Antique Classic Cars For Sale

Antique Classic Cars For Sale – When people ask us what the best muscle car is, the answer is usually what you get. Classic muscle cars are a dime a dozen, and this writer really remembers the days when you could walk into a used car lot – usually the back lot – and find dozens. Everything from Pontiac GTOs, Fastback Mustangs, and Plymouth Road Runners to full-size Corvettes – they’re big and smooth as dirt. Not so today. When you are looking for a classic muscle car for sale today, most of them will set you back a lot of money.

Muscle cars were the result of the youth movement in Detroit in the 1960s, when automakers first tried to attract buyers with larger engines in midsize cars. The price was kept with more spartan options – seats, floor mats, standard wheel covers and fewer options. The massive 1968 Plymouth Road Runner with its massive 383ci, bucket seats and floor mats is a good example, as is the 1964 Pontiac GTO, the car that started the carjacking. One can choose a custom design, and luxury brands like Oldsmobile and Mercury have done it everywhere, but muscle cars are mainly aimed at young people, so it’s important to keep the price down. .

Antique Classic Cars For Sale

Antique Classic Cars For Sale

Today, the sky is the limit for the price of a classic muscle car, and today’s youth can only smile from the sidelines. Also, the new V-8 Camaros, Mustangs and Challengers are beyond the reach of all but the best shoes, so the hot driver must grow. Gearheads have learned to rely on the wind to build something with style and power – not something that can be sold but must be built.

Muscle Cars For Sale

These days, buying a classic car is all about experience and practicality. Priced under $10,000, you won’t be starting with a serious muscle car, but a classic from the 1960s or 1970s that’s bound to blow your mind. Cars, convertibles, large sedans, hatchbacks, and non-muscle cars, but with good maintenance, a good V-8, and some motivation, you can build your own muscle car out of just about anything. . Of course, it helps to start with something familiar and turn heads like this, and that’s why we’re here today! Check out some of the new numbers we got from the launch of eBay’s Buy-It-Now offer starting March 5, 2021.

Is the Dodge Charger a muscle car? The answer to this common question is a resounding yes! Although it was originally powered by a small LA Series 318ci V8, this Texas cylinder for sale here for $3,950 is not in the best shape, but there is a lot going on in the front panel and the many others. straight metal. For $4,000 less, however, you’ll also get a panel repair. As with most manufacturers today, it is not enough to keep the waste in the factory without improving Ziebart, and this one has a little waste in place. You can go Roadkill and forget the cosmetic upgrades and stick with the new engine and trans. See what the 1973 Dodge Charger looks like after the father/daughter restoration here.

We were surprised to find 114 Big Bad Blue 1970 AMC AMX for sale under $10,000, but without the original engine and transmission (a box), it could be expensive. . – the destroyer of others. We love cars like this. like screws, you can install any drivetrain you have without worrying about property damage. We find that buyers are AMC fans (with restored Rebel machines and spears in the back), so it’s good to get good advice and tips. Maybe the included part of the deal is rolling. AMX 1970. The AMC community is small but tight-knit, so owners of this AMX will enjoy a unique community. Check out how a fellow AMC enthusiast restored a 1970 AMX cylinder here.

Our biggest surprise this week is this mint 1975 Cosworth Vega. Calling it a muscle car, there’s no mistaking the performance of the Cosworth-engineered twin-cam inline-four. If this car had more punch, we’d say ditch the four for a smaller 383ci stroker and run 11 miles a day, but it’s better. Good paint, good interior, original running engine, no damage — all day good new on this little kicker. (We hope the DOHC four-cylinder can fetch a few bucks on eBay if you decide to go big.) As one of the lightest cars to put a small V-8 in, the Vega (and Monzas later years) can easily. make a bike for less money, as we have shown here and there.

Classic Cars Found In Storage, Fetch Millions At Auction

Let’s face it, true blue muscle cars like the original Chevelles are in the stratosphere. The seller found this 1966 Chevy Malibu and said, “That’s great and a great price for the opportunity to own one of the best 60’s ever built.” (Unfortunately, the seller’s bragging was true.) The bad news is that this Malibu was stripped down without any interior, engine or transmission. The door burst open. The good news: You can do whatever you want with it, and the seller has done most of the work by removing the studs for easy viewing. It has a 10-bolt stock that can be used. Since all the parts you need to restore your 1966 Chevelle can be found at places like NPD and Original Parts Group, you don’t have to worry too much about finding parts. . Do you need to work hard? Check out these 1966 Chevelles from the cool to the wild.

Those of you who follow me know that I was an avid A-GM body driver from 1973 to 1977 and today this 1973 Chevy Chevelle Malibu is no different. There is something beautiful about the silhouette of a sleek Chevelle. The column screams hot, so if you’re looking for one of the famous Heavy Chevys, this restoration project is a great place to start. The dealer says the little 350ci is fine, the trans needs work and the floor mats have been replaced and we think it should be out soon. This is one of those jobs where the body is worse than it is (Modesto, CA, where it’s located is a great condition for an old car), so if you don’t mind taking it apart Roadkill style, then it might work fine. . See what your author did with another 1975 Chevy Laguna here, and even better, check out Tony Lloyd’s 1973 Malibu here.

Classic cars have been popular for a while, and with the rise of project cars, buyers have to consider less desirable features – namely those with long cargo beds and inline-six engines. Fortunately, our friends at Street Outlaws have released the LWB 1967-1972 Chevy C-10 with a quick 1970 Chevy C-10 Farmtruck (they used the LWB’s better weight distribution for starters). You can save an eye by picking up this 1967 LWB farm truck, painted in the same color. With a Buy-It-Now price of $5,500, this true farm truck looks like it’s been maintained on a North Dakota farm since day one, giving it a hard-to-find patina. We wouldn’t hesitate to keep it as is and throw in a cheap Chevy engine (here).

Antique Classic Cars For Sale

Amazingly, the Texas-based seller of this short 1968 Ford F-100 went to the trouble of equipping it with new NASCAR alloy wheels and racing wheels, giving it a custom fit for a serious touring setup. . For $7,500, however, you’ll have to pick up the entire system, suspension, brakes, and auto parts. However, this Ford car is beautiful and beautiful, for whatever reason, and has a 390ci FE big block under the hood, so all you have to do is test the hood, burn those new racing tires . . (The outside looks the best on us, so check out the other photos in the gallery if you have time.) Check out what reader Jody Adams did with his 1968 F-100 fleet.

Classic Cars Northampton, Northamptonshire

With the exception of the side doors and the rear corner of the car, this 1967 Ford Galaxie is in amazing shape, despite the snowy image. The original green paint has light pitting/rust marks and the interior (seats, headliner and dash) is in very good condition. The seller does not state that the vehicle can be repaired, but states that it starts, idles and does the original FMX automatic transmission. Enter

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