey Hollow Drive, Toms River, Nj 08755

We asked customers why they didn’t switch suppliers if they weren’t satisfied. Some say there is no other service provider in the area that offers the triple play option, and others say they plan to switch but haven’t yet.

However, it is interesting to note that many buildings in the same neighborhood can have many of the same service issues.

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Comcast Toms River New Jersey

Comcast has announced the opening of Ocean County’s second Xfinity Store in Manahawkin. The 15th Xfinity Store opened in New Jersey follows Comcast’s new partnership model and is built entirely on the needs and feedback of Comcast customers.

Comcast Blankets Toms River With Nearly 250 Xfinity Wifi Hotspots

This 4,500 square foot space gives customers a place to see and interact directly with the latest Xfinity products and services. Opening new Xfinity stores is part of Comcast’s multi-year strategy to convert customers; The dealership provides a place for new and existing customers to learn how to upgrade their Xfinity service and meet all their needs.

New Jersey’s Xfinity Retail Store is conveniently located near the Grand Mall in Manahawk and offers training and experience.

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