Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland – We’re now more than halfway through the year and with the government’s introduction of the second round of clean car rebates on April 1, 2022, major changes have taken place in the auto industry. New car sales have fallen over the past six months following rising housing costs, high fuel prices, continued vehicle supply constraints and New Zealand’s weak economy setting a record for 2021.

By the end of June 2022, data from the Motor Industry Association (MIA) showed that 82,092 new cars had been sold this year, down three percent on last year (84,669).

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

The Mitsubishi Outlander is New Zealand’s best-selling new model, with 4,914 registrations. This corresponds to a market share of 8.7 percent in the new passenger car segment. The Ford Ranger (first place last year) was second among commercial vehicles with 4,896 registrations and a 19 percent market share, while the Toyota Hilux was third with 4,786 registrations and 18.6 percent of sales. Car market share.

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In terms of brand performance, Mitsubishi leads with 13,770 new vehicles, followed by Toyota with 12,911 and Ford with 6,563.

Battery electric vehicles (BEVs) grew a whopping 345 percent last year and are up 178 percent this year, although this is hampered by inventory levels. The popularity of hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) also increased as fuel prices continued to rise, increasing by 482 percent.

Despite the rise in BEV and PHEV sales, Utes and SUVs remain popular among Kiwi motorists and are in the top five for new car registrations. However, it’s worth noting that first-quarter sales and second-quarter sales look very different when the clean car discount takes effect.

The Mitsubishi Outlander is currently the best-selling new car of the year. Last year, the Outlander was New Zealand’s best-selling passenger car, and it was recently joined by a new and improved hybrid electric cousin, the next-generation Outlander PHEV. Our car experts recently tested it and you can read what they had to say here.

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The next-generation Outlander PHEV has more electric and hybrid options and updated styling and features across the lineup. With petrol models priced at $33,990+ORC, it’s easy to see why this is New Zealand’s favorite seven-seat SUV.

The Ford Ranger remains the best-selling car in 2021 with an incredible 12,580 registrations, but most of these pre-date the Clean Cars programme. The popular Ranger continues to be the most popular light commercial vehicle this year, but the Outlander has taken the top spot overall.

Earlier this year, Ford unveiled the next-generation Ford Ranger, which the company says will be the most versatile and powerful Ranger ever, with significant advances in technology, safety and efficiency across the range.

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

The new generation Ranger is a tough, smart and versatile truck, the ideal companion for business, family life and adventure. Prices range from an MSRP of $46,990 for the XL 4×2 Chassis Cab to an MSRP of $89,990 for the top-of-the-line Raptor.

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The Toyota Hilux has been a New Zealand icon for decades. It has always ranked second in light commercial vehicle sales behind its rival Ranger. The latest version impressed the judges at DRIVEN NZ’s 2021 Car of the Year, winning the Light Commercial Vehicle (Van) category.

The latest range includes an updated 2.8-litre turbodiesel, and although automatics dominate, Toyota is sticking with a manual option on several models. Prices range from $29,990 for the Single Cab to $62,990 for the SR5 Cruiser.

Like its competitors, the Triton is built to work hard and play hard. Powered by a modern, powerful 2.4-litre diesel engine, there are several models to choose from.

Our car experts reviewed the Triton in early 2021, and you can read what they had to say here.

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Prices range from $33,990+ORC for a single cab to $45,990+ORC for a diesel dual cab.

The Toyota RAV4 was the star of the DRIVEN NZ Car of the Year awards in 2019 and has again been named the 2021 Mid-Size SUV of the Year, showing just how strong a contender the RAV4 is when you consider how crowded and competitive this market segment is. This. .

It became more popular thanks to the optional hybrid technology and the off-road Adventure model. With every model in the Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) range, it’s no surprise that the Toyota RAV4 remains a popular mid-size SUV for New Zealanders.

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

The Eclipse Cross offers what all buyers love about its big brother, the Outlander, but in a smaller size and, as always with Mitsubishi, at a very competitive price.

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Last year, the Eclipse Cross was the third most popular compact SUV, not as popular as its ASX sibling. This year it took third place not only in the compact SUV category, but also overall. Once the PHEV version is added, it will be eligible for a $5,750 discount, making it even more attractive.

The Eclipse starts at $35,990+ORC for the turbocharged petrol engine, while the Cross offers six options to choose from. Our automotive experts had a chance to review the 2021 Eclipse Cross, and you can read what they had to say here.

Suzuki is continuing this with larger SUVs and SUVs with the still popular Swift small hatchback. Suzuki has been renowned for its stylish and reliable compact cars in the New Zealand market for many years, with Swift consistently ranking in the top ten for new and used compact car sales.

Earlier this year, our car experts reviewed the GLX Hybrid and GL Auto. Everyone agrees that the Swift is an eco-friendly hatchback that offers excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions.

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Suzuki offers a wide range of Swift variants that qualify for the government’s Clean Car rebate program, which can get you up to $3,160 off.

Since its launch late last year, Kia has experienced unprecedented demand for the all-new Kia Sportage LX Urban, which has certainly taken the New Zealand market by storm at its starting price. Price and appearance make the Sportage a contender among midsize SUVs.

Its striking styling has been compared to the brand’s popular new electric car, the EV6. The Sportage line-up includes eight models, starting with the LX priced at $39,990+ORC.

Car For Sale In New Zealand Auckland

Our car experts had the chance to evaluate the Kia Sportage LX Urban earlier this year, and you can read their thoughts here.

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In recent years, the MG brand has made its presence felt in the New Zealand market with stylish and well-equipped new models such as the ZST and MG3. The entry-level ZS has a wide range of options, starting with the 1.5-liter ZS Excite, an affordable compact SUV starting at $24,490.

The flagship ZST line includes four versions starting at US$27,990. An electric model is also available, recognized as the most affordable electric car on the market. There are two options: Driveaway Excite for $49,990 and Driveaway Essence for $52,990. In addition, the new ZS EV remains eligible for the government’s green car rebate.

The Kona series compact SUV offers a wide range of gasoline, performance, hybrid and pure electric options. The Electric II was a popular addition to the line-up, receiving praise for its impressive range and cutting-edge design. It comes with two battery sizes (39 kWh or 64 kWh) with a claimed WLTP range of 305 km and 484 km.

Last year, our automotive team took an in-depth look at the Kona and gave it a chance to test its range on the daily commute on a full charge, which you can read more about here.

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Prices are $35,990+ORC for the Series II petrol variants, $69,990 for the Performance Series N model and $46,572+ORC for the Series II Hybrid variants. The Kona Electric Series II, priced at $69,990 + ORC, is available for sale under the government’s Clean Car Rebate, which means you’ll get $8,625 off. A car buyer’s guide to New Zealand’s hottest used cars: Ford Ranger and Raptor including Wildtrak, Nissan Navara D40 and D23, Holden Colorado including Z71.

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